March Favourites

Since I was having the time of my life in Italy, Paris and London in January and celebrated my birthday throughout February, life was bound to bring me back to earth at some point – that point being March! My final year of university started, but between fretting about impending prac assessment and locking down internships, I still found time to discover a new beauty holy grail, watch my favourite skinny legend snatch the crown, welcome the tenth season of my favourite show and see one of my most loved artists live in concert. This monthly instalment is definitely quality over quantity of things mentioned, so give this post a “like” if you enjoy it and let’s get into my March Favourites!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve always debated buying the cult favourite Modern Renaissance palette from ABH, but it’s so red toned that I hoped one day Anastasia might bring out something a little more neutral – and she did! The Soft Glam palette is a dream, and the moment I saw it online it rocketed to the top of my mental To Buy list. I ordered it the minute it dropped on BeautyLish and it was at my door exactly a week later. This is my first ABH’s product and my first time using their shadows and the reviews are true – their formula is incredible. The mattes are so pigmented and blend seamlessly, and the shimmers feel like velvet and look incredible on the eyes (use your finger to get the ultimate colour payoff!). All the colours are so wearable, and I’m surprisingly obsessed with the matte pastel purple as it’s such a beautiful but subtle contrast to all the warm tones.  I’ll do a full review with swatches and everything later this month, because I can’t not dedicate an entire post to this beauty.

C’mon portrait mode.

Lana Del Rey – LA to the Moon Tour

I saw legend, icon, star Lana Del Rey live in concert at the end of March and I’m not quite sure how I’m still alive. Not to be dramatic, but her Born To Die: The Paradise Edition low key changed my life and is still my favourite album of all time. I discovered Lana in 2012 and, without sounding wanky, she was the artist that got me into music and made me understand how people could be such fans of music. Fast forward to 2018 and I see her live! She’s incredible in person and her voice is exactly like her records. I was also super impressed by how they made use of the projection at the back. They had elements from all her music videos which would play during each song (like the black and white water ripples during Blue Jeans) and would layer Lana over the top. There was also a part where Lana and her two back up dancers laid on the stage and it looked like they were on the sand on a beach with the water washing over them. Our venue was open air and we had a full moon over us, so paired with the palm trees on the stage and Lana’s romantic, nostalgic sounds, it was such an incredible night!

IMG_1103IMG_1176IMG_1376.jpgIMG_1516 2

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 3

(Spoiler central coming up so read with caution) All Stars 3 came to a close and my favourite skinny legend Trixie Mattel won the crown! I was rooting for her from day one, but I wish there wasn’t that ridiculous jury system at the end which prevented Shangela from being in the Top 2 so she couldn’t even lipsync for the crown. What was the point of winning challenges each week, when previous eliminated queens (who have missed a bunch of episodes) make one of the final decisions? All the queens get so much exposure when they come back for All Stars though, so they’re all walking away with something!

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 10

I had no time to breathe because Ru kicked off Season 10 right after AS3 ended, and so far this is 100% one of my favourite seasons! We’re getting 90 minute instalments, mini challenges in each episode, drama filled Untucked episodes, and I honestly love every single queen, whereas in some seasons there are a handful of filler queens. Some of the main challenges haven’t wowed me, like Pharmarusical and the recent dating app one, but the queens are so good that I don’t mind at all. Apparently there is going to be a few more sewing challenges coming up which are always my favourite so I can’t wait! So far I’m really rooting for Cracker, Aquaria and Monét, and in the last episode I’ve become such a fan of Asia and Blair.

So those were my monthly favourites! I either have a little or a lot in these posts, and since March was so hectic, I hope you don’t mind a favourites that’s a little more stripped back! What did you love throughout March? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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