RuCreate The Look | Episodes 5 & 6

I’m back with not one but two instalments in my RuCreate The Look series! I missed my last one because I was in between travelling and university got so hectic that I just couldn’t make blogging a priority. So, today I’m combining my thoughts from episode 5 and 6 into one post while celebrating Shea’s incredible neon look from episode 5’s faux fur runway! I hope you enjoy this post and if you do, please give it a “like” so I know and let’s jump into it, we’ve got a lot to cover!


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I absolutely loved Shea’s faux fur look, it was super fun and on brand for her and looked completely original from everyone else on the runway! I also really loved how she managed to incorporate so many colours into her outfit and makeup while still keeping it looking simple and neat.


I couldn’t stop staring at her eyeshadow in Untucked because she wore such a gorgeous blue, so to rucreate something similar I’d reach straight for my Chi Chi Rich Gems palette! It’s got a wonderful collection of bright yet surprisingly wearable shades that I think it’d be perfect for a look like Shea’s. I really love this palette and it’s the only colourful one I own as it pretty much ticks every box! From blues to greens, yellows, oranges, pinks, purples and light shades, this palette is such a gem for lovers of colour.



Shea’s face makeup wasn’t a defining feature in this weeks runway as she had such a bold eye and lip, so I’d grab two products to rucreate something similar. First I’d use my Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer and it’s perfect for everyday wear as it’s not too warm or cool toned, it’s just in the middle! I also find it hard to ever go overboard with this bronzer, so it’s a firm favourite in my collection! To add some life to my cheeks I’d go for the Maybelline Face Studio Master Hi-Light blush in the shade 20 Pink Rose. This is almost a blush and a subtle highlighter in one, so it’s perfect if you’re going for something rosy with a little bit of a glow but don’t want anything heavy!



I don’t own any lipsticks as bright and bold as the one Shea wore, however depending on your skin tone you can create something similar with what you have! One of my most pink lipsticks is Drop Dead Gorgeous from Chi Chi and I absolutely love it. They have really great lipsticks that have such a pigmented, long lasting formula. I like mixing products together so to create a bit of an ombre effect, and in turn make your lips look a touch bigger, I’d dab some of the Maybelline Colour Drama pencil in the shade 140 Minimalist on the centre of my lips.


So that’s how I’d create something similar to Shea’s look from episode 5! Now to the rucaps on both episodes, and this next part contains a bunch of spoilers!

Episode 5 RuCap

I thought the Kardashian: The Musical challenge was fantastic, I had no idea what to expect but Alexis’ Kris and Shea’s Blac Chyna were incredible! This was totally Shea’s episode because her performance and runway look were all flawless! I thought Alexis’ rant backstage at all the girls was ridiculous though. You can’t blame others for not pointing out that your outfit was average, it’s a competition!

I completely agree with having Cynthia and Farrah in the bottom two, both of them floundered in the musical. What I’m even more annoyed with though is the fact that it wasn’t a double elimination. Their lipsyncs were so lacklustre and I was so surprised about that considering Farrah is a Vegas girl? I just expected way more. Also, can queens stop undressing during lipsyncs as a stunt, especially when what they’re wearing underneath isn’t better than what they’re wearing on top? Don’t ruin the fantasy! Keep your drag on! The only queen who did this incredibly well was Raja back in Season 3 because it’s RAJA. What I DIDN’T expect was for Eureka to be called onto the stage to be told she had to leave the show due to her injury. I felt so bad for her but it was so sweet how the entire crew clapped for her as she left. I’m excited to see her on Season 10 as she has an open invitation to come back! I also think it says a lot about her that she was willing to keep going even when she was injured.

Episode 6 RuCap

THIS EPISODE WAS GREAT. Why? BECAUSE SNATCH GAME, THAT’S WHY. Here’s my thoughts on each queens performance.

Alexis as Liza Minnelli: Very funny, completely in character and very obvious Alexis is a huge fan of Liza.

Sasha as Marlene Dietrich: I was scared for my girl Sasha when she picked Marlene, but she turned it out! It was so funny! I’m so proud, and relieved!

Trinity as Amanda Lepore: I’m so glad someone finally did Amanda and I’m so glad it was Trinity. I think the look was perfect and the performance was good, but not enough to be in the top three of the week. I’m so glad she didn’t fail at it because I love Trinity and need to see more of her.

Aja as Alyssa Edwards: I think a drag queen impersonating a drag queen for SN doesn’t show you’re the most versatile. Violet Chachki did Alyssa for Snatch Game back in Season 7 and she did well, so not only was Aja going to be compared to the real thing, but she was also going to be compared to another queens performance. I think impersonating a queen is too risky if you don’t do it incredibly well as history has shown queens usually fail when they do it, for example Max as Sharon Needles in Season 7 and Roxxxy as Alaska in All Stars Season 2.

Nina as Jasmine Masters: EXHIBIT A OF A DRAG QUEEN IMPERSONATING ANOTHER QUEEN AND EXECUTING IT SENSATIONALLY. This was incredible, I bow down to Nina Bonina Brown. Aja, take notes.

Peppermint as Nene Leaks: Oh Peppermint! I felt bas for her, but I think she thought Nene would be super easy as she already had the look down.

Shea as Naomi Campbell: Good! A classy but funny impersonation and I’m glad she was safe, but I never worried about Shea faltering.

Valentina as Ariadna Gutiérrez: Another good effort! I think this choice was really original and while she didn’t have heaps of material to work with or one liners to throw out, picking someone not that well known allowed to her play it however she wanted to.

Farrah as Gigi Gorgeous: Oh, honey. She had the look down to a T, but I think she was so focused on impersonating Gigi she forgot to make it funny. I don’t watch heaps of Gigi so I don’t really know what her personality is like, but I think in SN you have to take whatever personality and make it so exaggerated because then it’ll just fall flat.

Cynthia as Sofia Vergara: *sigh*, this was hard to watch, but I think the judges were so right when they said she picked a personality too close to herself. It didn’t show she was versatile or funny, it just showed she could rant in another language.

To the main stage, do I agree with Alexis winning? Sure! She did a great job and her runway was very Madonna. However, I think Sasha performed just as well as Alexis with an even harder character to make funny, plus I think her runway was incredible and very different and original. But I’m glad Alexis won, I didn’t want to see her rant again after getting so close to a win last week.

I got my LIFE from watching Peppermint basically assassinate Cynthia on stage in the lipsync. I think they both deserved to be their after their performances but I was so happy to see Peppermint finally bring it and show that she’s a performing queen and that she’s a legend for a reason. I absolutely loved her in this lipsync and that was a real turning point for her.  I’m glad we got to see Cynthia reach Snatch Game but I completely agree with it being her time to go, especially after she escaped elimination last week.

In terms of the runway looks, I absolutely loved Trinity’s and it was probably my favourite. I know it was a double up, but it’s honestly one of my most memorable Madonna looks as I didn’t really grow up watching her, and I think Trinity made it look so good. I don’t know what it is about Trinity but I just love her so much and totally agree with the queens in Untucked when they said she’s so nice and so evil. I support that moral alignment. Shea’s material girl look was also one of my favourites too and also Valentina’s censored look, however all of these queens were safe! Oh well. There wasn’t a makeup look from this episode that had me obsessed, which is why I put episode 5 and 6 together and just focused on Shea’s look from episode 5.

So that’s my RuCreate The Look and RuCap from these past few episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race! If you enjoyed this post please give it a “like” so I know!

What are your thoughts from the episodes so far? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to chat!

All the love,

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