RuCreate The Look | Finale

I’m back with the final instalment in my RuCreate The Look series! The lip sync battle was fought and our new current reigning winner was crowned – condragulations Sasha Velour! – and so the ninth season has come to an end. I started my RuCreate The Look series as a way of combining my intense obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race with my love for makeup, flatlaying and blogging. As the season and my series developed, we took a slight detour from the makeup segment of the show and I started critiquing the different fashion looks delivered in each episode. Today I want to finish off the series by celebrating some of my favourite looks from the finale episode! So if you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know and let’s jump into it one last time!


I absolutely adore this look from Aja and it’s basically become one of my favourite looks ever from her. Aja’s style has changed dramatically throughout the course of the show and beyond and the feedback she’s taken on board has elevated her drag aesthetic to such a high standard! Her makeup is so soft but defined, her style is polished but still true to her, and she just seems so confident. I want this outfit so badly. Also, yellow hair on any queen is such a weakness for me, I love it.

Nina Bonina Brown

I gasped when Nina came out in this look. This is one of the best looks she’s ever delivered and just screams finale. I absolutely love this different silhouette on her (she’s “showing the judges versatility“)  and the way that skirt just FLOATS around her is magnificent. Her makeup is, as usual, gorgeous and the hand accessories are a beautiful touch too.


Linda did it AGAIN! This look is absolutely stunning! I thought Valentina’s purple red carpet gown was underwhelming as it was a bit plain and inexpensive looking, but Miss Thing was extra and changed her look for the finale for maximum impact and she came through with the goods. I’m obsessed with her sheer, super high gloves which are embellished with the same details that the dress has. I love it when a queen doesn’t just let a dress do all the work, instead having the aesthetic of the outfit present throughout the entire look. Valentina pulls off that concept extremely well every single time and I’m here for it.


PEPPERMINT! This look is stunning, she looks so radiant. This is definitely one of the more ‘costumey’ looks from the night, but it’s so beautifully themed without being too literal that it just works. Plus, Peppermint is so gorgeous and has so much stage presence that she’s definitely wearing the outfit, it’s not overwhelming her. Peppermint’s had a bumpy sort of journey in the competition style wise, but this look was such a strong way to start the finale. Also, condragulations for making the Top 2 Peppermint!

Shea Coulee

My QUEEN. I love Shea. Have I mentioned on this blog before how much I love Shea? This look was beautiful. It wasn’t what I expected from her and that’s one of the reasons why I like it so much. The finale happened an entire week ago and I’m still thinking about this hair. She just looks so freaking beautiful and confident here. Am I sad my favourite didn’t win the entire competition despite winning four challenges, a number only two queens before her have managed to win? Yes. Am I incredibly happy for Sasha Velour? Hell yes. Am I hoping Shea comes back for an All Stars season in the future? Yes!

Trinity Taylor

Did you mean: MY FAVOURITE LOOK FROM THE ENTIRE NIGHT?  My jaw DROPPED when I saw this for the first time on the red carpet, DROPPED. I freaking adore this look. This is one of Trinity’s best looks and this gown is a masterpiece. Apparently it was created by the same designer who created Violet Chachki’s gag worthy Season 8 crowning gown, the same gown we are all collectively still not over even though it happened now more than a year ago. I need that man to make my wedding dress. What a way for Trinity to end it! I’m sad another one of my favourites didn’t win the competition, but I’m so glad Trinity made it so far.

Sasha Velour

OUR NEW CURRENT REIGNING! I couldn’t pick a favourite look from Sasha because she damn well slayed the entire finale, so we’ll be looking at all three. Her first look was incredible, it was so regal and detailed and exquisite and different and literally everything that is Sasha Velour. I do think her body is very much so swallowed in this gown, but that’s the whole point, plus all the focus is directed to her head.

THEN she came out in this look and she freaking MURDERED Shea to So Emotion by Whitney Houston and I was weeping because the whole thing was so powerful and symbolic. I really loved this look she put together. When she first came out I thought it was a bit plain for a lip sync, and I also thought it was odd she was wearing a wig when I expected her to have her baldness on display for the whole finale. BUT WASN’T I PROVEN WRONG. Out of all three looks, this is probably my favourite, hence the rose in the main image of this post. It’s just so beautiful and gorgeous and has instantly become an ICONIC look from Sasha. We were all Aja when the petals started falling.

Sasha’s final look for her lip sync battle against Peppermint, which she would be crowned in, was exquisite. It was so sleek and minimalistic and chic and powerful and such a winning look. I adore all the little details and the shoulder spikes, and it was just a really beautiful look to end her journey to the crown in!

So that’s it! My RuCreate The Look series has come to an end! I apologise for starting it talking about makeup and ending it talking about fashion, but there were just too many incredible looks to ignore! I had so much fun writing this series each week and I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on each episode!

What are your thoughts on the finale and the winner? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also, if you enjoyed this post, or this entire series, please give this post a “like” so I know!

All the love,

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  1. You need to know that you’re the reason I started watching this show haha. I’ve always always always wanted to try watching it, it’s so right up my street. You know I love your Rucreate the look posts so I decided to just start, and I’m already on season 5 a week later haha- thank youuu!! I’m obsessed xx

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    1. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! 💖 I’m so happy you’re watching it! It’s one of my favourite things in the world 😄 ENJOY IT! (I wish I could watch it for the first time again and experience it all over again!)


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