November Favourites

We’ve entered the most festive month of the year, which means it’s time for my November Favourites! Before I start decorating our annual gingerbread house and plugging in all my fairy lights to celebrate Christmas, I need to run through all the things that made November such an incredible month. From falling in love with some new heart shaped fashion pieces (get it), to having both a digital and real life spring clean, to seeing one of my favourite drag queens live, November shaped up to be one of my favourite months of the year! If you enjoy this post please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s get into the favourites! 


MAC Lipstick in ‘Del Rio’ – I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite drag queens Bianca Del Rio live on stage in November (more on that later) and so when I was doing my makeup before hand, I couldn’t not wear MAC’s Del Rio lipstick. In fear of this looking too dark on me, I ran my pinky finger over the lipstick before dabbing it onto my lips and I loved how natural and rosy it looked! While it looks dark in the bullet, when worn this shade is so gorgeous as it’s not too red, purple or brown. It’s my current ‘go-to’ lip product and I know it’ll get a work out this festive season as I’m not one to wear a bold, bright red lip!


Juvia’s Place Magic and Zulu Eyeshadow Palettes – It will come as a surprise to exactly no one that these two palettes are here! I played with these throughout November and published full reviews complete with swatches and individual shade break downs on both palettes, which I’ve linked just above. I’ll keep this short as I’ve said this before, but these palettes and their pigmentation are incredible. The shades are so stunning and unique and exactly what I was looking for, as I’ve been hunting down the best colourful palettes to add to my makeup collection. The best part is they’re so affordable, with the big Magic palette only costing me $50 and the smaller Zulu one around $27. When most palettes at Mecca Maxima float around the $70 mark, these Juvia’s Place ones are such a steal! I cannot recommend them enough if you’re looking for more fun eyeshadows.


Verge Girl Heart Shaped Belt – I am obsessed with this belt! I first saw a similar style on Pinterest and pinned it instantly, never thinking I would actually find it somewhere. Then the very next day I see Verge Girl post it on Instagram! I quickly bought it as I’ve been looking for a different belt for ages, as I’ve worn my Western style one to death. It’s great quality and is the cutest addition to any outfit. I tend to wear plain clothes, so I love subtle details like this.

UNIQLO ‘WOMENS Romper’ – I finally found the perfect romper and was so happy about it that I dedicated a rare Outfit Of The Day post to it! You can read more about this playsuit in OOTD: Finding the Perfect Romper, but to summarise – it’s so flattering, works super well when layering shirts underneath, has pockets, and is so comfy and light to wear, so it’s great for the hotter months. I’m also wearing Juvia’s Place eyeshadows in this picture – this monthly favourites is so cohesive!


Buckle up as this section is so long I’ve broken it up into subheadings.


Stranger Things Season 2 poster CR: NetflixStranger Things Season 2 – Since it’s release a few days before Halloween, I savoured every episode of the second season of Stranger Things and watched it well into the first week of November. It, not surprisingly, was sensational. The entire show is such a masterpiece and I love everything about it, from the multidimensional characters and the different relationships, to the insanely talented actors, the thrilling plot, and even the perfect 80’s details and the incredible soundtrack (but more on that later). I could honestly talk for hours about how much I love Stranger Things, so I can’t recommend it enough if you’re thinking of watching it!


tt&ksThe Trixie & Katya Show – In November two of my favourite drag queens, Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, got their ultra popular YouTube web series turned into a full blown TV show on Viceland, and I couldn’t be more happier or proud. While I’ll miss the days of watching their freeform, tangent filled instalments of their web series UNHhhh on YouTube, their wit, humour, style and dynamic have translated effortlessly onto the silver screen. Plus, their versatile green screen and wildly creative and dedicated editors, Chris and Ron, are also editing the TT&KS, so it’s amazing.



st soundtrackStranger Things Season 2 Soundtrack – Jumping back to Stranger Things for a hot minute because I like to go through my monthly favourites in order of discovering them, after mourning the passing of yet another season of Stranger Things and having to fill the year long void in my heart somehow, I stumbled upon their soundtrack! I’ve always loved ‘old’ music and love the song choices in Stranger Things, so now Whip It by Devo and Girls on Film by Duran Duran are in my recently added playlist.

sia-every-day-is-christmas-album-6153e3d3-9d05-4c22-b14a-c5138882514bSia’s Everyday Is Christmas album – I can’t remember how I discovered Sia’s new, original, Christmas album as I’m always finding new hits months after they’ve been released (or decades, if we’re going off the above). But as soon as I started listening to this album, I fell thick and fast. This album feels like Christmas. The songs are so peppy, fun and sugary but also slow, bluesy and warm and it’s just incredible. My firm favourite is Candy Cane Lane, that song increases my mood by 10 fold. I also love Snowman a ridiculous amount, also Santa’s Coming For Us and Puppies Are Forever.


