Juvia’s Place Zulu Palette Review

Since I bought two Juvia’s Place palettes at the same time and already reviewed the Magic palette a couple of weeks ago, it’s only right to follow it up with its sequel – my review of the Zulu palette! This little baby is a limited edition palette from the brand which is still available to buy, but for how long, I’m not too sure. Although the 9 shadow palette leans more to the small side when compared to its 16 shadow sisters, its vibrant, bold and unique shades pack just the same punch, if not more. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on the palette, know how much I bought it for, get break downs of each shade and their performance, plus see swatches! If you enjoy this review or find it helpful, please give this post a “like” so I know!



Like always, the Juvia’s Place palettes have amazing packaging with pastel colours and gorgeous, intricate illustrations of Egyptian goddesses on the front. The Zulu palette is a very, very subtle pink shade that’s actually almost holographic when it hits the light. It’s difficult to capture in a photo, but you can see a green tinge in the bottom right corner area! All Juvia’s Place palettes have sturdy cardboard packaging which is ultra thin, so they feel secure to travel with. On the back of the outer packaging reads:

Art is life. The ambiance of the Zulu eyeshadow palette takes on a new character. It exemplifies the rich arts of the Ndebele people of South Africa, embodied with colourful symmetry and precision. A limitless expression of self through eccentric hues, earth tones and exotic metallic shades.

I thought I’d add a quick size comparison so you can see how big the palette is! I’ve compared it with some popular palettes which have been around for a while. As you can see, it’s bigger than the size of the small Too Faced palettes, but it’s not as long as the Urban Decay Naked palette.



I bought my Zulu palette off Beauty Bay for the price of $29 which is so affordable! All the Juvia’s Place palettes are really accessibly priced, which is something I love about the brand. Their shades aren’t the most ‘everyday wear’ type of colours, so I’m glad I don’t have to splash out on something I’ll only wear on special occasions. When I reviewed the Magic palette, I compared its $53 price point to the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette of the same price, and the Magic palette thwarted it in every criteria, from the amount of product you get, to the pigmentation, performance, and shadow range. For the Zulu palette, I’m struggling to find a palette from Mecca Maxima that matches this price! The ‘cheapest’ palette I can find is their $38 Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip eyeshadow palette, which is about the size of an iPhone but somehow fits 11 shades, so imagine how tiny they would be! I’ve also included below a comparison of the size of the shadow pans. They’re huge, and much bigger than stand size eyeshadow pans. Below I’ve compared them with ColourPop single shadows, and one of these shadows is a Makeup Geek shadow too. So you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck! 



Before I do a breakdown of each shade, I thought I’d comment on the performance of the palette as a whole! Overall, this palette is amazing. When I use it, I don’t experience any fall out, and I have the same experience when I use the Magic palette. The pigmentation on the shimmer shades is incredible! They’re so rich in pigment, creamy, metallic, and some are even duo-chrome. The mattes in this palette aren’t are pigmented as I expected, but I actually like them more for that. They go on lightly but are therefore really easy to build up and blend. You’re therefore able to really easily get that beautiful gradient, which is definitely something you want when working with bright colours, as there are no black or browns to ‘hide behind’. These shades don’t have names, so I’ve broken them into three rows below.

First Row


Matte orange – This orange is one of the most vibrant mattes in the palette! It’s pigmented and blends super easily. I love running the yellow shade through my crease and then using this orange to deepen up a look.

Matte yellow – This yellow is stunning. It’s not as pigmented as you would expect when you first start blending it, but the overall effect is beautiful as it’s easy to build up to be the desire shade of yellow you want! Like I said above, I love using this as my main transition shade when creating a very warm look with this palette.

Matte brown – This warm matte brown was a bit disappointing because when I first used it, I was expecting it to be as dark as it looks in the pan. It does require a bit of work to get it to be the dark shade you want, but the effect is definitely still there.

Second Row


Matte teal – This colour is so stunning! It’s pigmented, creamy and blends easily. Plus, I don’t get any fall out with it! I haven’t created a proper look using the blues in this palette, but I need to ASAP.

Metallic green – Who knew I could love a green eyeshadow so much? I’m obsessed with this green. It is Vibrant with a capital V and it’s so metallic and shimmery and gorgeous.

Metallic blue – This blue is incredible! The three shimmer shades in this palette are out of this world beautiful and such amazing quality. I have nothing but positive things to say about them!

Third Row


Metallic pink – My favourite shade in the palette! This metallic pink is the definition of a shade that’s ‘peachy pink with a gold shift’. It’s so stunning and metallic and duo-chrome and just beautiful.

Matte hot pink – This shade is bold. It’s pigmented, blends like a dream and I experience zero fall out with it!

Matte purple – This shade is so pretty! Again, this matte purple is pigmented, easy to blend, and I don’t experience any fall out with it!


Overall, I adore this palette! It’s amazing quality, so creative and affordable, and I actually think the colours work so well together. When I look at it, I can already imagine a bunch of looks that can be created with it. It seems really cohesive and well thought out, like all the Juvia’s Place palettes.

Who would I recommend this to: Someone looking for bold, creative colours to have some fun with! I think every beauty junkie needs at least one colourful palette in their collection, and for their affordable price, stunning quality and wonderful shade variety, I cannot recommend Juvia’s Place enough!

So those are my thoughts on the Zulu palette! Do you own any of their palettes? Or are you looking into getting one? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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