September Favourites

September is done and dusted and frankly I’m quite happy to wave it goodbye! The first half of my month was filled with dread and anxiety in the lead up to completing two weeks of prac for university, and the second half was surviving it (which I actually enjoyed! So much unnecessary stress!) Between all of that however, I was able to become obsessed with some new additions to my wardrobe, discover some new beauty favourites, finally buy some accessories I have been debating over for months and reached another blogging goal of mine! If you enjoy this post, give it a “like” so I know and let’s get into the September Favourites!

Beauty & Fashion

Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lip Kit in ‘Charm’ – In the past few weeks I’ve not one but two Kylie Cosmetics hauls (apologies if you’re not a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan that’s ~apparently~ only set to grow) and hands down my favourite product from those hauls (at the moment) is the Velvet Lip Kit in the shade ‘Charm’. This shade is the perfect pinky nude, every day, my lips but better shade that I feel comfortable enough to wear to uni, because if a lipstick is any darker I just feel too over dressed. The formula is also incredible, it dries down half way so it’s not going to wipe off easily like a gloss but it also doesn’t dry down matte and suck all the moisture from your lips. Plus I love the packaging and the vanilla scent!


Sportsgirl ‘Frill Hem Crop Tee’ – I haven’t featured clothing in a monthly favourites in months and if you told me I would have become obsessed with a basic yellow top I wouldn’t have believed you – but this top! I friggen love it. It’s super soft, the frill hem on the bottom and the sleeves is so cute and 90s, and the colour is such a nice yellow as it’s more mustard than ‘bright yellow’. It’s also super versatile, I wore it with tight black high-waisted skinny jeans and a leather jacket and the necklaces I mention below to work drinks in September and really loved how it looked. This shade also looks amazing with light blue denim too, so you can dress it up or down. I also now really want a black slip dress sort of thing to throw over this. I’m always finding great pieces at Sportsgirl so I recommend checking them out! You can find this top online here.

ColourPop Single Shadows – I’ve been loving using a certain three ColourPop Single Shadows to create a look during September. Recently I’ve been running the pink matte shade The News in my crease, the shimmery golden brown shade Come and Get It all over my lid and the super light pink shade Liar Liar to highlight my inner corner. ColourPop shadows are incredible, they’re super pigmented, the shimmer shades are almost metallic, they blend out so easily and they all work together really well, so you can get really creative. Plus they’re super affordable and shipping to Australia is free once you spend $50 or more, which is easy!


Gold necklaces – Take one look at my Pinterest Jewellery board and you’ll see I’ve had my eye on layered gold necklaces for a while! I always come across a brand selling some gorgeous ones but exit the tab when I see the high price point. But when I saw Verge Girl stocking a bunch of them, I jumped at the chance! I ordered the ‘The Makers Necklace‘ and the ‘Parisienne Cool Necklace‘ and I love them. I picked these two because they were the same shade of ‘gold’, as others they were stocking were either more silvery or a very, very yellowy gold. I’ve found myself to wear The Makers one (the oval shape one) more on a daily basis, but when I want the layered look or to dress up more I add the more square shaped one.

No foundation – Bit of a random favourite to throw in, but my favourite foundation of the month has been… no foundation! I’ve been feeling so comfortable and confident in my skin (thanks Roaccutane) that sometimes I haven’t felt the need to wear a layer of full coverage foundation like I normally do. I still give my under eye circles some TLC by dotting my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer under my eyes and blending it out with my ring finger lightly instead of a beauty blender (as the sponge is too big to precisely blend it out in those areas). I dust my Revlon Pressed Powder all over and since it has pigmented to it instead of being a translucent powder, it evens my skin tone out in seconds.


Gaga: Five Foot Two – I didn’t have any expectations before watching the new Netflix Lady Gaga documentary, but I did not expect it to be as good as it was! I know it’s cliché to say this but it was so honest, raw and interesting and such a good behind the scenes documentary. It follows Gaga from creating her album Joanne to right before she performs at the Super Bowl. There are so many parts were I teared up and so many of the songs, like the piano version of Bad Romance, that were incredible. So if you have Netflix I highly recommend checking it out!

Joanne by Lady Gaga – Without spoiling it, there is this amazing scene in the doco where she plays Joanne and I actually hadn’t listened to it before, but I have been playing it non-stop all week since that scene! It’s so good so I just thought I’d mention it here.


Completing my prac – I’m so relieved my prac is finished! I was so nervous in the lead up to it, and it was a lot of hard work, but I got through it and I’m really proud of myself! Since I study journalism, I did one week of radio journalism prac (which involved me coming in with different story ideas and ideas for who to interview each morning, then pitching those ideas, calling people and asking to interview them, interviewing them then and there, writing and editing my script, recording my voice, then editing it together all before 1pm!) and one week of TV journalism prac (which involved coming in with ideas but also being able to go to media events and press conferences with camera men, interviewing people, writing and editing the stories and then being able to sit with the editors and watch it come together!) and I really enjoyed it!


Hitting 2,000 followersYou guys! In September this blog surpassed 2,000 followers! I’m so freaking happy and proud of myself and this blog and how far it has come, and the fact that it has smashed every expectation I’ve had for it. Thank you all for following, reading and supporting my blog, it means so much to me! I’m wondering what sort of blog post I can do to celebrate the milestone, so if you have any ideas, leave them in a comment below!

So those were my September Favourites! What did you love throughout September? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear about your favourites!

Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love,

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  1. Congratulations on reaching 2000 followers – that is such an amazing achievement! And I also haven’t worn foundation in quite some time and my skin is definitely thanking me for it. Concealer is always great for the odd blemish! x

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  2. I’m totally with you on the no foundation front! Since cutting lactose from my diet my skin has improved by leaps and bounds, so I find myself just using concealer on an everyday basis too! It’s lovely to sit down and catch up on all your recent posts xx

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