The Annual Treat Yo’ Self Haul

As the university semester came to a close a few weeks ago I took any and every oppourtunity to splurge, each purchase falling under the annual treat yo’ self haul umbrella. It wasn’t hard to channel my inner Tom Haverford. Just handed in a big assignment? Treat yo’ self. Just finished a unit? Treat yo’ self. No idea how you just went in that exam? Treat yo’ self anyway! Last year I didn’t buy any makeup during the university semester and instead waited until the end as a huge reward, and I’ve now done it again this year! This last semester was the most difficult so far so I found it easy to ignore makeup as I was up to my eyeballs in interviews, articles and assignments. However, when I had only one exam left to study for, three little words in a ColourPop email (“free international shipping!“) sparked my interest, and it was a swift fall down the rabbit hole into the world of online shopping from there. All my purchases have finally arrived, so let’s jump into this haul and if you enjoy it please give it a “like” so I know!


ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows

Let’s start with the main culprit here. I’ve received a billion ColourPop emails in my inbox since I made my first (and only) purchase with them last year. I absolutely love their Super Shock Shadows and have been dying to try their new pressed powder shadows since they launched. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews and they’re a fantastic alternative to Makeup Geek singles if you’re looking to start your own customisable palette (like I was). So when yet another email slid into my inbox during a moment I was in the mood to spend, I jumped. I ordered the shades Sideline, The News, Liar Liar, Pinky Promise, Come and Get It, Time Out, Play by Play and Save It For Later. A full review on these singles will be coming soon! But overall, I’m in love with these shadows and now that I have these, I just want more! I also absolutely love the white and silver packaging they come in. Also, it was ColourPop’s 3rd birthday and I received a free ‘Birthday Cake’ Super Shock shadow with my order, and it has already been featured in my June Favourites!


Z Palette + Makeup Geek

To house my little single shadows from ColourPop I needed a palette. I’ve always loved the look of Z Palettes and think the transparent lid is the best part. I wasn’t too fussed on the empty ColourPop palettes and didn’t like the idea that they only held four each (unless you ripped the insides out which I’ve seen some people do, but I didn’t want to do that!). I then went to BeautyBay and finally bit the bullet and ordered myself the Small Z Palette that fits 9 shadows. I’ve had my eye of this specific size for so long (my plan is to start with a small Z Palette for everyday use/travel and then one day buy the huge Extra Large one to house everything in), so I was so happy I finally purchased it! Z Palette had a controversy a few months back where their social media manager started abusing customers in the comments section of their Instagram. I was shocked, but nothing like that has ever happened again, so until another brand brings out an empty magnetic palette that’s better than this, I settled for the Z Palette.


HOWEVER, since the free ‘Birthday Cake’ ColourPop shadow was added to my cart automatically, I thought I had ordered 9 pressed powder shadows, completely forgetting the free item. I realised too late that I only ordered 8 shadows and would be one short when filling my Z Palette. Isn’t that the most infuriating thing? I could have left it, but when was I going to order just one shadow? Thankfully I realised the debacle before I ordered my Z Palette off BeautyBay, and added a Makeup Geek shadow to my cart to finish off the palette. I have been wanting to buy some Makeup Geek shadows for over a year now, but being almost $10 each, they seem a little steep, especially since I most likely own a lot of similar shades already. However, their foiled eyeshadows have incredible reviews, and I’ve always had my eyes on the copper shade “Flame Thrower”. So, I took it as an oppourtunity to buy it and I’m so freaking happy with it! It’s absolutely stunning, incredibly pigmented and so shimmery!

Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colour in ‘Trinket’

It was one of my friend’s birthday in June and I knew exactly what I wanted to get her. We’re both fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race and a makeup brand a lot of queens swear by is Sugarpill. With their bold colours, intense pigmentation and high quality, I knew I wanted to get her (and myself) something from them! I considered a traditional lipstick, but when I stumbled upon their liquid lipstick in the shade Trinket, a pinky mauve with gold glitter in it, the decision was made!


It’s absolutely gorgeous, the gold glitter reacts to the heat of your skin, so they emerge over time or quicker if you press your lips together slightly. It’s such a unique and beautiful shade, and now I can’t wait to expand my Sugarpill collection!


Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter

It won’t be a surprise to anybody that I bought this highlighter as I’ve already done a review on it! I wanted this highlighter so badly, heard a bunch of mixed reviews, swatched it in store and was sold. I think it’s just so beautiful inside and out and since it’s a more subtle highlighter compared to most, it’s perfect for everyday. More of my thoughts on the highlighter and swatches can be found in my review.


So there you have it! That was everything I’ve accumulated recently that I justified under treating myself for finishing another semester of uni! What have you bought recently to treat yourself? Or do you have your eye on something? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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All the love,

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