Anti-Haul | Makeup I Won’t Buy 2#

In the beauty community it seems like every day a new product is either being announced on social media, released to the public or flooding my YouTube subscription box with reviews! Over the past few weeks I’ve had my eye on a couple of products but have decided I’m not going to purchase them, and here’s why! If you enjoy this post or find it helpful, please give it a “like” so I know and let’s get into another anti-haul!

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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette

I love Jaclyn Hill, but the price of this Morphe eyeshadow palette is ridiculous. In America it’s $38, but when you convert that to Australian dollars it’s (at the moment) $48.13. However, Morphe has incredibly high shipping rates, probably the highest I’ve seen from any beauty brand, and their shipping is $27.31. But wait, there’s more! Convert that to Australian dollars and it would be $34.59 to ship a palette that costs $48.13. Add those two figures together and this palette comes to $82.72. Goodbye. All in all though, even if it was super affordable, I personally find huge palettes like this a little overwhelming and bulky for everyday use, so I’m giving this a miss!

Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Eyeshadow Palette

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20 mins … #BirthdayCollection

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I need to stress that I dislike only some of the products in this collection, as I have an order of the ones I like currently in transit to my doorstep! When I saw the sneak peek of this collection and saw all the baby pink and silver stars, I fell hard and fast and eagerly awaited the reveal. However, I really don’t like this eyeshadow palette, mainly because of the packaging! It’s all pink and glittery on the outside which I’m not too phased by, but the silver stars on the inside are so distracting and the wonky, drippy mirror on the other side just looks too young and childish. I, of course, don’t know Kylie Jenner personally, but seeing the chic and minimalistic style she has, I can’t see her digging this either? I think they should have kept with the overall packaging of the collection and had the inside packaging just be baby pink with some silver stars. I also already own the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette and don’t reach for it very often as some of the shades are hit and miss, so I don’t feel the need to add another one of those to my collection.

KKW Beauty Crème Contour and Highlighting Kits

I know the hype for these contour kits has died down, but I thought I’d mention them anyway! I’m excited that Kim has her own makeup line now, but I think the creme contouring craze has well and truly passed for the time being as natural, glowy skin is all the rage. Plus, her sticks have barely any product in them! I do love the super minimalistic packaging of the products, and I think she nailed the colour selections for all four of her kits. She’s planning on bringing out powder contour palettes and I think, and hope, they’ll be better! I also love how she’s been doing heaps of videos with beauty gurus though too.

Benefit Beauty Stowaways Set

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🚨Available now! LINK ▶️ BIO #MakeupNews 💗😍 it's official !! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 NEW Collaboration and it's not With just one of our favorite Youtubers but with 5!!! And! With 5 of our favorite products by @benefitcosmetics Online FRIDAY @sephora Exclusive! In store August 17th @iluvsarahii – The #POREfessional #Primer @jeffreestar – #RollerLash #Mascara @mannymua733 – #Hoola #Bronzer @larlarlee – #PreciselyMyBrowPencil shade #3 @nicoleguerriero – #GimmeBrow Brow Gel SET – includes all 5 mini items $32 @sephora Exclusive #ComingSoon *will keep u updated What a fun idea to include the faces of who we love on the products we use everyday! 💗 What will u be picking? 💋XO #Trendmood #benefitcosmetics THANK U to our CALIENTE 🔥 makeup community for all the updates 🙌🏼😘 . . #makeup #beauty #newcollection #maquillaje #ilovemakeup #beauty #bbloggers #motd #makeupoftheday #makeupaddict #sephora #mannymua #larlarlee #jeffreestar #iluvsarahii #nicoleguerriero

