ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows Review

As part of my Annual Treat Yo’ Self Haul I splurged and bought myself a few ColourPop Cosmetics products! When the magic words “Free International Shipping!” in the subject line of yet another ColourPop email caught my attention, I went in hard and hauled a bunch of their new pressed powder shadows! I’m finally reviewing the eight shades I bought, so give this post a “like” if you enjoy it or find it helpful and let’s get on with the review!



I bought my shades from the ColourPop website a couple of weeks ago for $5 USD each. Convert that to Australian dollars today and it $6.58 each. However, ColourPop have recently reduced the price of their shadows and they’re now even cheaper at $4 USD each ($5.26 AUD)! I’m not sure how long the reduced price is running for, but ColourPop is such an affordable brand and combine that with free international shipping when you spend over $50 (correct me if I’m wrong) and you’ll find you’re very quickly able to haul a bunch of stuff for a really great price!


There isn’t much to say about the packaging of the ColourPop Pressed Powder Singles are they are exactly that – single! They have a magnetic pan which mean they automatically stick to your Z Palette (or any magnetic palette). They’re the exact same size as Makeup Geek shadows, and I assume MAC and ABH single shadows too, so they’ll slip cohesively into any customisable palette you currently have. Side note: I know it’s just cardboard, but I absolutely love the white and silver packaging each of these shadows came in!

Clockwise from the top left corner: Liar Liar, Time Out, The News, Save It For Later, Pinky Promise, Sideline, Play By Play, Come and Get It


I bought eight shades, one being a matte shade and the other seven being metallic shimmers shades, with some even having a duo chrome shift. I’m providing my overall thoughts on the shadows here and below is a description of each shade with swatches of each one too.

Overall, these ColourPop shadows remind me a lot of Too Faced shadows! While I only own one matte ColourPop shade (The News), I’m obsessed with it! It’s incredibly pigmented, heaps of product ends up on your brush with one dab and since they’re so creamy and pigmented, they blend effortlessly on the eyes. If you’re not careful you could almost blend the colour away, however I really love this formula of eyeshadow as every single time you use these shades you will get a blended look. While it’s really easy to blend the shadows, it’s also easy to build up the colour. I wish I bought more matte shades as I absolutely love the one I now own!

In terms of the metallic shades, they’re great! They have little to no fallout which I think is incredible. But, when applied on the eyes using a brush, they tend to lose a bit of their pigmentation and look a bit more sheer. However, almost every eyeshadow I own looks better using your fingers than a brush.

I think they work absolutely amazing when layered with other shadows as it makes them pop more and really emphasises the duo chrome aspect. When compared to ColourPop’s famous Super Shock Shadows, those definitely beat these pressed powder shadows as the Super Shock formula is basically a super pigmented creme that you can only apply using your fingers! But in saying that, these shades are so unique with their duo chrome shift, so I wouldn’t pass on them!

Shade Descriptions + Swatches

Liar, Liar – a metallic pale pink. I freaking love this shade, against my fair skin it doesn’t pop, but on the eyes it’s incredible.

Time Out – a duo chrome peach with a pink flip. This shade is absolutely gorgeous and so unique! It the pan it looks similar to the next one, Come and Get It, but when swatched you can see it has a way more warmer, peachier base.

Come and Get It – a duo chrome rose with a gold flip. This shade is way more pink and has a gold flip as opposed to Time Out‘s pink flip, and it’s stunning! I bought a lot of pink shades, but I just find them so beautiful.

The News – a matte warm rose. One of my new favourite shades ever. I was torn between buying this shade and one called Flowerboy, and I made the decision to pick The News because I’m a journalism student and it was very satisfying to buy. I’m so happy I picked The News! It’s stunning. It’s the perfect transition shade that’s pink without being too pink. I feel like this shade is what the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is missing.

ColourPop Swatches.png

Play By Play – a duo chrome peach with a gold green flip. That’s how the ColourPop website describes this shade, but I don’t think it’s that peachy. It’s definitely a yellow gold with a subtle green flip and is such a unique shade! When buying these ColourPop single shadows I really didn’t want to just buy warm shades as I already own a bunch of those. This yellow is definitely the only one of its kind that I now own! Layering this with a green shade will definitely bring the green flip out more.

Save It For Later – a metallic amber. You know I had to add a coppery gold to my cart! I absolutely love this shade, it was one of the first I tried and I absolutely love it. It’s that perfect, everyday copper.

Pinky Promise – a metallic wine. This shade and the next were part of my ‘buy colours you don’t already own’ idea and I really love this shade! It’s so beautiful and has a gorgeous, metallic aspect to it as opposed to just being shimmery, so it looks really multidimensional on the eyes.

Sideline – duo chrome eggplant with a green flip. This shade looks green in it’s pan but when swatches it’s a stunning purple with a gorgeous green shift, which makes it one of my favourite shades from the entire bunch! It’s the most ‘out there’ shade I bought and I’m obsessed with it. I know they’re very different shades, but it’s very reminiscent of Makeup Geek foiled eye shdadow shade Insomnia, just way more green.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I love these shadows and I think if you’re thinking of getting some, definitely go for it! If you own Too Faced shadows you’ll know what I mean about them being very pigmented and easy to blend. I adore the matte formula, I think that’s amazing and now want more. The metallic shades are amazing but when used with a brush they look more sheer and need to be built up, just like a lot of other formulas from different brands. I think the metallic duo chrome aspect of ColourPop’s shadows is so unique and for the price I think they are well worth trying out!

So those are my thoughts on ColourPop’s Pressed Powder Shadows! Do you own any of these shades? Or are they on your wishlist? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Also, if you enjoyed with review or found it helpful, please give this post a “like” so I know!

All the love,

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25 thoughts

    1. Yes they’re so stunning! You’ll love them! I hope my review made sense, they’re pretty but can be sheer, so you just have to build them up. But they’re so amazing and the duo chrome shift is gorgeous and really unique! xx

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  1. I think Pinky Promise and Sidelines would be my fave out of those! And “free international shipping” has really sucked me into purchasing new things one time too many! 😀

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  2. I looove the shades you chose! I’ve been planning my own colourpop palette for ages, but when they released their Yes, Please palette I decided to go for it instead and hold off on picking my own shades. You’ve definitely stopped me from holding off any longer haha. Loved reading this, gorgeous photos as always xx

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    1. Yes definitely get on these single shadows they’re amazing! Ooh I bought mine before the Yes Please came out and I’m sort of glad because I have too many warm toned palette already, I didn’t need to be tempted into another! Aw thank you so much for reading and commenting! Xx


  3. I keep seeing posts about Colourpop but I never clicked on them because I didn’t really understand why everyone was crazy for them. I opened your post because the photos looked gorgeous and omg they do not disappoint do they?! They look amazing and are so well priced!! You have converted me that’s for sure! xxx

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    1. Aw I’m so glad I converted you hahaha, I think their shimmer shades of their original Super Shock Shadows are incredible, the mattes you can totally pass on. For the price these pressed singles are awesome! I’m not a huge fan of ColourPop’s lip products, but everyone is different and you might be a fan of their range! Thanks for reading lovely! xx

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