A Day In Pisa

Since I’m currently studying in Florence, this past weekend I hopped on a train with some friends and spent the day in Pisa! It’s a beautiful little city and I’m so happy I was able to explore the place during my time studying overseas. We walked through the streets, soaked up the gravity defying beauty that was the leaning tower, did the classic tourist pose and stopped for lunch with the monument peaking up over the shops and apartments around us. If you enjoy this photo diary of sorts, give this post a “like” and let’s get into Pisa!

Pisa Train.jpg

We thought the journey would take an hour, but after a surprisingly quick 40 minute train ride, we had arrived in Pisa! What I instantly loved most about the place was the faded pastel colours of the buildings. Diluted yellows, pale pinks and muted oranges lined the streets and contrasted beautifully against the blue sky. The most breathtaking scene during our walk though was the view from the river! It looked so picturesque and the water was so still that the reflection of the buildings was almost a mirror image.





Since travelling and exploring Italy this past month, I notice that ancient monuments tend to pop up out of nowhere. We were just walking along the street and then suddenly – “oh, the tower is right here!” When I visited the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, Michelangelo’s David and now the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I got the same feeling every time. It just doesn’t feel real! I can’t comprehend that I’m actually standing in those historic locations! But I was, and here are some photos! What struck me most about the tower was how white and clean it was. We had beautiful weather so its colour stood out so vividly against the blue sky.







You can’t not do the cliche tourist pose.








Italiano pupperino

Then we stopped for lunch! We didn’t know where to go, but this restaurant right near the tower caught our eye as it was full of customers and still had its Christmas decorations up, which is always appreciated. My pappardelle was delicious and eaten up quickly since I was so cold, even in my thick puffer jacket, but one of my favourite things about the restaurant was its newspaper themed menus! The journalism student in me loved the idea, plus everyone at the restaurant looked so nice sitting at their Italian table and looking like they were reading the morning news. As soon as we sat down I looked around and gasped because you could see the tower peaking over the buildings! It was a beautiful view and a lovely final touch.

This isn’t the restaurant but the building right next to it, which I thought was beautiful!



When even the Coke is speaking Italian.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


So that was my day in Pisa! I hope you enjoyed this little day in the life, photo dairy sort of layout! Since I’m overseas I can’t do my usual ‘beauty’ blog posts, but I’ve been loving exploring and taking photos, and these travel posts are so exciting to create! I’ve already looked through my Inside The Gucci Garden in Florence blog post so many times, so I know I’ll cherish these day trip ones just as much!

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All the love,



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