Reflecting On My 2017 Goals

The end of the year is just days away, so before I start penning some ideas for what I want to achieve in 2018, it’s time to look back on my 2017 goals! This year was the first time I posted about my goals and then actively checked in with them during the year, and I’m so glad to see that this system was actually effective! Since I ticked off some of my big goals half way through the year, I felt quite accomplished and wasn’t so focused on the rest for the second half of 2017. Looking back on them now, most of these goals, particularly the whole concept of setting ‘beauty goals’, aren’t really relevant to me anymore, which I think is a great thing! It’s made me realise what’s important to focus on for 2018, and its shown where I can improve my goal setting. If you enjoy this post or find it helpful, please give it a “like” so I know, and let’s get into some reflecting!

2017 Life Goals

Drive more – In Australia you have to complete 100 hours of supervised driving before you can get your license, and I’m so pleased to say I have surpassed 50 hours! At the start of 2017 I had barely any hours, so it’s nice to see that I’ve passed the half way point. Driving is such a scary experience to me but I’ve improved so much this year. 12 months ago I was terrified of it all, but since then I’ve driven in automatic cars, on the real roads with everyone else, super fast on freeways, with an instructor, and I’ve even (almost) mastered driving a manual car. One of my goals for 2018 (full blog post coming early January!) is to complete my 100 hours and get my license, and for one of the first times ever, it doesn’t seem like an impossible task!

Bake more – Genuinely don’t know why I made this a goal but good on me for writing it down because it motivated me to create my Valentine’s Day Brownies blog post, which was then featured on the WordPress Discover page, when then gave me an influx of new followers! I went from having around 270 in February to now 2,461! I baked some Halloween Cupcakes in October, but other than that I didn’t do much baking. I think I made this goal to slowly introduce myself into cooking more. But I’m more interested in cooking than baking, so I think that’s something for 2018!

Exercise more – Didn’t exercise any more than usual for most of 2017, but throughout December I’ve been cycling more and seeing and feeling a difference! I feel a bit lighter, healthier, and really proud after I finish working out. Plus, it’s shown me that even some exercise is so much better than nothing at all, so I’m more motivated to keep exercising more frequently in 2018.

Get a HD in a university unit – I did this! I’m always so freaking close, but in 2017 I ended up getting a High Distinction in a subject I initially thought was the hardest of the semester. I really do think that visualising this goal more than usual helped it happen, so I’m trying it again next year!

Read and watch more – This was such a vague goal, so when then I checked in on this during the year I changed it to ‘read 5 more books before the end of the year’. While I didn’t read 5, I read another book by Liane Moriarty called The Husband’s Secret and it’s now one of my favourites, so that’s something!

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2017 Beauty Goals

Buy less drugstore makeup – Completed! I used to always go ham when Priceline would have sales, only to end up with a bunch of misses in my makeup collection rather than hits. Now I just buy the essentials when they’re on sale. When I do find a drugstore gem, I appreciate it more than ever because it wasn’t bought with 5 other products!

Finally invest in a high end foundation – Not completed! I’m someone who thinks most foundations are the same, and while some might scoff at that, right now I can’t justify falling in love with a $60 bottle of foundation when my $28 Revlon Colourstay gives me everything I want! If all goes to plan, I graduate university at the end of 2018, so I think I’ll be more motivated than ever to find the perfect foundation, high end or not!

Fill the ‘gaps’ in my makeup collection – I’m still without a primer (I know, it’s a sin), a pencil eye liner, a setting spray and a bunch of other bits and bobs. But there’s always time! YouTube culture has made me believe that whenever I walk into a Mecca or Sephora, I should be leaving with a big bag and be always ‘hauling’. I think I need to get into the mindset that buying one thing at a time is perfectly fine, and I’ll probably enjoy makeup more that way.

Incorporate sunscreen into my daily routine – Not completed but also not entirely necessary. I work indoors, and when I’m not home, I’m at university, so sunscreen on the daily is not needed! But good on my for wanting to be sun smart.

Try more brands – In 2017 I tried products from brands like Sugarpill, Juvia’s Place and MAC for the first time! I’m someone who always buys from brands I’m familiar with, like Too Faced, Maybelline and Kylie Cosmetics, but this year I’ve found some ride or dies with Juvia’s Place and MAC. I always enjoy testing new brands, so I’m excited to try more from others next year!

Buy nicer skincare items – I sensed I wasn’t really going to complete this ‘goal’, and I didn’t. I’m someone who likes to stick to my simple skincare, and I’m realising that is completely fine! Again, I feel like YouTube Beauty Guru cultural brainwashed me into thinking I need a bathroom cupboard stocked with expensive cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye creams and the lot.

Take more photos of yourself – My Instagram feed used to be purely beauty flatlays. This made uploading a selfie feel so weird! It just looked odd and out of place, and if it didn’t look as ‘perfect’ as a beauty flatlay, I wouldn’t be happy with it. I made my Instagram feel so limiting and that was starting to get me down, so I changed things up! I’ve started posting more photos of me, food, fashion, lifestyle, everything, and I’m really enjoying the change! Plus, I don’ feel terrified of taking and uploading photos of myself, so I’ve made heaps of progress! I know to some this is a small thing, but I’m happy with myself for improving.

So those were my beauty and life goals for 2017! I completely some, grew out of some and changed some, so overall I’m really happy with how they all when! I think writing and publishing my goals here made them feel a bit more real and made me feel more accountable for them. I’ll be posting my 2018 goals in early January, and I’m so excited to share those, give updates throughout the year, and kick some more goals!

Did you achieve some of the goals you set for yourself in 2017? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Well done with your driving! I had a goal this year to drive more, I’ve moved a vehicle three times lol but it didn’t happen 😦 driving just makes me so damn nervous! If a drugstore foundation is the ONE, that’s ok, think of the money you’ll save 😛 As each year passes I seem to get more comfortable with images of myself, hope it’s the same for you x

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    1. Hahaha at least it was three times and not zero! I would be a lot further along in my driving journey if I was driving automatic, but my parents want me to learn manual… so now it’s taking years 😂 I know right! It’s basically the one 😂 Aw thank you lovely! Here’s to more selfies 😅 Thanks for reading! 💖 xx

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  2. Great to see you meeting many of your goals Jessica! That seems crazy that you need 100 hours in Australia – there’s no restriction in England at all haha. But hey, perhaps there should be. Best of luck for 2018.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It’s so easy to forgot what you’ve set out to accomplish, but checking in and seeing some actual progress, no matter how small it might be, is really motivating to continue! Thanks for reading ☺️


  3. Lovely blog! Just starting out so would love if you took a look at mine and followed if you see any interest! Much appreciated! 😊❤️


  4. I want to start taking more pictures of myself. Whenever I try to upload of photo of myself, I pick it apart and worry that it’s not perfect enough. But it’s nice to have picture as reminders of things you’ve done and places you’ve gone. Congrats on improving on this goal!

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