April Favourites

April turned out to be one of my busiest months yet! In the last few weeks I discovered a bunch of new beauty favourites, celebrated a 21st, two weddings and Easter, hurled over too many university assignments, cried a bit too much over Harry Styles’ solo debut, visited my sister up north and hit a huge blogging milestone! *catches breath* Here are my April Favourites!


I got two different Love Flush blushes from Too Faced for my birthday and I’m currently obsessed with the shade Baby Love! It’s such a gorgeous, muted pink shade that’s perfect for everyday! I think it’s also such a universally flattering shade that would compliment so many skin tones. These blushes from Too Faced are also incredibly pigmented too! One little dab is basically all I need for my whole face, yet it blends really easily as well. Also, this line of blushes has the most incredible packaging! It’s shaped like a heart! It has bunnies stamped inside! So much to love.


I finally got around to using some of the pieces in the Too Faced Let It Glow set I bought myself for Christmas, and I wish I got around to using them sooner! I absolutely love the Candlelit Glow highlighter in Rosy Glow that came in the bundle! It’s quite frosty and cool toned, but it has an almost iridescent pink glow to it, hence the name! The pink is super subtle though, so don’t let that put you off trying it out. This is definitely not a blinding highlight and is much more suited to everyday wear, so if you’re looking for something intense you won’t like this much! I’m so excited for the new heart shaped highlighters from Too Faced to come to Australia though! They look gorgeous and are subtle too so I’ll definitely be picking one (or a few) up!


Since I had a bunch of fancy events to attend in April I got to be a bit more dramatic with my makeup. I started using liquid eyeliner again and really liked how it turned out! My go-to is the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner as it’s really pigmented and has the tiniest little point which makes it so easy to create thin lines and even wings! I wish I had the patience to draw on and wear liquid eyeliner everyday but I’m just always in a rush! What I do what to try and attempt some days is just creating the smallest little flick to help extend my eye shape. I’m so happy I rediscovered this little gem as it’s fantastic and has inspired me to have more fun with my makeup!


Along with eyeliner, for special events I put down my usual, everyday eyeshadow palettes and started using my ColourPop single shadows again and I’m so happy I rediscovered how incredible they are! ColourPop eyeshadows are so unusual, they feel almost like clay and when applied using your fingers, which is heavily recommended, you get the most stunning pigmentation! Seriously, the colour in the pan is what gets transferred to your eyes. I’ve been loving the shade La La (right) as a shimmery, rose gold base and add some more dimension to the look by patting Nillionaire (left) over the top as it’s a lot more glittery and adds just that extra pop. If you’ve been debating whether or not to get some ColourPop shadows, this is me telling you to go straight ahead as they offer some incredible eyeshadows! I highly recommend these shades plus Game Face and Kathleen Lights!

Now to my non-materialistic favourites I can’t capture in a flatlay!

Sign of the Times by Harry Styles – Oh my sweet lord, this song is incredible. I’m so happy for Harry and this debut is so him and perfect and raw and gorgeous. I’ve listened to it on repeat for so long and still am not sick of it. I cannot wait for the rest of the album to drop if this is just a taste of it. If only he was coming to my city on his tour! Why Harry!

Shaaanxo’s Makeup Decluttering Videos – Do you like makeup? Do you like watching something chaotic get sifted through and minimised and then reorganised into very satisfying storage units? Then this series is for you. Shan’s makeup decluttering videos are the most satisfying thing to watch as she’s gathered up a ridiculous amount of makeup and is so cut throat with what she wants to keep and what she honestly just doesn’t like. It’s so refreshing and has actually made me mix up my makeup routine! Seeing someone else’s collection made me think ‘hey, I never use this palette/blush/contour kit, I probably should use it tomorrow!’ My favourite video from her was watching her declutter and reorganise her ColourPop shadows, and just yesterday she posted her decluttering of her neutral eyeshadow palettes! The videos are quite long, but Shan is one of the only beauty gurus I watch so I find it really helpful as she basically gives a quick review of each product saying ‘oh this is definitely staying’ or ‘this is very meh, I’m chucking it because this brand’s one is much better’ etc.

My blog hit 900 followers! I’m so freaking happy that so many people love my blog enough to want to follow and keep up to date with what I have to post, so thank you so much if you’re reading this, your support means so much to me! The countdown to 1,000 is ON and I cannot wait!

I travelled in April! I went to Mackay and visited my sister and we explored so many places! I took a ridiculous amount of photos, but here are just a few of locations we visited that I just thought were beautiful!

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So that’s everything that made up April! If you enjoyed this post please give it a “like” so I know!

What things did you love throughout April? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

All the love,

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