Outfit Of The Day: Finding The Perfect Romper

After years of falling in love with rompers on coat hangers in stores, only for my dreams to be dashed when the torso isn’t long enough or the cut is ridiculously unflattering, I think it’s safe to say I’ve finally found the perfect one for me. People say you find ‘the one’ when you aren’t even looking for them, and while they’re talking in a romantic sense, I hate to admit that even when it comes to a ‘top with built in pants’ combo, they’re actually right. Keep reading to find out where I found the perfect romper, and if you enjoy this post, give it a “like” so I know!

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Summer is my least favourite season. Even after living in Australia all my life, I still cannot cope with the heat. I sweat like nobodies business and I just don’t enjoy wearing the strappy and short fashion choices that line the racks in stores. To top it off, I don’t like wearing denim shorts. This makes curating a summery wardrobe a little tricky!


A few weeks ago I was on the hunt for a black slip dress to wear over t shirts for the hotter seasons. I walked into Uniqlo and found exactly what I was looking for! I happily tried it on in the dressing room, only to find that its up and down cut did nothing for my hourglass shape but make me look bigger. Disappointed with the fact that yet another planned outfit fell through in real life (we’ve all been there), I tried on the romper I had picked up on my way to the fitting rooms and behold! I found the perfect thing.


This romper is from Uniqlo and it’s literally just called ‘WOMEN Romper’ and you can see it here, but it’s currently sold out. It comes in black, a mustard yellow and a dark navy. I love its design because it has a tie around the waist to give you shape, the length of the shorts are quiet long and actually flattering, and its apron neckline means tops look really nice layered underneath!


Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Verge Girl ‘The Makers Necklace‘ (currently out of stock) | Top: Sportsgirl ‘Frill Hem Crop Tee‘ | Romper: Uniqlo ‘WOMEN Romper‘  | Shoes: Nike | Bag: H&M

I wore this outfit yesterday because it was it wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold, I had to go out and vote in the state election in the morning but also planned to go shopping in the afternoon. I love this outfit because the shorts and runners are so comfortable and I can just focus on what I’m doing and not worry about my clothes.


So that was my outfit of the day! These outfit posts are very few and far between on my blog, but I really enjoy doing them so I should do more! What’s your favourite item of clothing at the moment? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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  1. Love the romper, it really suits you and I’m glad you found ‘the one’. I have a similar item in my wardrobe, it’s more like a playsuit and it’s so nice for the warmer weather. Like you, I hate heat and it’s nice to have a bit of coverage while still feeling comfortable 🙂

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