Another Kylie Cosmetics Haul

I’m aware that not even a month ago I was titling a previous blog post with the words ‘Kylie Cosmetics Haul’ and fawning over her pink, sparkly packaging. Well, Jenner’s entire online store had a 20% off summer sale, so I jumped on board and ordered myself a bunch of lipsticks and glosses and finally gave into the products I have been umming and ahhing over for months! Keep reading to find out which products I was dying to get my hands on, why I wanted them, and what my initial first thoughts on them are! If you enjoy this post or find it helpful, don’t forget to give this post a “like” so I know, and let’s jump into the haul!


When I ordered a bunch of things from Kylie’s Twentieth Birthday Collection, my grand total worried me a bit, so in a bid to get it down I chucked the nude, peachy gloss ‘Cupcake’ out of my cart. Big mistake. I really regretted not getting it, so when I saw the discount, this gloss was at the top of my list! Like I said in my birthday haul post, I adore the frosted, baby pink packaging. Plus, while I haven’t worn this gloss yet, I’ve worn another one I mention below and the formula of these glosses is so smooth and so pigmented! Also, when Kylie first brought out her glosses, the brush applicators were all squashed and ruined, but all three of mine that I ordered are in perfect condition.


Next on my list was to pick up a more nude gloss and I decided to go for ‘So Cute’ as it’s the lightest out of Kylie’s main three, original glosses. I didn’t want to risk getting a shade that would be too dark on me, but I’ve worn this shade once and it’s very light on me! However, as it’s so glossy and pigmented, I think it would look incredible with any bold or smokey eye makeup look! Again, this formula is so smooth, pigmented and makes your lips look amazing.

Another lip gloss that I’ve been dying to try since I saw it online was the ‘Damn Gina’ gloss from the KoKo Kollection, which it a soft, shimmering pink shade. Before this haul I owned a grand total of one lip gloss, and it’s an Hourglass one I bought in 2015, so my collection was lacking. I love the idea of wearing a lip gloss during Spring and Summer, and I can just tell I’m going to be reaching for Damn Gina heaps in the coming months! Also, the packaging of this product is so gorgeous!


Finally, I tried out some of the mini Velvet Liquid Lipsticks from the Birthday Haul I bought recently and loved the formula. But since they’re minis and I don’t want to run out of my favourite, everyday shades too soon, I decided to pick up a couple full sized Velvets during the sale. I bought Dazzle, a warm terracotta shade and Charm, a dusty pink rose.

While I haven’t worn Dazzle yet, I’ve worn Charm to uni and absolutely love it! The Velvet formula goes on liquid like and dries down but doesn’t dry down matte, it’s more of a mousse like finish. It does transfer onto glasses or coffee cups and with darker colours you might want to reapply throughout the day, but unlike her matte liquid lipsticks, they aren’t drying in the slightest! They are so comfortable to wear and super pigmented, so they’re definitely worth looking into if you’re not a fan of super dry liquid lipsticks.

So that’s everything I bought during the Kylie Cosmetics 20% summer sale! Did you pick up anything during the sale? Or are there some products from her that you’re interested in trying? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    1. I love it when you finally buy products you’ve been considering for ages! Even though I’m not going into the Autumn season here in Australia, I’m still going to wear all the Autumn themed makeup! Thanks for reading lovely!

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