A Day In Venice

In January I spent three weeks studying overseas in Florence and on our weekends we would hop on a train and spend our free time exploring different Italian cities! Today we’re travelling to Venice where I weaved my way through the masked crowds celebrating the first day of carnevale, stood in awe at the incredible architecture of the historic floating city and bobbed along in a gondola with my friends! If you enjoy this photo diary then give this post a “like” so I know, and let’s get to Venice!

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It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – Venice was incredible. With its multitude of canals in the place of roads, the entire city had a dreamy, romantic feeling. Walking its narrow streets and over its arched bridges while people glided along in gondolas underneath you made it feel like you were on a completely different planet. Even though I’ve never experienced a city built like this, I wasn’t overcome with an overwhelming foreign feeling. Instead, I found the warmth of its colours, people and energy to be peaceful and welcoming.



It was freezing when we arrived as a lot of Venice streets are in shadows during this time of the year, so an Italian hot chocolate was essential while we wandered around.

Italian hot chocolates are super thick and basically just melted, chocolate custard – incredible.


A quick spot of pasta shopping. Also, the above pasta is gondola shaped!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

One of my favourite photos I took on the day!
We all fell in love with these Murano glass ornaments – until we saw their price. Imagine if your entire Christmas tree was decorated in these though!

After our window shopping it was time for some sight seeing, and the central square, St Mark’s Basilica and the Rialto Bridge were absolutely stunning.







Since it was the first day of carnevale, there was confetti on the floor all throughout the streets!
Lunchtime! A hot plate of pasta was the obvious choice. 

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After lunch, it was time for our greatly anticipated gondola ride! The weather turned from blue skies to completely foggy and when we reached the water, to the point where it was almost a whiteout. It was so surreal and as we carefully lowered ourselves into the rocking, creaking wooden boat, it felt like we were in a Pirates of the Caribbean film! But thankfully the misty waters were only when we were out at sea and the canals of Venice were perfectly clear.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Cheesing so hard because this gondola ride was everything.
Ladies who lunch? More like girls who gondola.

Gliding through the canals of Venice with my friends while jazz music played was a definite highlight of the trip and is something I’ll always remember! It was such a special moment that we all enjoyed together, and I’m so happy I was able to have that experience!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Thank you for an incredible day Venice, you were beautiful! That’s it for another photo diary of my travels, but I still have a few more in the works from Paris and London! I’ve loved doing these posts (and obviously had a blast experiencing them in real life), so I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling through my day. If you have, give this post a “like” so I know!

All the love,



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  1. This made me want to visit so bad! My school had a study abroad trip that would have given me the opportunity to visit Venice, but I chose Switzerland instead. Unbelievable photos! So happy for you, studying abroad is really an amazing thing, and an eye opener! Gave you a follow because these photos are gorgeous and I’m loving your vibe!

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    1. Ooh you had a tough choice but they’re both gorgeous looking, and you’ll have all the time in the world to visit Venice 🙂 Yes I can’t agree more, it was such a one of a kind experience and now I’m urging everyone to try and study overseas if they get the oppourtunity! Aw thank you, I’m usually a beauty blogger but for a next couple of months I’ll seem more like a travel blogger because I have so much content, and still so many photos to post! x

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