May Favourites

It took three separate attempts for me to nail down the main image for this post. I kept getting the lighting wrong, every move I made when editing the previous tries looked over done, and then I considered throwing my hands up at the whole thing and perhaps, god forbid, not posting. Nevertheless, I persisted, and if that isn’t reflective of May than I don’t know what is. May brought us the pointy end of the semester, chock full of deadlines, assignments and internships. But May also gave me a bunch of new favourites to talk about, from makeup to music, television and more, and so as stressful as they are, I love these kind of months. Give this post a “like” if you enjoy it, and let’s get into the May Favourites!


Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Fair Neutral) – I finally got my hands on the concealer that every beauty guru and their dog recommends. One of my friends actually bought this online, swatched it and saw it was too light, and then gave it to me! What a score. I know we already know this, but this concealer is amazing. I love it. Hands down. It’s so full coverage, blends exceptionally well and stays on all day, plus it has a nice tropical scent which is an added bonus. However, there is a however. Since it’s so full coverage and thick, it will crease on your skin if you put it in certain areas. For example, I put this on my forehead and by the end of the day it had emphasised my fine lines there like never before. Same goes for my smile lines around my mouth. So, to combat this, I now only use this under my eyes, down my nose and on my chin, and I also only use it when I really need it as it’s quite full on for an everyday look.


Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush – Whenever I try and blend concealer out around my eyes, my bulky beauty blender just can’t do the job properly as it can’t get into the nooks and crannies. “I need like, a little buffing brush…” I thought, “a little concealer buffing brush. I wonder if I have one.” Yes, you do. I bought my Zoeva brushes years ago and use a bunch of them every single day, but there are a couple I just don’t have a need for – until now! I’m so damn happy I rediscovered this brush I already own. It’s absolutely perfect as it just effortlessly blends and buffs out concealer in the inner corner of my eyes, under my eyes and around my nose. Brushes like this probably aren’t as ground breaking to some people, but if you’re in my position, go check your left over brushes you once deemed useless, as you might find a purpose for them!

MAC ‘Del Rio’ Lipstick – I’ve mentioned this lipstick before, but I’m mentioning it again. The weather is finally getting cold, and I feel like I can pull off heavier, darker makeup better in Winter. Del Rio is one of my go-to shades during this time of the year. It’s deep plum is a stunning ‘not a purple, not a red, not a brown’ shade, but rather just a beautiful warm hue of colour on the lips. Since I don’t really want to make my lips bigger than they are, I’m not the type to overdraw them or even use lip liners at all. I tend to run my pinky finger over the bullet of lipsticks, especially if they’re dark like this, and blend them into my lip balm for a natural stain of colour. So try that technique out if you’re hesitant to venture into darker shades as it’s a good way to start with them and make them wearable, even for daytime!


Zoella Wonder Hand Moisturiser – Even though I love Winter, my skin doesn’t, and it goes ridiculously dry in response. My hands are notorious for going red and almost flakey, so I try every moisturiser I own in an attempt to control them. The one moisturiser which actually fixes my skin instead of just sitting on top of the dryness? My Zoella moisturiser that I bought two years ago. I don’t know ingredient helps so much, either the Vitamin E, Shea Butter or Aloe it talks about on the back, but it lives up to its name and literally does wonders. It’s my trusty go-to that has become all faded from sitting on my bedside table in the sun, which is proof I use it every night!



Earrings – These earrings don’t have a name so we’re going with the creative label of ‘earrings’, but I love them! One of my close friends Molly bought them for me for my birthday earlier this year and I’m surprised by how wearable they are. The wood with the baby pink makes them perfect for every day and the shapes are gorgeous. I love wearing high collars with necklaces and earrings during Winter, so these are definitely getting their wear time!


Arctic Monkeys Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino – This album. This album. I’ve listened to this album for the entirety of May, and I know I will for the rest of the year. I’ll be honest, I only really know of their previous album AM, so I can’t give an in depth music review, but I like this sound a lot. It’s like AM but on a different level and extended, which I guess it how every band wants to evolve? Was AM going to be hard to top? Yes, but I love this album in a different way. My most played songs from Tranquility Base are definitely Star Treatment, Four out of Five and She Looks Like Fun.


The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (Season 2) – While I’ve only seen two episodes of this series so far, I love it. Episode 1 was incredible. Funnily enough, I’ve only seen the first episode of Season 1, which was The People V O.J Simpson and I loved that as well. The first episode’s set everything up so amazingly and show the climax of the crimes so wonderfully while the rest of the season works backwards up to that moment. I really hope the rest of Versace is just as great as its beginning. From the casting to the directing to the grand beach side Versace villa and the colourfulness of 90s Miami paired with the shooting, it’s just all really well done. I’d definitely recommend it if it’s something you’re interested in seeing!


Google Chrome Cast – I forgot to take a picture of this as it’s currently plugged into my TV, but my sister bought me a Google Chrome Cast after getting one for herself, and it has changed my television set up for good. What it does is project whatever is on your laptop screen to you television, but then you can navigate away and still use your laptop while whatever program you’re casting continues to play. You can ever shut your laptop completely and it will still stream. The first thing we watched in ultra HD on the telly was RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 streamed from Stan, and I almost cried at how clear it was. Now I can watch my queens in all their glory! So if you want to put stuff on your TV but don’t want to pay for more devices to be hooked up to your telly or you just want to multitask with a bigger screen, check these out!


Chat 10 Looks 3 Live – This month I went and saw one of my favourite podcasts done live! Journalists Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb have a podcast called Chat 10 Looks 3 where they discuss books, television, radio, movies, food, politics, everything! They’re best friends who are ridiculously smart and funny, so it’s always a good time. I went to their Brisbane show with my sister and it was amazing! They’re so lovely to listen to and it just felt like you were hanging out with friends for the night.

Winery – In May I went to a winery and it was so good. From the tastings in the morning to the delicious lunch, to looking at all the scenery and spending the day with my family, it was wonderful! More of this please!

Internship – To cap it off, in May I completed a two week internship at ABC. It was so interesting to see how it all worked, to meet people, and gain more real world experience! I’m also really happy with how helpful my university is at helping us get placements. I’m in my final year so it’s a stressful time career wise, but so far so good!

So that was May! What are some of your May Favourites? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

All the love,



12 thoughts

  1. Lovely post, I love the taste shape tape too. but I agree, it creases like crazy, that’s why I don’t wear it that often! I love Arctic Monkey’s latest album too, it’s amazing!! Those earrings are just stunning!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely LOVEEEE your photos! So cute!!! 🙂 I have been looking for a hand moisturizer and now I really want to try out Zoella’s! What type of scent does it have?

    xoxo Wild4makeup


  3. I’ve just recently bought my first Zoeva brushes and I have to say that I’m super impressed with the quality.
    Going to see Arctic Monkeys next month <333


  4. I’m scared of dark lip shades so I’ll def have to try your little lip balm technique, thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂 & those earrings are to die for! I’ve never heard of the Google Chrome Cast thing but it sounds amazing!
    I’ve never been to a winery but it sounds so fun & relaxing. I love the photo of you there. You’re beautiful & that top is really cute!!
    & an internship at ABC?! Wow! Congrats, girl!


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