A Colourpop Haul

Besides the little souvenirs I bought myself when overseas, it’s actually been such a long time since I’ve done a decent makeup haul? Good on me. Recently I loosened the purse strings and found myself finally placing another Colourpop order. While I feel like they need to slow down in the eyeshadow department and stop releasing a new one every week, the driving force behind this haul was those stunning matte lipsticks they’ve released in a million colours for a ridiculously affordable price. Since my order arrived a week or so ago I’ve had some time to play around with things, so I hope you enjoy this haul and mini review post! If you do, please give this post a “like” so I know and let’s get into it!

Lux Lipsticks

Gorgeous creamy matte lipsticks in rose gold packaging for $7 USD? Uh, yes ma’am. I added three to my cart because why not, and so far I’m so happy with the shades that I picked. They look the same in the bullet, but once you swatch them you properly see their beauty!


Top to Bottom: Foolish, Liquid Courage, Gallop.

When I saw the shade Foolish online I fell in love with it instantly. I have so many nude pinky mauve lipsticks already, so I wanted to be a tiny bit more adventurous and go for darker shades, or shades I don’t have at all. Foolish is this stunning deepened orange that I honestly think would look amazing on anyone. The editing of my photo makes it look a bit more vibrant than it is, but even as a more ‘orange’ lipstick, it looks so natural and subtle and everyday friendly? I’m obsessed with it, and since it’s an orange it contrasts nicely with blue eyes.

Liquid Courage is a brick red shade that I wore to Harry Styles last night and I’m officially in love with it (or maybe I’m now sentimental because I saw Harry freaking Styles in it, but who knows). When I first opened it I didn’t know how much wear I’d get out of it, but it’s such a beautiful and rich darker red and is so wearable. Last night I wore heavier eye makeup, but I just know this shade would look amazing paired with more natural eye makeup and glowy, dewy skin!

Gallop is described as a true terracotta but to me it leans more on the brown based side than the red based side, and that’s why I love it! I own nothing like this in my collection and it’s the perfect deep shade for my skin tone. Again, I think this shade works best on its own as it makes such a striking feature. I haven’t worn this shade out yet but it’s next on my list as I’ve given Foolish and Liquid Courage a test drive.

‘Aquarius’ Ultra Glossy Lip

Being an Aquarius who loves anything personalised, this pinky nude gloss has been on my wish list for months. I finally got around to adding it to my cart and I love it. I’ve worn it once so far, but I really love how it lasted. When I first put it on it lived up to its name and was ultra glossy, but overtime as I talked and ate, the gloss only slightly wore off but the actually colour stayed and made my lips look amazing and so plushy? This is a winner.


More Pressed Powder Shadows

The minute I saw someone upload a photo of the shade Glass Bull on their Instagram I slammed that ‘bookmark’ button and added it to my wish list because it’s stunning. I bought it and three others – all of which are duo chrome – and here’s a shade breakdown in the order of my swatches.

Now and Zen – a pale gold with a yellow shift.

Snake Eyes – pale pink taupe.

Glass Bull – lavender icy blue.

Tea Garden – green gold with a red flip.

I love all of them and I’ve used Glass Bull a few times and it’s beautiful, but also surprisingly wearable and really pretty for day time? I love it, and I’m dying to give Tea Garden a go soon. However I’m annoyed because I stalked the Colourpop website forever trying to see where their empty palettes had gone. They were completely removed from their website, so after waiting a while I finally ordered. Then days later they had this promotion where if you bought four single shadows you’d get a little four shadow palette to house them in. I missed out on that which I didn’t mind too much, but then they just recently brought back their empty palettes! So in a couple months I might buy one in another order.


No Filter Concealer

I have raved about how incredible the No Filter concealer is, and since I’m running dry on my old bottle, I picked up a replacement. Colourpop have added more shades to their range (WOO HOO!) but that means your favourite shade might be called something different now. I think my favourite shade used to be Fair 5, but now the same formula/shade is called Light 10, so just keep that in mind if you’re going to order a replacement.


I love buying brushes, they’re such a guilty pleasure. However, most good quality brushes are expensive, so once you’ve bought yourself a set from Zoeva, you’re kind of good to go for a while. That being said though, since I wear eyeshadow almost daily, I feel like you can never have too many blending brushes, which is why I picked up two more! I bought the Tapered Blending brush and the Small Tapered blending brush, so one to blend my shadows and one to apply and blend in a more focused fashion. As you can tell by the shadow on the brushes, I’ve used them already and I’m so impressed with them, plus they were only $6 USD each! I also bought a Fan Brush after wanting one for ages. I’ve tried it out and it’s good, but not amazing? I currently use a Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply highlighter and it works so well, but this fan brush doesn’t pack the same punch? However, so far I’ve only used it with this new ColourPop highlighter below, and it may be the problem.


‘S’il Vous Play’ Highlighter

Puns aside, I genuinely had high hopes for this highlighter. Colourpop are known for being pigmented, so when I added the lightest, most silvery white highlighter they offer to my cart, I thought I was onto something mind blowing. But once I got it and swatched it, she – god forbid – verges on being a chunky, glittery highlighter. I like my highlighters to be so fine and shimmery because then they give you that amazing glow, but this one just sort of sits on top of your skin and looks like a strip of glitter. I’m a tad disappointed, but I’m not losing hope. I haven’t yet tried it with my trusty Real Techniques highlighting brush, so maybe it needs a more dense brush to apply it properly. I will report back in the future so hopefully good news! I will say this though, you have the option to buy their highlighters, blushes, bronzers and powders in a little compact and they’re so cute! I love the packaging of them and think the idea is so cool as you can easily pop them in and out.


So that’s it for my Colourpop haul! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some good recommendations for what you add to your cart (and maybe avoid) the next time you’re placing an order! What are your thoughts on Colourpop? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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All the love,



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