2018 Goals, Resolutions and Reminders

I know last week was prime time for discussing our 2018 goals, but since the new year I’ve been busying packing a suitcase, boarding various planes and flying across the world – happy new year indeed! Now that I’m settled in Florence, I finally have time to discuss my goals, resolutions and reminders for the year ahead. Keep reading to find out what I hope to achieve, what I want to do more of, and what I’m going to keep reminding myself throughout 2018!

When I was Reflecting On My 2017 Goals I said I’d set less goals for myself for 2018, but have them be bigger ones I want to achieve. Even though I think the word ‘resolutions’ is always associated with big ideas that get disregarded by the 3rd of January, I have set myself a couple of small habits or hobbies that I’d like to keep up over the next 12 months. For the first time too, I’ve also set myself reminders. I’m not a big ‘quotes’ person, but I picked up a couple phrases late in 2017 that I wish I’d heard earlier, so I’m writing them here (and in my diary/planner!) to always flip back to.


Graduate university 

If all goes as planned, at the end of this year I graduate university! I say this every time I mention university, but I’ll say it again – it goes so fast! I’m excited for my final year as I’ll be getting to go to the Commonwealth Games and report on it for one of my subjects, create a fashion magazine with other students and live in Florence for three weeks to study media and communication in the fashion industry, which I’ve just started!

… with amazing marks

Hopefully all that fun doesn’t mean it’s too hard to juggle my grades. I’m someone that knows what I can achieve and works hard for it, but I don’t bring myself to breaking point trying to get a perfect GPA just for the sake of it. I heard someone say they always aim for their marks to just be better then their previous ones, and I like the concept! I just always want to keep improving.

Get my drivers licence 

I’ve been working towards getting my licence for years, and it seems like more of a reality than ever that I’ll get it in 2018! I’ve passed the half way mark with my 100 hours of practice, I have a lot more confidence, and I’m just generally more motivated, so stayed tuned because hopefully in the next 12 months, I’ll be able to post a photo on the gram of me with my P plates.

Save up

Since I’ve never had to buy a car, my biggest purchase has been the overseas university study tour I’m currently doing. Once I’m back in Australia, I’m hoping to replenish my funds and more! In 2017 I spent money on arranging amazing opportunities for 2018 me, like travelling overseas and buying concert tickets for Lana Del Rey and Harry Styles, so I’m keen to finally live out those experiences and save up!

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Make healthier choices

This is quite a vague phrase, but it’s an umbrella for a bunch of little things I want to do more of in 2018 to become a healthier me. It’s all the obvious things, like get to bed earlier, have a proper and consistent sleep schedule, eat more fruit and vegetables, eat less Nutella, and exercise more. I’m someone who gets bored with exercising, so I think I need to get creative and be constantly mixing it up so I don’t stop completely. All these choices are so obvious to others, but they’re hard to keep up with, especially when you’re in university mode and are constantly staying up late and then ‘treating’ yourself just for attending a lecture!

Cook more

My cooking skills are limited and that needs to change! In 2018 I want to learn to cook and gain more independence. I always have fun when I’m helping out in the kitchen and it’s something that’s completely separate from anything to do with university, work, or social media. I’ll let you know how I progress!


Everything you want is on the other side of fear

My most important quote for 2018! It applies to so many areas of my life and I find it so motivating to acknowledge that things are supposed to be terrifying, but also greatly beneficial.

Say yes, then freak out later

As I enter my final year of university, travel overseas, apply for real life jobs, drive on the roads, and embark on new experiences, I need to remind myself to not let fear, hesitation or anxiety stop me from pursuing things. I always jump between following the mantras of ‘just say yes! :)’ and ‘it’s okay to say no sometimes’, but I like this quote because it’s not trying to banish the inevitable stress that is normal to feel, it’s just putting it aside for the moment.

Not a problem

The Youtube channel of Australian male beauty guru Michael Finch might not seem like the place to find uplifting words of wisdom, but his sarcastic catchphrase and use of yelling ‘not a problem!‘ when a problem occurs, then swiftly working through the disaster, is super motivating. Heart sinking when looking at a university assignment you have to complete? Not a problem! Internship coming up and you don’t feel ready? Not a problem! Still don’t have your drivers license? Not a problem! They’re just three words, but to me they say ‘get over it, it’s fine, you’ve got this’.

So those are my goals, resolutions and reminders for 2018! What are some things you’re hoping to achieve in 2018? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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52 thoughts

  1. I’ve seen your pictures on Instagram from Europe, hope you’re having a great time! I like the ‘not a problem’ way of looking at things. Everyone is different and sometimes things take time to achieve and we have to work hard. Just keep going! x

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  2. This is fantastic! I feel the exact same way about resolutions and goals. I love that you set reminders for yourself too!! Wishing you a very amazing 2018!!

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  3. Happy 2018, Jessica! What a coincidence – I came across the quote “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” a few weeks back and have decided it to be my “mantra” for 2018. In fact I am going to hand letter it and put it up on my pin board. Loved your other two reminders as well, very casual and effective I think. I hope you achieve your all goals and resolutions in 2018. And when you seem to slow down, these reminders will surely get you up and running again. Wish you all the luck and strength, love. 😘 👍

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