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This ‘collaboration’ (and I use the term lightly) is what inspired and motivated me to do another one of these anti-haul posts. This is so… odd to me? A lot of brands like Benefit sell miniature versions of their regular sized products, and Benefit has put all the popular ones together and made a little set. It’s a cute idea, but they’ve ‘partnered’ with five beauty gurus to sell these regular products. The concept just doesn’t sit well with me as it looks like they’re just relying on the guru’s faces to sell their normal, regular products. At least in other collaborations, the guru and the brand will bring out a new product together? Putting their faces on each of the products outer packaging just reminds me of what companies would do with High School Musical and One Direction to sell anything. Comments on this photo include “lmao I don’t want problematic YouTubers in my vanity” and “I’d rather put a live bee in my mouth than buy this set”, so that’s that!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette

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SUBCULTURE – July 25th #abhsubculture

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I have been so torn on whether or not to include this palette in this post as I’m so conflicted on whether or not I actually want it! When the shade selection was first revealed I wasn’t too fussed on it as they aren’t shades I can wear every single day. I do think the shades look beautiful and very artsy, and I’ve seen people create looks with this palette that makes me want to throw my money at ABH and get it myself!

However, there has been a ‘controversy’ as many beauty gurus and people in the makeup community have claimed it has way too much fallout. ABH said some of them may be faulty and the fallout issue is due to the pigments not being pressed properly. I’ve also seen that the formula of this palette is different to the much loved formula of their ridiculously popular Modern Renaissance palette. Why they would change the formula of such a cult favourite is unknown. However, the other side to the argument is that the ABH Modern Renaissance palette has fallout too because they’re just so creamy and pigmented, and some big beauty gurus like Jeffree and Manny were putting way too much product on their brushes in their review videos. When the eyeshadow is so pigmented, you don’t need to repetitively rub your brush in the pan and ‘completely coat’ the whole thing.

I thought Jeffree’s review on the palette was really interesting though as the shades did look different on his skin compared to how they look in the palette, they blended oddly and even he couldn’t make it work.

However, I think it’s important to note that this new ABH palette looks very, very similar to Jeffree’s Androgyny eyeshadow palette, as you can see below. Knowing this, I can see why Jeffree (and his best friends) wouldn’t be giving this Subculture palette a glowing review and giving his followers the idea to buy the ABH palette over his.

All in all though, I think at the end of the day I’ll give this palette a miss because the shades are really dark compared to what I naturally gravitate towards, it’s pricey for something I won’t always use and due to the unusual shades and fallout, I don’t see it as an ‘effortless’ palette. I think you’d have to be more skilled than me and have time to really work with the shades.

So that’s it for this second instalment in my anti-haul series! I really love doing these types of posts as it’s a refreshing change from just talking about products I already own. What are some new releases you have decided you won’t be buying? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts and be made aware of what’s left you feeling disappointed!

All the love,

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27 thoughts

  1. Couldn’t agree more on the Jaclyn palette! And the Jeffrey palette is so close! His eyeshadows and products in general are always so nice. However, with the ABH Subculture seems like it was a production error that caused all the bad reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it seems like an error, which is so unfortunate considering they had such a great reputation with the MR palette!

      I wish Jeffree wasn’t so problematic because his products look amazing! Thanks for reading lovely! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree about what you said on Morphe’s shipping. I had to pay 27$ for the shipping and then 50$ to FedEx when I got it 😛 this is so ridiculous!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The shadows are amazing honestly, i got a lot of brushes and i got two velour liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star but like the shipping price is ridiculous so i am not sure i’ll be buying from them again

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  3. The Morphe x JH Palette is more expensive to ship to Canada and we are a little closer to the US than Australia.. I bought the subculture palette, I’ll have my thoughts up on my own blog soon but my review won’t come as a surprise :/ Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I heard that shipping to Canada was super expensive which is so upsetting (and confusing)! Can’t wait for your review! I hope you’re able to get your money’s worth out of the palette, it has some beautiful shades! Aw thank you so much lovely and thank you for reading! Xx

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  4. Glad you wrote this blog post. I feel like its a good idea to write anti-haul posts. It helps so much when it comes time to decide if you want to purchase goods, especially when the said goods are so expensive.
    Lena x

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