Juvia’s Place Magic Palette Review

Throughout this year I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect colourful eyeshadow palette! After always double tapping some incredible works of art on Instagram, and pinning all my favourites to my ‘Looks’ Pinterest board for inspiration later, I thought it was time to finally buy something where I could make my own unconventional creations! To me a ‘perfect colourful palette’ is one that’s packed with shades I don’t already own (which is easy, considering I have a bunch of burgundy palettes), has incredible pigmentation and is fairly affordable, because I know I won’t use it every single day like a neutrals palette. For ages I contemplated buying some Sugarpill eyeshadows as their pan sizes are huge, they have the stamp of approval from my favourite drag queens and you can customise your own palette. However, they seem to specialise in matte shades and filling up my own 12 pan palette would have cost over $100! So when Beauty Bay announced they were finally stocking Juvia’s Place, an eyeshadow brand that YouTube beauty guru NikkieTutorials swears by, I jumped at the chance! I bought both the Magic palette and the Zulu palette and was going to review them both today, but I feared I would drown in swatches. I ran a poll on my Instagram and the Magic palette won! If you enjoy this review or find it helpful in any way, give this post a “like” so I know, and let’s get into the review!



I bought the Magic palette here from Beauty Bay for $52, and I automatically qualified for free shipping as Beauty Bay’s international free shipping threshold is some super low, unmatched amount of $27, which basically anyone can hit. It arrived to Australia from the UK in roughly two weeks, and not only was there heaps of bubble wrap in the box, but there was also bubble wrap around the palette but inside its cardboard packaging! So even Juvia’s Place takes that extra step to make sure your palette arrives safely.

I think this palette is ridiculously good value for money. Spoiler alert, but I’m blown away by the quality (more on that below) so to be able to buy a 16 shade eyeshadow palette, with pans that are double the size of standard MAC, Makeup Geek or ColourPop ones, is incredible. When you compare this stunning, 16 shade palette, that boasts 57.5 grams of product, to the 9 shade Too Faced Natural Eyes palette, that has 11.4 grams of product and costs the same price of $52 at Mecca Maxima here in Australia, the difference is wild.



I love the Juvia’s Place packaging! All their palettes are sleek, pastel coloured cardboard ones with gorgeous illustrations on the cover. Juvia’s Place is owned by Nigerian born Chichi Eburu who created the African inspired range with darker skin tones in mind. A few of the palettes feature illustrations of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, but with the Magic palette, I think it has artistic interpretations of the Moon and Sun goddesses. On the back of the packaging it reads,

“The Magic palette was inspired by the Moon and the Sun goddesses of the wilds. A beautiful fusion of cool and warm tones. Vibrantly infused with 16 ultra pressed pigments, perfect for day to night time looks.”

I thought I would include a quick size comparison so you can get an idea of how big this palette is. I’ve lined all these palettes up in the top left hand corner, and as you can see, the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is the same width of the palette across the top. The Violet Voss Holy Grail palette is much shorter in length and a bit shorter in the width, and finally the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette, which is quite a common size for square palettes, is a lot smaller.



Before I get into the nitty gritty of each shade below, I thought I’d give a quick overall review of the eyeshadows! Every single time I’ve used this palette I have not experienced any fall out. None at all! Whenever I use ‘sparkly’ shades from Too Faced or darker shimmers from other brands, they tend to crumble a bit and fall on your cheek when you’re apply them, but I thankfully have not experienced that with Juvia’s! The shimmers in this palette are incredible. They’re so creamy, hyper pigmented and just glide on your eyes. I’ve used these colours dry, but Juvia’s says you can wet your brush with setting spray for even more pigment, and I literally cannot comprehend how they can look any more beautiful. The matte shades are initially less pigmented, and at first that surprised me, but once I started using them, I was blown away with their performance. With matte shades, if they’re too pigmented to begin with, they can be really hard to use to create that ‘seamless gradient’ effect you want when you’re blending. With these Juvia’s Place matte shades, it’s so easy to build the colour up to the intensity you desire. Some of these shades really come to life when you swatch them, especially the dark matte shades, so below I’ve got a break down of each shade!

First Row


Nubia  Metallic yellow gold. This shade is freaking stunning. I feel like I’ll be saying that for every shade though.

Zakiya – Matte orange toned red. This is the first matte in the palette and it’s wonderful for warming up the crease area.

Osun – Pale metallic pink. This is one of my favourite shades in the palette! It’s so gorgeous and frosty and stunning.

Kesi – Matte beige. I’m so glad there is a matte beige in this palette. I find these shades amazing for setting down on the eye lid before any other colour to ensure they all blend seamlessly and to further conceal any discolouration on my lids. Also, they’re great for tidying up edges when you’ve gone a bit overboard.

