RuCreate The Look | Club Kid Runway Ruview

For this week’s RuCreate The Look instalment I’m rucreating… absolutely nothing, because episode nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race gave us an out of this world, one of a kind Club Kid Couture runway theme that left me applauding. While I won’t ‘rucreate’ any of the sensational looks, I’ll be reviewing every single one of them in my own little ‘Fashion Photo Ruview’, with less Raja and Raven and more gifs. If you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s get into the literal art that walked down the runway.

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Shea Couleé

Shea 2.gifAn incredible start to a superb runway. This is yet another strong look from Shea that is true to her “equal parts bourgie and banji” aesthetic and completely fits the runway theme. There’s so much detail going on but it works, and she carries herself so confidently that it doesn’t overwhelm her. I also love the simplicity of the look as it consists of the headpiece, collar, jacket and leotard. To me it’s a great example that you don’t have to only wear something highly intricate (and expensive) to meet that club kid vibe. Double points to Shea for yet again rocking metallic knee high socks and those transparent heels, I combination that I adore.

Sasha Velour

Sasha 2.gifThe other half to the power couple that is SaShea, Sasha’s look was to die for this week. This is 100% Sasha Velour and I’m so happy she got to shine in this Club Kid Couture runway because her usual drag is very reminiscent of that period. I adore these colours together and I also loved that her collar patterned matched the pattern on the dress. It’s a small detail but so much of Sasha is in the detail and it really showed here. The dripping makeup and the addition of the glitter (and those lashes oh my) were just spectacular. This is my favourite look from Sasha to date. 

Trinity Taylor

Trinity 2.gifThree things I loved about Trinity’s runway; her overall look, her incredible walk, and her attitude towards doing something very different and new for her. This was her first time in club kid drag and she burned the runway. She looked down right incredible. She’s proving every week that she’s so much more than just a pageant queen and I am HERE for it. I love the wig, the placement of the balls, the giant curled, cardboard lashes, everything. Just insert all the clapping hand and heart eye emojis here. I absolutely adore Trinity and I’m rooting for her to be in the Top 3 along with Shea. I just love her character and personality so much and there’s something about her that resonates with me so I’m firmly #TeamTrinity.


Peppermint 2.gifAn absolute standout. Words genuinely failed me when she walked out. This look is just hands (and boots) down incredible and probably one of the most iconic looks from all 11 seasons. Peppermint’s peppermint themed look is everything Club Kid Couture asks for and more. This is was favourite look from the whole episode. She’s really bringing it and gaining momentum so I’m excited to see how the rest of her Drag Race journey plays out!

Alexis Michelle

AlexisWhile I absolutely love that Alexis felt comfortable enough to rock a body suit in this episode, especially since her feelings where hurt in last week’s Reading Is Fundamental mini challenge, this look is my least favourite of the week. It’s just too basic for a Club Kid Couture themed runway. She needed to really ham it up and add something more to it. I think the makeup is great though, and she should have maybe made her outfit match her face more by reflecting the neon lip with more neon elements. 

Nina Bonina Brown

NinaNina’s usual runways are quite club kid like, so this week she still looked good, just not as crazy and out of the box compared to all the others. I agree that her chest makeup looked like an after thought and it sucks that she ran out of time to paint it how she properly wanted it to look like, because knowing Nina’s makeup skills it would have looked sensational.


ValentinaI liked this look, but I totally agree with Michelle’s comment that Valentina looked more high fashion than Club Kid Couture. It was a stunning look but she did a similar Spanish  matador look in Episode 1, so she could have really played with this theme and done something completely wild. The boots she was wearing were beautiful and I loved the cape overlay, but I think the underside should have also been red, because having it like just looked like it was unfinished or what you’re not meant to see it? But that was the last of Valentina’s worries this week. Speaking of which… 

Episode RuCap

Oh, my god. This was probably one of the best episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race in a long time. We had a fantastic team challenge in which Shea and Sasha shone and managed to snag yet another joint win. Can these two please get their own WoW Presents show once the season is over? Shea’s racking up the wins and getting closer to winning the crown and I am living for it.

I’m so glad my girl Trinity bounced back from last weeks undercooked roast to provide us with yet another scene stealing performance. I think Trinity succeeds because she’s not afraid of doing, wearing or saying anything. I thought Alexis blaming Trinity and Peppermint for her lucklustre performance was ridiculous. This is I think the third time she’s put the blame on somebody else for her short comings? Also, saying “I don’t intent to throw these beautiful girls under the bus” doesn’t stop you from throwing those beautiful girls under the bus.

Nina and Tina. Wow. I was literally Michelle Visage when she asked “do you think a script would have helped?” They both lacked preparation, but also enthusiasm? Like where was the fire to do better than everyone and win? Obviously I can’t read their minds, but did Valentina think they judges would just eat up whatever she gave them? Her Linda Evangelista luck well and truly ran out this week when she landed in the bottom two with Nina and again didn’t prepare for the lipsync. Nina literally put the iPod earphone in her ear for her, Valentina didn’t even do that. I haven’t even mentioned mask gate yet. I cannot believe the TENSION when Ru stopped the lipsync and asked her to take it off. And she REFUSED. Then complied. THEN COVERED HER MOUTH because she didn’t know the words. I was RATTLED watching this. It was a fair elimination but I just have so many questions on why she didn’t prepare for the lipsync. Seeing her cry into the backstage curtains in Untucked made my heart hurt. I’m so curious to see if they bring a queen back now. My current picks for Top 3 are Shea, Trinity and Sasha.

Overall, this week’s episode had everything and I cannot wait for next week to see the aftermath of it all, and to see how the dynamic changes now that such a strong competitor is gone.

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