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I’m back back back back, back again (someone please get the reference) with another instalment of my new RuCreate The Look series! Last week I celebrated the premiere of my favourite show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, coming back for a ninth season by launching a new blog series where I gather up the beauty bits I own that I’d use to recreate my favourite look from each week’s runway, plus give a quick recap of the episode! Last week was Feelin’ Peachy, which was inspired by Nina’s peach look, and this week is inspired by none other than my current favourite queen, Valentina! Her Spanish bridal look complete with gold cross earrings and orchids in her hair, which was inspired after her parents’ wedding day, gave me chills. I thought she looked absolutely phenomenal and it instantly became one of my favourite looks to ever walk the Drag Race runway. SO it was only logical to dedicate this weeks rucreation to Valentina! If you like this post please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s get into it!



Here is Valentina’s look in all its gif set glory! Her makeup was really simple and classical, but there are a few key features that stood out to me which are Valentina’s trademark.

Defined Brows

One of Valentina’s most dominant features are her eyebrows, which I can see influencing the drag community, and the rest of the beauty world, in the time to come. They’re thick and bold, however she draws individual hairs on in a darker shade to give the appearance of thicker, more natural looking brows. To replicate this I’d reach straight for my Chi Chi Brow Pomade in the shade Black Brown! My brows are already super dark, but I love using this pomade with my Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush to give them a more defined shape, and also to lengthen the tail slightly. I don’t wear this pomade for every day purposes, but it’s definitely something for night time when you want more intensity!



What queen wouldn’t contour!? To recreate Valentina’s contouring I’d reach for my Revlon Sculpt + Highlight Contouring Kit because it’s pigmented but also not as intense as my Kat Von D kit, which I can sometimes go too over the top with. I love the Revlon one because it’s great for a subtle look but can also be built up. The highlighting shade in the Revlon palette is also quite subtle and perfect for everyday too, which I thought worked well in this little beauty round up as Valentina’s highlight wasn’t overly blinding.


Her lips looked absolutely gorgeous, so to recreate the same glossy nude lip I’d reach for a couple of products. I’d first line my lips with my Kylie Cosmetics Candy K lip liner as it’s a great nude shade and super creamy and easy to draw, and over draw, your lips. I’d then apply some of the Hourglass lipstick in the shade Femme Nude 4, but I’d focus it on the centre of my lips to make my lips look slightly bigger. It’s like contouring for your lips, the edges will be darker with the liner, but the centre will be lighter to give you that pouty effect (if that’s what you’re after!). I’d finish the lips with a swipe of the Hourglass gloss Ignite, and violá!



Her EYELINER is INCREDIBLE. To create a close to perfect wing every time I always reach for my Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner as it’s super pigmented, very fine and therefore easy to control. This does run out fairly quickly, but if you use it often, and not once every three months like myself, I think you’ll really like it!



If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I love me a statement earrings, especially anything with gold crosses. Well, when Valentina walked out and I saw her jewellery I knew I had the perfect accessory for today’s post! I absolutely love these giant gold cross earrings from Princess Polly, they’re so gorgeous and intricate! However, they’re heavy and are the first thing I take off in the car after an event, but pain is beauty.

Episode RuCap

Now to the second episode of the season! And there are spoilers here, so don’t read on if you’re still waiting to watch the episode!

My prediction was correct and I’m disappointed in who the 14th queen is. I just don’t think she has more to add since her season. She was safe this episode, but since this is her second time around I’m going to judge her with a harsher eye because this is her second chance, she should be in the top most episodes if she already knows how the game works!

The super physical cheer leading challenge reminded me of the wrestling challenge from Season 4 and I’m so glad there’s already a lot of variety in challenges so far.

I’m SO GLAD we’re back to the original stage again, because while last week was cool, seeing a new stage with RuPaul out of drag was unsettling! Also so happy there is a longer runway montage as I’ve always loved that part.

To the fashion, I of course loved Valentina’s bridal look with was inspired by her mother, but I also loved Shea’s white body suit and Jaymes’ winter look! For like the millionth time I thought “oh my god I love all these girls so much I don’t want anymore to go home yet it’s too soon!” This runway was so strong and I cannot wait for more as everyone is genuinely so unique and really thinking outside of the box!

Jaymes and Kimora fell in the bottom two and I thought that, while both performances were lacklustre, that Jaymes was more entertaining? However she constantly walked in front on Kimora for attention and when Kimora fell to the ground, Jaymes copied and did the same thing. I expect way more from Kimora, in both her looks and lipsyncs, because she’s a seasoned Vegas queen. I was so upset when Jaymes left and when they cried and said “sometimes your dreams just aren’t meant for you” I DIED.

Overall I really liked this episode and I really love this season so far! So those are my thoughts on the episode and how I’d rucreate Valentina’s look!

Are you watching Drag Race? Leave me a comment below, I could talk about it all day!

If you enjoyed this post, please give it a “like” so I know!

All the love,

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      1. It is so good, and the sass!! I have been travelling here, there and everywhere for the past 9 days so haven’t had a chance to see the new season, so I’m planning to catch up tonight! So I’ll get back to ya on that once I have 😉😂 xx

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