April Favourites

No offence to April, but never has a month moved so slowly. My calendar was chock full of events, from celebrating the Easter holidays to a two week intensive university prac assessment to just making long over due plans and catching up with friends. But my god am I struggling to understand how those 30 days wasn’t 300. Luckily, a busy month also brings a whole new batch of favourites. From 80s cult classics to makeup brushes, to beachside sporting venues and concert arenas, April had a little bit of everything. If you enjoy this post, give it a “like” so I know and let’s get into these favourites!


Colourpop ‘Aquarius’ Ultra Glossy Lip – My bulk Colourpop haul arrived in April, so it’s no surprise a bunch of their items are featured here. Being an Aquarius who loves anything personalised, I’ve had my eye on this gloss for ages, maybe even over a year, and I finally added it to my cart! I’m so happy with this formula as it lives up to its name and is ultra glossy, but then after a few hours it dulls slightly and makes your lips look so full and plushy without loosing the pinky colour of the gloss. Plus, I don’t find it to feather or ‘bleed’ out past your natural lip line, it stays in place! If you’re a fan of glosses, definitely check out Colourpop’s affordable, varied range.


Colourpop ‘Tapered Blending Brush’ and ‘Small Tapered Blending Brush’ – If it was a life or death situation and I had to keep just one eyeshadow brush and throw out the rest (I know but just pretend) I’d save a tapered blending brush. I can do an entire eye look with just one of these soft, semi-fluffy bad boys, hence why I can’t stop buying them. Colourpop’s products are usually good or great (with the odd dud) so I took my chances and ordered literally a couple of their affordable brushes, being the Tapered Blending one and her little sister, the ‘Smaller Tapered Blending’, and I love them both! They’re both soft but not super soft to the point where colour just fades when you blend them. They pick up colour really well and they feel like great quality. The handle isn’t flimsy, they haven’t shed a single hair, nothing feels loose, and they were only about $6 each! Makeup brushes can be so expensive, so I’m really happy that these were great.


Heathers (1988) – In typical ‘me’ fashion, I finally watched/read something I have been meaning to do for the past three years. In Year 12 one of my best friends wrote about Heathers for an assignment (I wrote about The Social Network, add that to your Must Watch list immediately) and so ever since 2015 I’ve been meaning to watch it. Fast forward to April 2018 and we’re finally here. I’m so annoyed I didn’t watch it sooner because Heathers is, as expected, amazing and I fully see why it’s such a cult classic. Without it, there’d be no Mean Girls or Clueless, and who wants to live in that world? If you’re unfamiliar with it, Heathers is a dark teen comedy following Veronica Sawyer (played by Winona Ryder, stunningly gorgeous as usual and so young in this) who is part of the most popular clique in the school, consisting of three girls all named Heather. After having enough of their bullying ways, Veronica teams up with fellow classmate JD and a series of dark, deadly events follow. Watching this in 2018 is wild because 1) the fashion is hectic but is fully on trend today (!?), 2) the satire really goes there! It pushes the envelope way further than I expected it to and 3) the fashion! I just cannot get over it as it looks amazing but Jesus the shoulder pads and the hair it just so wild. Funnily enough, there is a red scrunchie of power in Heathers, and this month one of my best friends got me a pink holographic one, so just another reason to sport one this season.


Top of the Lake: China Girl – Alright I debated including this show because I’m still on the fence about it and if you’re on the fence, is it a favourite? I loved the first season of Top of the Lake and I featured it in a previous favourites. It was gritty, terrifying, ridiculously tense, had an incredible, disturbing storyline and had such amazing female characters, plus it was all written and directed by Jane Campion, the second of five women ever nominated for an Academy Award for directing, so she knows what she’s doing. Season two, China Girl, took me a while to get into. I wasn’t thrilled with some of the new characters, but I found other characters to be great, the storyline was so intriguing, and the way it was all done just made me want to keep watching. As a whole, it was a ride, but I do feel like there were a bunch of unanswered questions at the end. If you’re like me and have seen season one and are considering watching season two, do it! Again, it took me months to get around to watching it but I’m glad I did. Elisabeth Moss in this is just incredible. I’m too scared to watch Handmaid’s Tale, so I’m glad there is another gritty show I could watch to see her shine. Game of Throne’s Gwendoline Christie is in this and so is Nicole Kidman (no introduction needed) so I’m living for the wonderful female acting.


Harry Styles Live – In April I saw my husband ehem Harry Styles live in concert! I was hesitant at first to buy tickets, but once I saw seats were still available after the fan buying frenzy, I jumped into action. He put on such a good show! I’m so proud of him! It felt so nostalgic too because he played at the same arena One Direction played at in about 2011/2012, and it was just such a nice full circle moment.

This stunningly beautiful and distracting notebook is from Urban Outfitters in London if you were looking to purchase your own.

Sam Smith’s The Thrill of It All – After two of my best friends recommended me Sam Smith’s new album, I finally sat down and gave it a listen – and I am completely hooked. I’ve always liked Too Good at Goodbyes because it was played so much on the radio, but I had an almost religious experience listening to One Last Song and don’t get me started on Pray and HIM. I’ve always liked Sam Smith and his music, but now we stan.


Commonwealth Games prac – In April I finally completed my two week university prac where we reported on the Comm Games. I was a venue reporter which meant I was driving to and from the Gold Coast, getting to go into the venues and watch the sports, and even interview the athletes afterwards. I was so stressed in the lead up to it, and it was hectic to begin with, but I really felt like I came into my own throughout it and it ended up being a really valuable experience that I got a lot out of. It’s definitely one of the biggest projects I’ve done through university, so I feel super accomplished to have completed it!

So those were the highlights of what felt like an incredibly long, but fulfilling, April! What are some of your April favourites? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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  1. I wasn’t aware Colourpop did makeup brushes 😛 Those two blender brushes sound really good and such a bargain at $6! The Comm Games stuff you did sounds awesome, you’ll remember that forever x

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  2. I hear such good things about ColourPop all the time I think I just need to bite the bullet and put through an order – I also saw Harry in Melbourne in April! How fantastic was he?? Loving that journal too!! x

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