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Everyone loves a good old fashioned haul, but it was only when I was scrolling through my feed and saw catflicksandmattelips’s The First Anti-Haul of Many post that I thought, “my god, that’s brilliant.” Thank you so much for that post catflicks, because I thought it was amazing and it completely inspired me! I talk so much about products I love and what’s currently on my wishlist, but I’ve decided to flip the script and round up some makeup releases that have left me feeling a little less than impressed. Whether it was because I hauled quite a bit of makeup from Christmas and my birthday, or because university and work is officially in full swing and I’m busier, but I just haven’t been feeling very excited about any new releases recently. This is wonderful for my bank account however, so you know, silver lining. If you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s get on with the products that have made me think bye girl, bye.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Manny Mua Collaboration Collection

Ah, a match made in problematic male beauty guru heaven. Get James Charles involved and you’ll have the perfect trifecta. My first thought when I saw this packaging was, “flawless, phenomenal, iconic.” My second thought was, “why do I feel like I’ve seen this before?” Turns out my hunch was right, as the first post I saw in one of the beauty groups I’m in is how similar this packaging looks to the logo of indie brand Black Moon Cosmetics. What’s good, Jeffree? I don’t support Jeffree Star anymore for a variety of reasons, and this similarity just tops it off. I wish I could support these people, because the collaboration, albeit however copied, looks incredible and we haven’t even seen what’s inside yet.


Tarte Cosmetics Unicorn Makeup Brushes

We have yet another popular makeup brand taking ideas from indie brands! Tarte Cosmetics recently revealed their newest unicorn inspired collection, #makebelieveinyourself. I think having something magical like unicorns as part of your ‘make believe’ theme is clever, but another brand has already made a name for themselves with this unique product.

Indie makeup brand Unicorn Lashes went viral last year with their unicorn makeup brush set and have released more collections since. It’s obvious Tarte has seen what’s popular and gone with it, even if it doesn’t fit with their brand. I know the Tarte ones are called “Magic Wands”, but they’re very clearly unicorn horns. Only a few months ago they splashing out on all expenses paid trips to fly heaps and heaps of YouTubers to Bora Bora and gifted them with a bunch of (expensive) gadgets like drones as well. A large part of Tarte’s branding relies on themes like ‘natural’, like their Rainforest of the Sea and Athleisure collections, so this new unicorn collection just seems like they’re jumping on the bandwagon.

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palette

While I own so many hits from Too Faced, lately a lot of their products seem to be a bit of a miss. They added yet another, or two, palettes to their super popular Chocolate Bar range. Australia only got the White Chocolate Chip palette, but as soon as I saw it, it was an instant no from me. I mean, it’s a cute concept, but just so poorly executed. Firstly, the palette is itty bitty. It’s smaller than an iPhone and extremely thin, so imagine how shallow the pans are. Secondly, they somehow managed to fit 11 shades in this micro palette. This means the pans are tiny! Finally, what is up with this shade selection? It’s not a very versatile palette because once swatched, all the shades look like the same, overly glittery white shimmer shade. The size and shades remind me of the free kids makeup you would get when you bought magazines like Total Girl, which is fine for when you were a kid, just not something I expected from Too Faced. Also, I found it odd there are barely any photos of this product on the brand’s Instagram. If I was at the helm of the creative control of this palette, I would have put way less colours in it to allow room for bigger pans and added more variety in the shade selection, similar to how the Naked Basics palettes are set it. I sound so negative here, but I just don’t understand anything about this palette.

Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette

From one disappointing Too Faced palette to the next! I’m not as negative about this product as I was with the other. The only reasons I’m not buying this is because it’s an overkill for me personally. I already own the Natural Eyes palette, and all of those shades are featured in this palette already. It’s also huge and cumbersome, and I’m not a big fan of giant palettes as I think, when applied to the eyes, a lot of these shades would look the same. If you’re after a more simple version of this palette, definitely check out the original smaller Too Faced palettes as most of the shades in this big palette come from there! They have really beautiful tin packaging and are perfect for everyday use and travel!

(Only half of the) Kylie Cosmetics KoKo Kollection

I died when I saw this sisterly collaboration, then died again when I saw it was such a limited release and knew I’d never have it in my collection. Fast forward to last week when I see Kylie has made the collection permanent  and available to buy individually! While I really want to get my hands on the nude shade Khlo$ and the shimmery gloss Damn Gina, I’m giving the hot pink OKURRR and deep purple Gorg a miss as I’ve heard they are streaky and stain your lips, a running concern in a lot of Kylie’s darker shades.

Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters

Either I’ve been living under a beauty rock or these highlighters were released on the down low, because I literally did not see one mention of them anywhere, then suddenly people had them? Whatever the case may be, I’m not too fussed on these highlighters and they’re a bit of a let down. They’re cardboard, very minimalistic in the packaging on the front, the dripping design makes them look a little young, and they’re named after food –  which it a current beauty pet peeve of mine. We’ve got French Vanilla, Cotton Candy Cream, Banana Split, Salted Caramel and more. Also, I’ve heard and seen that the pigmentation isn’t wild. I don’t want a beaming highlight for everyday purposes, but for almost $30, I’d rather buy the new, heart shaped Too Faced ones as they look absolutely gorgeous and have a ‘natural, glow from within’ formula as well.


So there we have it, those are the products I won’t find myself buying anytime soon!

What products have you seen lately that have left you less than impressed? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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All the love,

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27 thoughts

  1. Yaaaay so glad you decided to write this!! Loved reading it. Yeah I’m over getting excited for jeffree star releases, I’m always so excited and then photos are released and it’s so disappointing haha. I think the brand just isn’t for me. Loved thiiis!! Xoxo

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  2. Preach! Some get caught on up in hype! I’ve just tried a highlighter from NewCID cosmetics and it’s soooo good yet it’s not that well known x
    Have a look at my newest post, strangers have stopped me!

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  3. Totally agree about the Kylighters – so many people have already called her brand out for a variety of bad reasons so I don’t think I could even bring myself to go near it even if I wanted to try it out. I also get really bugged by “big” companies selling out smaller, indie ones – similarly with Kylie and the artists and brands where the similarities are just too crazy to think it’s a coincidence! x

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    1. Heidi!! ❤ I’m not sure but Mecca should have them within the next few months! They look incredible omg they remind me of Sailor Moon or Polly Pockets 😍 Also welcome to WordPress/blogging! Can’t wait to see more from you 😘 xx


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