Beauty Profile On: Too Faced

Almost a year after the first instalment, I’m back with another Beauty Profile! In this series I focus in on one brand and discuss what I love about them, what they could improve, which are my ride or die products and what left me feeling a bit disappointed! I’ve been wanting to dedicate a post to one of my favourite brands of all time, Too Faced, for over a year now. But I kept postponing the post as every time I would plan to write it, Too Faced would reveal yet another amazing release on social media. I would fall in love and wait for it to finally be released and in my possession, only to have the cycle happen all over again! I can now safely say that I’m currently in a really good place with my Too Faced wish list at the moment. Nothing has peaked my interest, so I think now is the perfect time to write a Beauty Profile on the brand! So without anymore hesitation, let’s get into the post and if you enjoy it or find it helpful, please give it a “like” so I know!

Why I Love Too Faced

Without a doubt, Too Faced dominates my makeup collection. There is no other brand I own more products from than Too Faced, and here’s why!

Amazing packaging – They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but every beauty junkie has been swayed into buying a product because of how gorgeous the brand has made it look! Too Faced understand the struggle and capitalise on it big time, and I am constantly wooed by their packaging decisions. The brands main collections, and the majority of what I own from them, follows the aesthetic of shades of pink, gold and hearts, which is just a complete win in my books.

Mostly great products – Too Faced have brought out some of my favourite makeup items and I’m always willing to try their stuff because they don’t usually bring out duds. I talk about this way more further down, but if Too Faced are bringing out a new line of blushes or lipsticks, you know they’re going to pretty great.

Decently priced – While they’re by no means considered an ‘affordable’ brand, Too Faced’s price points aren’t totally out of the question. Their most expensive items are their large eyeshadow palettes, but at least you get about 16 – 18 different shades in each one, so I think everything is pretty fair.

Nice brand values – Too Faced have been very public about being cruelty free which I think is one of the reasons why they are so popular. They were recently bought by Estée Lauder Companies Inc. for over $1 billion dollars, which caused some controversy as the parent company isn’t cruelty free. But PETA explains here that Too Faced is still just as cruelty free as they were before. Phew!


What I Dislike About Too Faced

The hype around their products outweighs the performance – This is partly consumers fault and partly the brands fault, and sometimes it’s no ones fault at all! But what I notice a bit with Too Faced is that so much hype will surround a product, and in turn the product just can’t reach the standard everyone has assumed it will reach. I saw this a lot with their Sweet Peach palette. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it online and bought it the day it came out and have loved it ever since. However, the brand completely sold out worldwide of this palette. Instead of bringing it back in stock, it held off for the rest of the year, created a whole peach collection to go with the palette, hyped it up for months, and finally re-released it. People were confused as to why a decent palette was so hyped up, and in turn people were disappointed because it wasn’t as mind blowing as they thought it would be.

Sometimes more thought gets put into the packaging than the product – Because the packaging is so gorgeous, it’s disappointing when the inside product isn’t as amazing as it looks. I noticed this with their Love Light highlighters which look stunning, but on the skin are subtle. Normally this would be okay, but sometimes you’re left wondering if the high price point for Too Faced products is because of how elaborate the packaging is, not the actual quality of the product.

Brand has a tendency to look childish – People mocked the Chocolate Bon Bons palette for it’s baby pink packaging and heart shaped eyeshadow pans, but I can’t love this palette and its packaging enough. However, sometimes their packaging does look very young and can be a bit confusing as a consumer, especially when the prices aren’t something a very young person can easily afford.

Too Faced will really milk a concept if it’s popular – I know this is business 101, but if people like a concept Too Faced as done, they will go to town with that idea. This was seen first with their chocolate concept. The original Chocolate Bar palette gained a cult following, so then Too Faced released the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette as a follow up, then the Chocolate Bon Bons palette as a third in the trilogy. But they didn’t stop there. They had chocolate themed bronzers, and then brought out an entire liquified lipstick range that was chocolate themed. All of this didn’t bother me until they recently brought out their Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip palettes which are minuscule and genuinely look like child’s makeup. These palettes are smaller than an iPhone and have lots of glittery shades in them, which mean the pan sizes are miniature. I personally think those last two palettes were a bit ridiculous and unnecessary. They’ve done it again with the Peach collection, so hopefully there aren’t any tiny palettes coming out!

