Kylie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Set Review

Whether you love her or loathe her, there’s no arguing that I get sucked into the Kylie Cosmetics hype time and time again! Along with a bunch of lip kits and her Burgundy Kyshadow palette, I bought myself the 5 Piece Eyeshadow Brush Set for Christmas last year, and I’m finally reviewing them! Keep reading to know my thoughts on these brushes, what I use them for, and if I think they’re worth buying for yourself. If you enjoy this post, please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s get on with the review!



I love the look of these brushes as they’re very true to the Kylie Cosmetics aesthetic. Simple, minimalistic and chic – perfect for flatlaying too! The handles are thick and have a decent weight to them, and the black writing doesn’t feel like it’s going to chip off, however time will tell. What really annoys me though about these brushes is that they don’t have their names printed on each one. They all have a name and a purpose, so it just would have been nice to have the name there, but that’s a small issue I can look past. What is embedded on each brush is “China”, which isn’t stamped on my Too Faced, Zoeva or Real Technique makeup brushes.


You can only buy these brushes from the Kylie Cosmetics website, and they’re $35 USD, which is currently $45.72 AUD. At first I thought that was a great price, because it’s under $10 for each item. But after using them for a couple of months, I suggest you invest in some other brushes! Here’s why I’m not a fan.

Brush Breakdown

There are five brushes in the set, and I’ve found myself to only use two of them! I will admit though, every time I attempt to use the neglected brushes, I just get frustrated with them and don’t touch them for the rest of the week, so maybe I haven’t given them a proper chance? But if I have to force myself to use a product, maybe that’s a review in itself. Here’s how I use, and don’t use, each brush!

Large Fluffy Blending Brush: Let’s start on a high! I absolutely love this brush! It’s huge and fluffy and gives you that smokey, blown out effect in no time. However, it’s the biggest, most fanned out blending brush, so it’s great for defusing harsh edges, but it’s not as versatile as my Too Faced Blender brush that I use day in, day out. The Too Faced brush is slightly firmer and not as fanned out, so you’re therefore able to apply product more precisely yet also blend shadows properly. This Kylie Cosmetics brush is just strictly for blending and blowing out shadows across the lid.

Medium Rounded Blending Brush: My second favourite brush! I featured this brush and the previous in my January Favourites because I just loved them so much. This one is great for more precise application of shadows but will still blend everything out effortlessly. Because this is a flattened paddle like brush, I pat one side of it into a darker shadow and then pat it directly onto the outer part of my eye and instantly get a really blended, smokey effect!


Flat Rounded Edge Shader Brush: This is where the fun stops. I just cannot use this brush. It’s trying to be a shader brush but it’s so long and flat and skinny that it just feels so awkward to use! The brush hairs are also tightly packed and hard too, so if you want to glide shadows onto your eyes, you almost have to hold the brush on its side. This is hard to explain over a blog post, but long story short, this brush is just super clunky to use! I much prefer my Too Faced All Over Shadow brush as it’s slightly shorter but wider and way softer – which means it’s a perfect fit for applying something on your eyes!

Short Flat Smudging Brush: Again, I don’t use this brush much because the proportions of it just make it so clumsy to use. It’s too stubby to be a proper all over shader brush, plus I find the hairs to be quite hard and firm, so it’s not even comfortable to use to “smudge” your shadow.

Tapered Defining Brush: Probably my least favourite brush out of this whole set! This tapered brush is so sharp that I never want to use it for that reason! I have a Zoeva Petite Crease brush that I use on my lower lash line and that feels like a cloud compared to this brush. Again, the Kylie brushes are so tightly and firmly packed that they are really dense and therefore hard against the eyes! I have been running my finger over its tapered point while writing this post, and I think it’s loosening up, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over how stiff and hard it was to use in the beginning!

So, since I only liked two of the five Kylie Cosmetics brushes, I’m going to have to give the set two stars out of five, which means I really don’t recommend them! People dismissed them and said they looked cheap when they came out, but I really wanted them and I am honestly happy I bought them and tried them for myself. I’ll definitely find a use for them, and since they’re firmer than my other brushes, I predict they might be perfect for applying unique shadows that have a creamier consistency, like the Australis Metallix shadows or even ColourPop ones!

What’s your favourite brand of makeup brushes? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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