October Favourites

Finally I can start a monthly favourites post without writing the cliché phrase ‘where is the time going?‘ because October, as wonderful as it was, felt like it was never ending! When I look back at the things I did at the start of October, it genuinely feels like I did them three months ago, not just a couple of weeks ago. I think that’s because October was such a transitional month for me and, instead of using my new free time to lounge around like I thought I would be doing, I ended up utilising my time well and made a lot of progress on life projects. In 31 days I handed in gigantic final assignments, finished another year of university, attended the first journalism university ball, successfully produced a month of Halloween themed blog posts and, to top it off, planned an overseas holiday. And, of course, discovered some beauty and fashion favourites along the way. So much to discuss! If you enjoy this, don’t forget to give it a “like” so I know, and let’s get into the October Favourites!


Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kit in ‘Dazzle’ – My love for Kylie’s lip products have seeped into another month, as recently I’ve been loving the Velvet Lip Kit in the shade ‘Dazzle’! In my September Favourites I featured her light pinky nude shade ‘Charm’, but since the weather is getting hotter, I’ve been wearing more warm tones. Dazzle is described as a ‘warm terracotta’ shade but I personally think it packs a more ‘red’ punch than warm orange, which I love. I already own a bunch of warm terracotta shades, but Dazzle is the perfect everyday red shade I can wear because it’s muted and not over the top. I always feel ridiculous and over the top when I wear red lipstick, like a child dressing up in my mum’s clothes or makeup, I just don’t think it suits me, but this shade is really unique. Plus, the formula is so comfortable; Kylie’s Velvets are a liquid lipstick that dries down half way, so they stay in place but are not dehydrating and gross on your lips, like other liquid lipsticks. Also, I don’t know what it is about this formula, but it makes your lips look so evenly plush and pouty without looking exaggerated. Kylie’s also finally added more shades to this Velvet collection, which makes me happy!


Applying eyeshadow with my fingers – Okay I’ve never added a ‘beauty technique’ to my favourites, and this is 100% not a new technique in the slightest, but I wanted to mention this! Recently my “all over shadow” brushes (the ones I use for applying shimmer shades to my eyelids) have all been dirty, so on mornings when I’m in a rush I’ve just been applying shimmer shades with my finger tips, and my god does it make a difference. Not only does it apply heaps of shimmer and pigmentation way better than brushes, it takes two seconds and cuts down the amount of times I have to wash my brushes. This is not a new revelation, people have been doing this for years. But for someone who only used to use their fingers for applying creamy ColourPop Super Shock Shadows, realising there was nothing stopping me from doing that with my normal pressed eyeshadows was fun to discover! So I thought I’d mention it.


Lovisa jewellery – I attended the first QUT Journalism uni ball this month (more on that later) and bought a bunch of new jewellery for the occasion! I couldn’t find links for the bracelet or earrings online, but here’s the necklace. I’ve always wanted one of these diamante chokers, but now I have one! They’re very extra for most events, but I’m sure I’ll be able to whip it out again one day! Also, they look their best under lights, so I’ve included a photo of them with the flash so you can see them in all their glittering glory!


Sparkle, sparkle


A very Halloweenie month of blogging – I started writing down ideas for Halloween posts in August because I’m That Kind of Blogger (and I was procrastinating my uni work). I’m so thrilled with how all of my posts turned out and that I was able to do them all! In October I discussed my Halloween Makeup Picks, splurged and bought A Little Halloween Lush Haul, penned An October Reading List, whipped up a batch of Halloween Cupcakes, obsessed over my Favourite Beauty Guru Halloween Looks, and snuggled up and published a Halloween Night In Watch List where I recommended my favourite spooky movies and TV shows! I will say this though, I have all my blogging content for November already planned out, and I’m excited to get back into the beauty blogging world!


Finished my second year of university – I cannot believe my second year is over! I’m very lucky because I didn’t have any exams, however that means I had an onslaught of assignments, thousand word feature articles, in class tutorial exams plus two weeks of radio and TV journalism prac to survive. University goes so fast, so it’s crazy to think that I only have one year left, and that this time next year I’ll be finished forever. *shrieks*


Attended the first QUT Journalism Ball – My degree finally got its own uni ball! I had a really fun night and loved my outfit (not surprisingly, I opted for a simple, strapless black dress) and I’m really happy the Journalism and Media Society was able to organise the event for us, and that it didn’t finally happen in the future once I had graduated! Here’s my face from the night.


Planned an overseas trip – This all happened very quickly. One morning a few weeks ago I opened my inbox and saw an email about Overseas University Study Tours. Bleary eyed and bored, I scrolled through all the options, not expecting anything related to my degree to pop up. There was a trip to a couple places in Europe specialising in Ancient History – nice but irrelevant. There was a three month stint in America focused on film – nice but not related (and very long and expensive). Then! I saw the option ‘Media and Communication In The Fashion Industry’ and my attention was caught. Then! I saw it was in Florence, Italy and took place in January 2018 for three weeks, perfectly situated in the middle of university holidays. I told one of my best friends Natalie, who is also studying journalism, about it in our lecture an hour after reading the email, and we jumped at the oppourtunity.

Ever since then we’ve been organising the trip! There have been a ridiculous amount of jobs to complete, from getting passports to filling out a million forms, to writing applications and countless emails, to getting the trip counted for credit and more. But we’ve recently just sorted out our flights and, while we were at it, extended our trip to Paris and London, so it’s finally all feeling very real, and very exciting! I’ll keep you all updated, and if you follow me on Instagram (which I highly recommend, help a gal out) you’ll see all the travel snaps. Also, I’ve already started penning ideas for what type of blog content I could create while I’m over there, so prepare to watch this space level up once January rolls around!

I think that pretty much covers it! October was super busy but I feel like November will be as well! What are some of your favourites from the past month? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Fellow finger-applier of eyeshadow here!! You always make me want Kylie things, I think if she has another Black Friday sale this year I’ll have to jump on it! I’m so excited to see all of your Florence/Europe content and hear all about your adventures!! xx

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    1. I really love Kylie things! I freaking love her Velvets and Glosses, so I recommend those over any mattes! OMG the amount of content I’ll be able to do is overwhelming, I can’t wait until all the logistics are sorted so I can sit down and figure out exactly what I want to do! Xx

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