Second Row


Zuba – Metallic medium pink. This is like Osun’s older sister and, my god, it’s gorgeous. It’s darker and has a peachy gold reflect to it, which you can see more in the swatches below.

Nana – Matte orange toned brown. This matte brown is perfect for using in the crease when you’re creating a warm toned eyeshadow look! It’s the least red toned of all the warm matte shades.

Boronu – Metallic bronze gold. This shade is such a hidden gem! It looks gorgeous in the pan but when I swatched it the first time, I discovered it’s a lot more bronze and gold than brown and neutral.

Kogi – Matte red. This shade is a vivid matte red and it looks incredible when creating that really perfectly blended, warm toned eyeshadow look! Matte reds are hard to formulate but this one is stunning.

Swatches of the first two rows, which are the warm toned, more ‘Sun Goddess’ themed shades. 

Third Row


Faso – Duochrome lilac. Uh, did you mean, MY FAVOURITE SHADE IN THE PALETTE. This duochrome lilac is what dreams are made of. It’s so gorgeous and reminds me of space and the galaxy and all that jazz.

Aja – Metallic khaki green. This shade is probably the only let down in the entire palette. It’s pigmented but it’s very dark, so I feel like the khaki sort of gets lost. It also feels a tiny bit drier than all the other shimmer and metallic shades, but it’s still pretty and would be great for darkening up looks, especially paired with the greens in this palette.

Vai – Metallic dark grey. This shade is so unique! A lot of brands attempt to create metallic greys, but this darker version is stunning.

Yemoja – Light metallic grey. I am so freaking glad this palette as both a dark and a light grey, because you can create so many more looks with the both of them. Just like it’s darker version, this lighter grey is incredible.

Fourth Row


Ife – Deep matte purple. This is one of the shades that really comes alive when swatched, as it just looks so dark in the pan! This matte is actually a gorgeous purple that would look amazing paired with Faso. Again, it’s not a BAM pigmentation kind of matte, it’s more build-able which I personally prefer.

Yara – Metallic turquoise. This green is amazing. I own nothing else like it in my collection and it’s perfect in this palette.

Buzo – Metallic green. Can I just say how happy I am that there are two different types of greens in this palette? It just makes it so versatile! Buzo is my favourite green in this palette, it’s just so gorgeous and vibrant.

Yejide – Matte navy. This is the final shade and really is one that needs to be swatched to see its potential! It’s a gorgeous matte navy shade that is perfect for buffing into your crease to help all these ‘Moon’ themed cool tone shades transition.

Swatches of the final two rows which are more cool toned and ‘Moon’ themed.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I absolutely adore this palette! The shades are so unique and are like nothing else I own in my collection. I specifically bought this Magic palette, as a lot of the other Juvia’s Place palettes feature a lot of warm, burgundy tones which I already own. But what I love about this palette is the range of warm and cool tones it features. I think the size of the pans is amazing. I don’t feel like I have to be stingy when I use this palette because it gives you so much product. The formula of the shades is incredible as the shimmer shades are so pigmented, metallic and duo chrome. The mattes are less pigmented, but are actually easier to use because of that. Plus, they can easily be built up, so I don’t see their formulation as a ‘downside’ in the slightest. I think the choice of adventurous shades is wonderful, and for just $52, I’m so happy with this palette!

Who I’d recommend this to: Anyone wanting high quality colours in their eyeshadow palette collection. If you only liked a couple shades, skip it, as it’s quite big.

So there you have my thoughts on the Juvia’s Place Magic palette! What are your thoughts on the brand or this palette? Are there any colourful palettes from other brands you would recommend? Leave me a comment below, as I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it or found it helpful!

All the love,



38 thoughts

      1. I liked them! The lighting is good and I can see the shades clearly. I’m not a fan of my own swatches either, I always have trouble with trying to hold my arm beside the palette and also getting it in the light 😅

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I highly recommend it! I was debating getting the Masquerade palette but I think it had heaps of shades I had sort of similar dupes of in my collection? I think this Magic palette is perfect if you’re looking for more unconventional shades!


  1. Wow this palette looks incredible! I’ve heard raves about their formula, but I’m yet to try them out for myself. I’m not sure if the Magic palette is for me – I don’t think I’d get too much use out of all of the shades, but I will definitely keep my eye out for a shade range that’s more up my alley!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes they’re not the most ‘everyday’ type of palettes, but they’re so gorgeous! The Masquerade palette (it comes in both a large size and smaller size) is really popular with people as it’s mainly warm, bronzey shades with pops of colour! I bought the Zulu palette too and it’s even crazier hahaha, thanks for reading lovely!


    1. It’s so unique, right!? I want to post more makeup looks on Instagram, but they never ‘blend’ into my theme hahaha, but I could definitely play around with this palette for ages! Thanks for reading lovely!


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