RuCreate The Look | Episode 11

As the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race progresses towards the finish line, I’m filled with both excitement and dread because it means this phenomenal season is rapidly coming to an end! This week’s episode gave us the annual ball where the queens were tasked with creating three different looks for the runway, each aiming to fulfil a different theme. Some of my all time favourite looks happened in this week’s episode, so instead of looking at the makeup for this week’s ‘RuCreate The Look’ post, I’ll be reviewing the 15 outfits that walked the runway! If you enjoy this post, please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s on with the fashion!

Shea Couleé

Shea Ball
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Going in order of queens, I absolutely loved Shea’s entire showcase. From artistic to dominatrix to high fashion, Shea proved once again she’s a versatile queen who’s standard is above the rest. Starting with her rainbow look, I understand that the judges wanted more “stereotypical” rainbow colours in the look, but I think the pastels with pops of neon was enough! Plus, the overall concept of the idea was executed so flawlessly that she can be forgiven for not delivering a basic rainbow palette. This is one of my all time favourite looks from Shea and I absolutely love this elegant, mermaid tail silhouette on her. For her unicorn look, I think it was one of the most successful out of the bunch. It was well put together and fit the theme, plus her presentation was comical and added another layer to it all. Finally, her Construction Worker look was the best out of the Village People category and absolutely blew everything Shea has ever worn out of the water! This look was everything! It was incredibly well executed and showed that this girl has taste. She knows her fashion references, knows her body, and works hard to make amazing pieces come together. The patch work cape is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the cut out collar and buttons. There was a bit of controversy about Shea winning the challenge over Sasha, but this look alone is a complete winner. I’m rooting for Shea for the crown!

Sasha Velour

Sasha Ball.gif
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Ah, the queen who a lot of people believe was robbed. But, I stand by the judges decision to not give the win to Sasha, and here’s why. Starting with her rainbow look, I think it’s awesome and the concept, idea and execution is all there. But it just doesn’t wow me. In comparison, Shea’s rainbow look had an impact, but with Sasha it’s more subdued. I think this is a wonderful rainbow look, but just not as extravagant as the event calls for. Now to her unicorn look and wow. See, this was a wow moment. This was the most well thought out and complex unicorn looks out of all the queens. Plus the extravagance of the outfit allowed her to have a runway walk that packed way more of a punch compared to her previous look. Now to her final look, the Cowboy inspired Village People look. I love this. I think it’s so damn cute. Take the hat and gloves off, and I would wear this, boots included. Which I personally think is the problem here. It’s too fashionable, and not ‘out there’ enough. A lot of fans have criticised the judges for saying Sasha’s “too fashion” for Drag Race while pointing out queens like Violet Chachki won their season’s for being fashion queens. I think there’s a difference between the two, and Violet consistently produced (and continues to after her time on the show) looks that were high fashion and dragtastic at the same time. I absolutely love Sasha and want her to make the Top 3 along with Shea and Trinity, but I just want her to bring more wow in her looks.

Alexis Michelle

Alexis Ball.gif
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I love Alexis, and I mention why further down in my episode review, but these looks just didn’t do it for me! Starting with her Rainbow look, it was way too simple and obvious. On top of that, the curly red hair gave me all the Debbie Novotny, mum and waitress at Liberty Diner from Queer As Folk, realness. Her unicorn look was a huge step up though! She was the most ‘magical’ and ‘fantasy’ unicorn of the bunch, and I love that take on the category. But, when compared to the complexity of Sasha’s unicorn, it does fall short. Finally, to her Native American inspired Village People look! I agree with the judges that it looks too simple and ‘ready to wear’. While the stoning on the corset is amazing, she needed to realise that time consuming details like that don’t translate on the main stage, and you’re better off putting your time into bigger pieces that will make a statement, like Shea’s patch work cape (which I’m still thinking about, what a moment). I also 100% agree with the other queens when they said she should have braided her hair, because it just looks a little too ‘normal’ for a drag queen competition. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in her final look though, it just wasn’t as out of the box and strong as it could have been.


Peppermint Ball.gif
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Now to a queen who gave me one of my favourite looks of the night! I thought Peppermint’s Rainbow look was absolutely gorgeous. I can absolutely see her standing on a float in this at Gay Pride. It’s one of the only rainbow looks that had an element of movement to it and I can’t thank her enough for that. The draping of the rainbow colours and how they move make it look way more than just ‘basic’, something Alexis’ rainbow look couldn’t do. The gold body suit, thigh high boots and blue hair top the look off but don’t distract from the rainbow. Sensational work from peppermint. Now to her unicorn look, and this is where the fun stops. This look was baggy on her and I just didn’t understand the space theme, but I admire the idea and I’m happy she gave us a pink unicorn. Now to her final look, which was the Leather Man inspired from the Village People. I loved this look from Peppermint, and to know she created all of it herself for this challenge is amazing. Her runway was powerful and strong but also had heaps of charisma and personality. Peppermint for Miss Congeniality please!

Trinity Taylor

Trinity Ball.gif
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Fun fact: Trinity Taylor is an acronym for ‘I love this queen with all my heart’, and these three looks support that claim. Let’s start with her Rainbow look which I absolutely LOVED. I was so confused when the judges didn’t like it, were we looking at the same look? It was modern, cool and well thought out. The rainbow stripes were a focus but they were done in a minimalistic and striking way. Now to her unicorn look, which makes me smile every single time I look at it. Her runway walk was absolutely hilarious and she sold that unicorn look to the judges (and me). Now to her final look, her Cop/Village People inspired look, which I thought was phenomenal. This was so unexpected and different but completely perfect and totally Trinity. It was very much so a costume, but it was so well thought out, well executed and fashionable. I absolutely love Trinity and want her to be in the Top 3.

Episode RuCap

Now to my thoughts on the episode, which I absolutely loved. I think Peppermint and Alexis deserved to be in the bottom, and I agree that it was Alexis’ time to go. I do think she had been edited badly to be the season’s ‘villain’. I think producers originally wanted Eureka to be the villain, but she was removed because of her health. Then when all the conflict with Nina always ended with the queens saying “but we love you Nina :)” and no drama, Alexis’ made it easy to be edited as the villain. I think she 100% deserved to be in the Top 5, she regularly produced well put together looks and was an incredible actress, shining in the Kardashian musical as Kris and winning Snatch Game as Liza Minnelli. I will always defend Alexis! I did think it was hilarious though in Untucked when she pointed to all the other queens and said her Native American look was more fashion than all of their looks, to which Sasha just laughed.

I also think she left on such a high after battling the legendary Peppermint in the best lip sync of the whole freaking season. There were gags, they were pulled off effortlessly, there was dancing, but it was in time and wasn’t unnecessary. The lip syncing was tight and the energy was high. Macho Man has been playing in my head all week. An incredible end to an already great episode. I swear I saw a spoiler that said Alexis made Top 4 instead of Peppermint, so I was so happy that I was proven wrong and surprised!

I’m so happy Peppermint made the Top 4, but I think Top 3 should be Shea, Trinity and Sasha as they’re all stronger than Peppermint. I jump between wanting Shea to win and wanting Trinity to win. I think they both deserve it, and at the moment it looks like Shea will win, but I would love to be surprised and have Trinity win.

So those are my thoughts on the previous episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race! I know I started this series on the basis of looking at one queen’s makeup per episode, but I absolutely love reviewing their fashion too, so I hope the change of program isn’t too confusing!

If you enjoyed this post, please give it a “like” so I know! What are your thoughts on the latest episode? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to chat!

All the love,

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