Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette Review

These days it takes a lot to get me excited by an eyeshadow palette. With brands like Colourpop churning out palettes on a weekly basis and Too Faced continuing to release Chocolate Bars with virtually the same shades as the previous four, a palette has to stop me in my tracks if it wants my dollar – and Anastasia Beverly Hills did just that. I feel like one of the only ‘beauty junkies’ in the world who doesn’t own their best selling, cult favourite Modern Renaissance palette, but that’s only because I already had three heavily burgundy tones palettes and couldn’t justify buying a forth, no matter how pretty it seemed. But then! After the controversy surrounding the ridiculous amount of fallout in their Subculture palette, ABH teased us with revealing their newest addition to their line, a gorgeous, more neutral, everyday friendly palette packed with warm tones and stunning shimmers – I had to have it! I added it to my cart the day it dropped and it was at my door a week later. It’s time to review it, so keep reading if you’d like to know my thoughts on this palette, where I purchased it from, and see swatches of each shade. Don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoy it or find it helpful!



I bought my palette here from Beautylish for $42 USD, which at the moment converts to around $54 AUD. This is important because if you live in Australia this palette is a whoppin’ $75 at Sephora! Surprisingly, it’s even more expensive on BeautyBay at $77.50, so definitely shop around if you want a bargain! I had a great experience with Beautylish, they’re a legitimate distributor and my palette arrived from America in one week and was so carefully and protectively packaged.


Just like their Modern Renaissance, Subculture and Prism palette (side note: I feel like the Prism palette happened with no publicity whatsoever? It just of kind came out and no one talked about it, but I also think that’s because people were still iffy after the Subculture ‘scandal’?), the Soft Glam palette has that soft velvety, felt packaging – and it’s so annoying! Any smudge of makeup will show up on this palette and you’ll never get rid of it, so I’m glad I’ve got a photo of it in its prime.



I don’t mind too much about the packaging because it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and this eyeshadow formula is i n c r e d i b l e. ABH has instantly jumped to the top of my list when ranking eyeshadow brands. I have always been told they’re amazing, but it’s only when you’re using them do you really see the difference. They just blend so quickly and seamlessly? I feel like an artist? Each shade has so much pigmentation, they’re incredible soft to touch, there is a normal to little amount of fall out (however I always tap my brush lightly before applying to my eyes) and the shimmer shades are just mind blowing and apply like liquid velvet – that’s not even a thing, but that’s the only way to describe them. The only other brand whose shadows are this beautiful (in my opinion and experience) is Juvia’s Place, but even though their shimmers are on another level, a couple of their mattes can be a bit dry to the touch). If you’ve been meaning to try ABH shadows for a while like me, you need to get on them ASAP!



This is the ultimate everyday to night palette, and it’s kind of my dream palette. I live for those orangey warm neutrals that aren’t too red based, I need some coppery to pinky shimmer feature shades and an intense highlighting shade – this palette has it all! A couple of these shades feature in the Modern Renaissance palette which I know annoyed a lot of people, but I was watching a Bella Fiori makeup tutorial and she was so excited to rediscover Sienna in this palette because it was an old favourite of hers. I would rather a brand be honest and include iconic, necessary shades from previous palettes and not just rename them and pretend they’re different.

To Swatch Or Not?

What are everyone’s opinions on swatches? Personally I think the way I used to do them (wiping them across my arm) is misleading and a bit incorrect, because the only time you’ll be using your finger to swipe on a shadow is with the shimmers, even then it’s a small area? Please tell me in the comments below what your opinion on eyeshadow swatches are! I’m thinking of phasing them out on my blog for a couple reasons, a) they always look the same, I cannot tell the difference between brands and pigmentation when I personally swatch, b) I think they actually look worse swatched compared to how they perform on my eyes, c) places like Dupe That, Temptalia and heaps of YouTube reviews provide great swatches (especially Stephanie Nicole! She’s so honest and in depth) and finally d) swatching seems like a bit of a waste of product. I thought instead I’d just continue with my shade by shade description.

Shade Descriptions



Tempera – This is the only shade I’m confused about. ABH describes it as a “peachy beige with an ultra-matte finish” but it’s not peachy or matte? It’s more of a super duper subtle sheen, almost like a top coat for your shadows or highlighting shades to give them a little something something.

Glistening – “warm gold with subtle pink reflects and an iridescent finish.” This shade is stunning. It looks incredible on the lid, or in the inner corner, or brow bone, but on the high points of your face as a highlighter? Even more gorgeous.

Orange Soda – “pastel peach with an ultra-matte finish.” Perfect transition shade to start any eye look in this palette! Super pigmented, soft and easy to blend.

Rose Pink – “rich rosy copper with pink reflects and an iridescent finish.” This shade is ridiculously beautiful. The pink reflects and almost duo-chrome effect make it such a stunning feature shade.

Sultry – “warm chocolate copper with a satin-metallic finish.” To me this shade leans more to the purple shade than to chocolate, but it’s just as stunning.

Bronze – “gold bronze with a metallic finish.” This shade is like liquid gold, it’s so beautiful and works so well paired with all the warm mattes.

Mulberry – “mulberry plum with an ultra-matte finish.” Did someone say Autumn? This shade is so stunning. I love putting it in the outer corner of the eye to deepen up any look as it’s not as harsh as black.


Dusty Rose – “dusty mauve lilac with an ultra-matte finish.” One of my favourite shades in this palette! I never would have expected a pastel purple to be in this palette but it works so well with the other shades as it contrasts again them slightly and intensifies the colour more. Plus, it’s such a refreshingly wearable ‘pop of colour’ so many other palettes kind of fail with.

Fairy – “multidimensional light gold with an iridescent finish.” This is like Glistening’s more yellow based sister. This looks incredible in any look using Dusty Rose as they contrast so nicely. It can sometimes look too yellow for the inner corner, but it’s perfect for dabbing in the centre of the lid for a highlight or to brighten any shimmer underneath.

Burnt Orange – “deep orange with an ultra-matte finish.” Another one of my favourite shades! An orange like this is essential for most palettes as they’re so versatile.

Sienna – “earthy red-brown with an ultra-matte finish.” This is Burnt Orange’s richer older sister and is perfect for deepening any look.

Rustic – “deep cinnamon brown with an ultra-matte finish.” There a quite a few matte browns in this palette but unlike Too Faced palettes, they’re all different and really add to the palette! Rustic is way more brown that orange.

Cyprus Umber – “dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish.” Just like Rustic, Cyprus Umber is more brown toned and even darker than the rest.

Noir – “deep carbon black with an ultra-matte finish.” And finally we have our black shade! This shade is super pigmented and I love using the flat brush that comes in the palette and stamp Noir across my lash line so act as a smudge eyeliner.

Overall Thoughts

If you’ve been debating over this palette but don’t know if it’s worth it, get it! It’s incredible quality, the shade range is beautiful, day to night appropriate and cohesive. This is my first product from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I’m more than impressed as they surpassed my already high expectations. What are your thoughts on this palette? And your thoughts on swatches? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to chat!

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful, so if you did, give this post a “like” so I know!

All the love,



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