Treasures From My Travels

When you travel to Florence, Pisa, Venice, Paris and London and love pretty things as much as me, you’re bound to come back home with a bag – or three – of precious items! While I bought my fair share of generic souvenirs like key rings and tea bags, I thought I’d feature the more unique treasures I stumbled across during my travels. Whether you’re travelling soon and want to know what’s out there, or just love a good old-fashioned haul, I hope you enjoy this post! If you do, don’t forget to give it a “like” so I know, and let’s get into the global goods!


Our first stop is Florence where I lived for three weeks while studying media and communication in the fashion industry at the European Institute of Design. Since I stayed here the longest, I bought quite a few little mementoes. Italy has beautifully made products and a wild amount of souvenirs, so I had heaps of choice when looking for gifts for myself and family! One of the more out there, unconventional, “omg should I actually buy this?” items I purchased was a little statue of Venus from The Birth of Venus painting! We went into a souvenir store and saw they were selling her in every neon colour you could think of, along with heaps of neon statues of David. This pink shade really caught my eye though, because wasn’t as loud as the others. She was a little pricey, but she was the last of this colour and as soon as I saw her I knew I’d put her on my vanity and I could see how nice that would look, so I quickly became the human embodiment of that gif of Fry from Futurama yelling “take my money!” One of my friend’s later wanted to get a little Venus like this for someone she knows, but none of us could find this specific souvenir store again! So when in Rome Florence, don’t hesitate!


A Kiko Milano store was right in the Florence shopping district and everything they sell is so affordable! I fell in love with this baked blush from their 2017 Arctic Holiday collection called 02 Dreaming Coral. I adore shimmery pink blushes with gold shifts, so this was right up my street! It’s not this pink on your cheeks, and I used it every day while travelling!


The country is super proud of its high standard, high quality Made In Italy reputation, so I couldn’t not get some of their leather goods! I had been walking past so many leather stores every single day and took note of their colours, styles and prices. One weekend I woke up and just knew I wanted a red bag, so that day I bought one! You can see its style and size better in the Instagram post I’ve inserted, and I love its petite, triangular shape! It looks small and classy but actually fits so much (for reference, an iPhone 8+ fits on its side). It feels incredibly well made and the featured crest of the city of Florence is such a nice, special touch. I also fell in love with this peach coloured leather key ring that also has the crest and ‘Firenze Italy’ on it. I’ve already decided it’s going on my car keys (now to just get my 100 hours done!)


The first of my little day trips consisted of us hopping on a train and heading to Pisa where I picked up a mini figure of the Leaning Tower! It’s so cute and small but so detailed! They were selling these everywhere but it feels nicely made and has a nice weight to it, so it doesn’t feel so generic or massed produced.


Our second day trip the following week was to Venice where it happened to be the first day of Carnevale! I saw so many cute things, but when I saw this pink and gold little mask magnet, I knew it was the perfect memento to remember the day. Murano glass items were everywhere in Venice because the island is so close and the beauty of their glass is what they’re known for. I bought four necklaces like the one below, one for myself, mum, sister and one for one of my best friend’s Molly because it was her birthday while I was away. Each necklace in the shop was so beautiful and similar but ended up having completely different designs and slightly different colours, so I think they’re a perfect representation of us! I also bought myself a little beaded Murano glass bracelet!



Travelling to Paris now! I was a bit let down with the souvenir situation in Paris because there wasn’t a lot (at least where I was looking). When I went to the Eiffel Tower, there were a few statutes of the tower in the gift shop but they were so badly made! The glue sticking the statue to the fake marble plaque had been applied messily and turned yellow, and the stickers on the front saying ‘Paris’ were put on unevenly! Not chic at all. I almost walked out with nothing until I saw a little three pack of towers, each being gold, silver or a more realistic steel colour! I love these little figurines and since I was only in Paris for two days, this little keepsake is all I wanted!


London was the last destination on our trip and we had money left over and a checklist of stores we wanted to hit up ASAP, so we headed straight to Anthropologie! I have never bought anything from them before, but their stock is stunning. I want my future house to be full of their homewares! I ended up splurging out and buying four of these purple geode coasters. Each one is a unique shape and pattern and they each have gold running around the edges. They’re stunning, they’re sophisticated, they bled my wallet dry and I’m going to cherish them for life. I bought these for my home so they can be used by my family for special occasions, but when I eventually move out, these bad boys are coming with me! I can see it now – I’ll be in my first apartment with no furniture, but damn, my drinks will be resting on some gorgeous coasters.

Is it obvious I’ve just bought a phone with portrait mode? I had to sneak just one fancy, half blurred picture in here somewhere!

Next we hit up Urban Outfitters and I fell in love with everything they sold. What I loved so much about their store was, even though they had a lot of clothing, it was all the same aesthetic and it was beautifully displayed and set up, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Whenever I go into TopShop, Zara and H&M, there are just too many racks and too many mismatched styles so I just end up leaving. But UO had such an amazing, almost 80s vibe with all their primary colours, stripes, zippers and styles! UO isn’t cheap, so I only bought this rainbow striped turtleneck as it was the first thing I saw in the store that I desperately hoped looked good on me (and it did, bless), and everything else I tried on just didn’t compare, or would be way too hot for even an Australian winter!  You can see the jumper in a better picture below from my Instagram.


As I was walking up to the register to pay for my jumper, I spotted the best notebooks I’ve ever seen. First of all, one is Harry Styles themed. It’s ridiculous and hilarious and makes me so happy every time I look at it. I don’t know what I’ll write in it yet, perhaps our wedding vows. Next I saw this pink and reflective gold rose galaxy themed one and couldn’t leave without it, so it got added to my bag as well. It’s almost too pretty to use! UO has heaps of sheet sets and I loved this peach themed one I saw, but didn’t really want to buy sheets and bring them back home. So when I saw a daily planner with the same pattern, it had to be mine! I love this planner because it’s a generic one without dates, so you can pick it up at any point and start planning your day and using the to do lists, notes and free space it gives you without wasting any missed days and pages!

Finally, they had heaps of little photo frames for Instax Mini polaroids, and I loved the concept of this gold glitter filled one! It’s so gorgeous (and looks incredible when you shake it up!) and my siblings gave me a polaroid for Christmas last year, so I’ve got somewhere special to display my first picture!

So those are all the treasures from my travels! Where would you love to visit in the future? Or where have you visited before that you loved? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear about your overseas adventures.

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  1. Such a lovely little haul to remember your travels! I live in the middle of the US (Nebraska) and have only been to other states in the Midwest. Never been out of the country, never even been on a plane. I have always dreamed of going to Australia for my 30th birthday since it’s in November and usually is cold and snowy where I live. I have 3 and a half years to plan for it to happen! I also would love to go to Italy, London, and Paris. I should probably stop buying makeup for awhile and save up! LOL.

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    1. You have heaps of time to prepare and plan so I think you’ll definitely find yourself in Australia for your 30th! Good luck with your future travels and thanks so much for reading! 🙂


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