Beautiful yet repetitive holiday releases – For the last three years I have fallen in love with the holiday collections Too Faced bring out, and every year I notice that they are super similar. They’ve been like this for a long time now, and as soon as I bought the 2016 Merry Macarons palette, my desire for any more of their holiday products has been satisfied. From the shades they release to how the palettes look, it’s all very repetitive. This would be fine if you were only ever buying one holiday palette like I have, but if you’re a die hard Too Faced fan, you’re most likely a bit bored with the same products being recycled.


Ride or Die Too Faced Products

Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set – I asked for this set of Too Faced brushes for Christmas in 2015 and no kidding, I have used them every day since and they have not shed one hair. They’re ridiculously expensive but I can firmly say they’re amazing quality, plus they were my first makeup brushes and are really sentimental to me. I use the Blender brush and All Over Shadow brush every single day and they create the best eye looks every time I use them!

All their blushes – I own three of the Love Flush blushes and the Papa Don’t Peach blush and I adore all of them! They’re super pigmented but not over the top, incredibly easy to blend and just look amazing on the skin. Plus, they have so many amazing shades that you’re bound to find a new holy grail!

Matte Liquid Lipstick – Whilst I only own one of their matte liquid lipsticks (I have the shade Sell Out), I absolutely love it! Pigmented, very easy to apply, great staying power, not drying, comfortable to wear, easy to take off, this liquid lipstick just ticks every box! I’m not a huge fan of the Melted Liquified Lipstick formula, the ones that don’t dry down matte, but that’s because I generally don’t like that kind of lipstick no matter what brand it’s from.

All their eyeshadows – I find myself wearing Too Faced shadows every single day. They aren’t the most pigmented shadows in the world, which means it’s incredibly easy to get a super blended eye look every single time. The brand has a bunch of palettes, and while you can’t get your hands on the Merry Macarons set anymore, here are my thoughts on the others. The Natural Eyes palette is fantastic for beginners and has everything you need in an naturals palettes! The Chocolate Bon Bons palette is wonderful but you might not get heaps of use out of the pops of colour. Again, this is a neutral to cool palette that includes some of my all time favourite shades and is super easy to work with. My favourite palette out of them all though is the Sweet Peach palette. Leaning more on the warmer side, this palette can take you from day to night, has a beautiful variety of shades in it, and is peach scented!


Products I Was Less Than Impressed With

Born This Way Concealer – I so wanted to love this concealer but it just does not work on me! It’s incredibly creamy and hydrating but that also means it creases like crazy. The coverage isn’t super high, and the lightest shade is the same as my skin colour so it doesn’t give me a proper under eye highlight.

Snow Bunny Bronzer – I have a mini version of this bronzer and it just doesn’t really do much for me! It has a bunch of shades in one that you’re meant to swirl together, but it just ends up looking pretty shimmery on my skin, not bronzy. I’m super glad I bought this as a mini and not full sized!

In general, their highlighters – The old highlighters from Too Faced, their Candlelit ones, aren’t super impressive. Released before the big ‘blinding highlight’ trend, the Rosy Glow Candlelit highlighter can be build up, but is initially quite subtle. You would think Too Faced would hop on the almost metallic highlighting bandwagon and bring out some show stopping highlighters, but their new Love Light ones fell short. Ray of Light is really beautiful on the skin and great for everyday, but it’s subtle. Again, these highlighters were super hyped up, which resulted in a lot of people being disappointed as they just expected more.

So that’s everything for my Beauty Profile on Too Faced Cosmetics! What are your thoughts on the brand? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts and chat!

Also don’t forget to give this post a ‘like‘ if you enjoyed it or found it helpful!

All the love,

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  1. I loved reading this! I’ve recently invested in my first too-faced item and really like it – but I agree there is a lot of hype! Going to stay clear of their highlighters after reading this! Thank you xx

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  2. I only have one of their Flush Blushes, but I am inlove with it! I do agree that some of their products look child like though… Despite loving the Flush Blush packaging, I would much rather more expensive looking makeup… Especially for the price! x

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  4. Too Faced is very hit or miss with me so I never buy a product from them unless I have seen a few unbiased reviews. That being said, I actually really like the heart shaped highlighters. I have the shade “Blinded By The Light” which is a pretty silvery-champagne color. I use a dense brush to apply the product and I love the result. It’s like a step up from subtle and a step down from wham bam in your face. I like it a lot, but I understand why some people aren’t in love with the formula.

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