Thank You for 1,000 Followers!

Yesterday my blog reached an exciting milestone – it hit 1,000 followers! Cue all the confetti, dancing women and champagne emojis here. When I started my blog back in December 2015, I never expected to hit 100 followers, let alone ten times that amount, so thank you so much to anyone who has ever supported my blog! When I hit 100 followers I did a similar thank you post, and everything I wrote then still stands true today! However, for the sake of not just regurgitating what’s in that post, I thought today I could share some blogging tips. Recently a friend messaged me asking for advice on how to set up her own blog, and while I helped with the technical side of it all, I also couldn’t help myself from sharing with her what I consider to be some tips for getting your blog off the ground. So, keep reading to see my thoughts on it all, and if you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know!


Disclaimer: I obviously can’t guarantee this advice is a one way ticket to success, but they are the things I’ve learnt while blogging and think they’re applicable to a lot of things!

Jessica’s Top Blogging Tips

1. Consistency is Key

Whether we’re talking about your content, quality of posts or blogging schedule, staying consistent is super important. Right from the get go I was blogging three times a week, and while you don’t have to be as gun ho as that, blogging at least once a week and having some sort of regular routine will help your blog grow. In terms of content, I think keeping it quite focused will help your readers understand what to expect from you and ultimately follow you. However, at the end of your day, your blog is yours to do whatever you please with, but if you’re talking about beauty products one day and dog grooming techniques the next, at least keep something consistent, like your style of writing or photography!

2. Write About What You Love

Your posts will be so much more engaging when you have fun writing them, and your passion for the topic will really show through! Plus, it’ll be way more motivating to make your posts the best they can be if you’re writing about something you love and know a lot about. My RuCreate The Look series is the brain child of me loving everything to do with beauty, makeup, fashion and my love for drag queens and RuPaul’s Drag Race. At first I worried the series would be a bit too out of the box, but I’m so glad I branched out because that blog series is something I absolutely love writing each week. This brings me to my next point!

3. Branch Out

It can be tempting to stay in your box, especially if that box is comfortable and well received, but if you have an idea you’re interested in doing, do it! I can’t recommend that enough. Exhibit A: I did Blogmas in 2016 and one of my posts was Christmas Tree Brownies! I didn’t know how they’d be received, but people loved them, with a few people actually telling me they wished I posted it sooner so they could make them for Christmas parties and whatnot. Well, flash forward to Valentine’s Day this year and I want to make another baking post. I was again hesitant because I wanted to bake the same thing, only decorate it differently. I went ahead with it anyway and I’m freaking glad I did because WordPress Discover featured my Valentine’s Day Brownies on all their platforms to all their followers to celebrate V-Day! Thanks to them I gained so much exposure and new followers. So, it just goes to prove that it’s perfectly fine to branch out! But like I said before, just make sure everything is still linked to “you” and your voice. But how do you go about finding your own voice?

4. Find Your Own Voice

Finding your own voice is easier said than done, but it’s a piece of advice so many people endorse. Even when I met one of my idols, Margaret Zhang, she said it to me. While it’s all well and good to follow what everyone else is doing, or to model your work off of someone you admire, I personally think you learn more about yourself (and your blogging potential) when you aren’t afraid to experiment a little bit (or a lot). I still don’t know if I’ve found ‘my voice’ yet, but I also know my voice will continue to grow and change as I continue through life. I think this point really ties back to points 2 and 3, the more you branch out and write about what you love, the clearer your voice will be (I hope!).

5. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

If we compared ourselves to others all the time we’d get nowhere. It’s good to use others as motivation to keep going, but if you find yourself holding back or slacking with blogging (or anything) because others seem so much further ahead of you, snap out of it! Everyone starts somewhere. I look at other Instagram accounts and go ‘yikes 20k followers, what am I even doing with mine’. No! I just remind myself that nine times out of 10, those accounts are looking at ones with 40k and thinking a similar thing. This is another piece of advice Margaret gave me, and she even said that she only follows 50 people on Instagram (it’s true) because she just likes to focus on her own creative projects and see where they go on their own.

So, those were just some pieces of advice/what I’ve learnt from blogging over time! I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please give it a “like” so I know!

Again, thank you so incredibly much for reading and following my blog! Every single piece of support means so much and I’m so grateful that I found something as fulfilling as blogging, so thank you for encouraging me to keep going! Thank you for 1,000 followers and I can’t wait for 1,000 more!

All the love,

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    1. Aw thank you so much, that means a lot! With my photos I always up the brightness and contrast by 50%, the saturation by around 15%, and the sharpness by 20%. I always take them during the day when the sun is brightest too! I hope that helps, it’s just about experimenting and seeing what works for you, so you’re on the right track with trying different things! Xx

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