10 Things Pinterest Got Me Obsessed With

While I consider myself pretty social media savvy, it took me a long time to get into Pinterest. Once I discovered there’s more to the site than just DIY’s for mums, I fell thick and fast, pinning posts to my various boards left, right and centre. I now love Pinterest and scroll through the never ending feed of inspiration every few days. There’s one downside to it though – it’s gotten me obsessed with so many things. From accessories and fashion to furniture and even specific colour schemes, Pinterest has now hooked me up with a bunch of new obsessions. So, let’s get into the pinnable goodness and hopefully you might find some new obsessions – or at least understand the enthusiasm and go “same, girl, same”. If you enjoy this post, don’t forget to give it a “like” so I know, and let’s crack on with it!

1. That Gucci belt. You know the one.

Gucci Belt.jpg

I want this belt so badly. Yes, I understand I’m a university student and it’s a GUCCI belt, but one can dream. It doesn’t help that every second outfit in my feed is sporting this belt, which just makes everything look 100% times better. I’m just waiting (and hoping and praying) for a fast fashion retailer to bring something similar out without them getting sued.

2. Layered gold necklaces.

Layered gold necklaces.jpg

From my Pinterest feed to girls on Instagram to even the Kardashian’s, I keep seeing layered gold necklaces and now I want them. Intrigued, I looked up where these ones were from, Cleopatra’s Bling, and they go for about 200 Euros each. Insert upside down smiley emoji here. I bought a random gold necklace from H&M the other day for $7.99 and now wear it with another gold necklace I have, so there’s that.

3. Huge yet minimalistic statement earrings.

Huge earrings.jpg

Sticking to jewellery, Pinterest keeps fuling my love for statement earrings, but this time with a sleek, minimalistic touch. I have a bunch of out there looking earrings from places like Princess Polly, but these ones I found on Pinterest are stunning!

4. Baroque fashion.


My fashion board is rife with pins from Dior, D&G, Marchesa, Valentino and McQueen. I just love the heavy embellishment they bring to their collections and I find the baroque aesthetic just flawless. I could just stare at my fashion board all day, honestly.

5. Home offices.

Home offices.jpg

After seeing so many gorgeous set ups of little home offices, now I desperately want my own! I’m planning on slowly rejigging the desk area in my room and hope to create a productive space. I personally don’t like studying in my bedroom and prefer to do it somewhere else, but I love the idea of having a proper area for blogging filled with things that inspire me.

6. Pink velvet furniture.

Pink velvet furniture.jpg

Argh, I think this photo speaks for itself. Everything looks better when it’s pink, furniture included. I think pieces like this look amazing in spaces. Hello, future apartment.

7. Incredible eye makeup.

Incredible eye makeup.jpg

Can we take a moment to appreciate this? Good god. Pinterest has inspired me to branch out with my makeup way more than Instagram ever has. I think it’s because it’s much easier to save all your favourite looks on Pinterest, as opposed to just screenshotting Instagram posts that then get lost and forgotten in your camera roll. I always say this, but when I get more time I’m really going to experiment with my makeup and see what looks I can create when I just play around with what I’ve got.

8. White, grey and baby pink bedding.

White grey and baby pink bedding.jpg

If you look at my bedroom board you’ll see the dominating colour scheme is white, grey and baby pink. I just find this palette so soothing, calming and pretty! It doesn’t help that Kmart knows so many of us love these colours and fuels our obsession. My current set is getting old, so once Winter is over I might finally get something like this for my room.

9. Makeup Geek.

Makeup Geek.jpg

I own a grand total of zero Makeup Geek products, but that hasn’t stopped me from pinning them whenever I see them! Look at satisfying this layout is. For a while there I seriously considered buying an extra large z palette like this and beginning my own collection, however there was a drama where z palette was bullying their customers in their Instagram comments? I can’t remember it properly, but I do remember being grateful that I didn’t just give them my money. Nevertheless, I really want to start my Makeup Geek collection soon, except with each shadow being almost $10, it just seems a bit expensive to buy anymore than a few. For now, I just stick to pinning them!

10. Alicia Roddy’s incredible sense of fashion.


The hardest thing about making this blog post was deciding which of Alicia’s gorgeous outfits to feature! Her sense of fashion is impeccable and she makes anything and everything look amazing. Plus her entire Instagram just looks so effortless and beautiful. One word – goals.  She’s definitely someone who inspires me all the time with the looks she puts together!

So there you have it! 10 things Pinterest has gotten me obsessed with! What’s something you’re obsessing over recently? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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All the love,

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  1. I loved this! I am obsessed with Lissy Roddy, home offices and oh my gosh the combination of grey, white and pink bedding is to die for – I actually mention it in a post I have coming out soon about what my dream home would look like, how weird! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. once I get on to pinterest its hard to get away you get lost
    yessss !! I love looking at home office posts and always say I’ll get Round to do it ( not that I do haha) 🙂


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