Blame It On Bianca Del Rio – As soon as I saw Bianca Del Rio on Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she became a instant favourite in my heart. Her confidence, attitude and success inspires me more than any other queen, and reciting her motto of “not today, Satan” has gotten me through more times than I can count. When I saw tickets were available for her stand up show, I jumped at the chance. Her rapid fire wit and rolodex of hate means she can read everyone and everything and drags them in such a way that’s so effortless but yet so shocking. I’m still not sure how I experienced seeing her do this LIVE and still lived to tell the tale. I went with one of my best friends whose also a huge RPDR fan and I had such a good night! I’m so glad the first queen I’ve seen live has been one of my ultimate favourites!


Robot Unicorn Attack 2 – Story time: I was obsessed with this game years ago during high school, but at some point deleted it because I have such little storage. When it comes to parting with my hundreds of flatlays all slightly different from the next or quickly deleting a gaming app when I need some more space, it’s no shock I pick the latter. But this month I gave my phone a spring clean, if you will, and realised I had absolutely no games left! I downloaded a bunch of those easy ones because I just wanted something fun with action that didn’t require me to build a little village (I got addicted to the Sims for iPhone in previous years and cannot afford a repeat) but they were all so boring or jam packed with ads. “What did I used to play all the time?” I cried, and then I remembered! Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is hands down my favourite game because (and it’s so good I had to create a list):

  1. You’re a freaking robot unicorn.
  2. You collect fairies and unicorn tears and use them to upgrade your robot unicorn (mine’s currently the pink ‘Pageant’ model)
  3. The soundtrack sounds like an 80’s video game.
  4. You have unlimited lives.
  5. No ads.

What more could you possibly want? I’ve been playing it for the last week and am already a ‘Rank 16: Exuberant Pony’. Can you tell I’m on university holidays?


Jessica Riga instaMy Instagram – Over the past few weeks I’ve really changed up my Instagram ~aesthetic~ and I’m enjoying the new look! My old feed consisting of purely beauty flatlays was feeling repetitive, and I’m really happy I made the change because I’ve had so much fun featuring myself more on my feed, plus also little interior snaps and outfits of the day! I’m still unsure of a few things, but I’m also going overseas for weeks soon, so who knows what it’ll look like next! Tell me your thoughts on my Instagram feed in the comments below, I always love getting second (and third and fourth) opinions!


Australia Voted Yes – I’m so relived the majority of Australia voted YES in favour of marriage equality and made the best of a bad situation! With the bill passing through the Senate just this week, hopefully it will all be legalised by Christmas, even though the number of parliamentary sitting days are dwindling. I was always hopeful the survey would come back positive, but it was only when it was confirmed did I realise how tense and anxious I’d been about the entire thing! The day it was announced was incredible, so I can’t wait until it’s legalised and Australia catches up with the rest of the world.

Hit the Halfway Driving Milestone – In November I surpassed 50 hours of driving practise, so I’m officially half way through my required 100 hours! I’ve gained so much confidence this year and have made so much progress, so I’m (mostly) excited to get through the other half!

Digital and IRL Spring Clean – In the spirit of Spring and also having more time on my hands, I started cleaning one section of my life and then couldn’t stop. I tend to let my bedroom go during the semester, but I gradually tidied up all the areas in my room and I feel so much happier! Organising my closet was another beast, though. While some have a floordrobe or ‘the chair’ where they dump their clothes, I have a small couch in my room that I never sit on because it’s always covered in friggen clothes. My excuse for the build up was that ‘we were going through a transitional seasonal period and some days I needed summery clothes and some days I needed warmer clothes’, and suddenly my entire wardrobe was… not in its place in my wardrobe. But it’s all cleaned up now and I’m super happy, so if you need to tidy your own space, this is a push from me telling you to do it!

Kenwood Blender – In the last week of November my family bought a blender and I am ecstatic. I’ve been wanting a blender for years, and now it’s a reality and the perfect way to start Summer! I’m slack with how much fruit I eat, so I love that recently I’ve been waking up excited for a super healthy breakfast.

Passed Another Semester of University – I got my marks back for the second semester of university in the final days of November and I passed! I am always one to stress, but it’s so nice to see that hard work pays off, and now I can enter December and the festive season not worried about my marks! I cannot believe I’m going to be entering my final year of university soon, but that is a crisis for another day.

So those were finally all of my November Favourites. I think this is one of the longest monthly favourites I’ve written in a long time, and I think that’s such a nice thing! What did you love throughout November? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love,



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    1. Aw thank you! That means a lot considering I was looking at this Favourites going ‘should I cut something out!? Is it too long?’ 😂 I just have a lot of things I like! Thanks for reading!


  1. Love your posts! An international fan from Singapore who randomly chanced upon your instagram flatlays! Your feed change came as a surprise, but a lovely one! Stay passionate about the things you are doing and keep improving! ☺️

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