June Favourites

It’s July! We’re half way through the year! *Cue that crack of thunder sound effect that happens right before the queens lip-sync on Drag Race*. Instead of audibly gulping at our New Years resolutions which have been left in the dust (or have they? Comment below if you’re still kicking on with your resolutions to inject some motivation into this place), let’s take a moment to reflect on the month that was. For me, June started on a win with the mid semester university break officially beginning, and I celebrated by heading out and seeing my favourite drag queen perform live not a minute later. Throughout the month I dabbled with new beauty products, rugged up because it was bloody freezing at times, and used my new found free time to watch a bunch of movies and write about them. Give this post a “like” if you enjoy it, and keep reading to see my June Favourites! 


Finishing another semester of university – For once I feel the need to write this monthly favourites chronologically, so we’re starting from the top. I officially finished another semester of university, and the only thing that tops that statement is the fact I only have one left. One, that’s it, bam. It’s weird to think that by the end of the year I will have graduated. Moving on!

Trixie Mattel: Accessories Sold Separately – In the first week of June I went and saw one of my favourite drag queens live! I’ve loved Trixie since I saw her on Season 7 of Drag Race, so to follow her career and see her become so popular through YouTube’s UNHhhh and Viceland’s Trixie & Katya Show, to finally seeing her live was incredible. She sang her own country songs, she lipsynced, she danced, she played the guitar and she dragged her fellow queens. It was honestly one of the best nights of my life, no exaggeration. It kicked off #PrideMonth and I even bought myself her little Pop Vinyl doll later on and it has become such a sweet little reminder of something that is legitimately a 2018 highlight. 

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Beauty & Fashion

Colourful Eyeshadow – I was struck down with a cold not once but twice in June. With the double whammy making me feel lousy, I started trying to overcompensate for how I felt with how I looked. One night in my drugged up, paracetamol state while getting ready to go out for Indian (this story has a point, bear with me) I thought purple eyeshadow would be a good choice. Purple. Eyeshadow. Which I never wear. But! I loved how I looked? Who was she? Since then I’ve been dabbing more into fun colours, from experimenting with shade that for once aren’t orange and bronzes, to putting a shimmering pink along my waterline and somehow not looking like I have an eye infection. Maybe Pride Month subconsciously seeped its way into my makeup routine, or perhaps my dulled sinuses also dulled my insecurities surrounding wearing unconventional colours. Whatever the case may be, I’m sticking with this rainbow of shades for a while longer. 

That stunning purple shade Faso from the Juvia’s Place Magic Palette started this whole thing, while I’ve also been loving the pink shade ‘Warm Notes’ from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette.

Winter dressing – It’s finally cold in Queensland and I’ve been living my best life in all my turtlenecks, coats and jackets. I can’t stand Summer, so I absolutely love Winter and all the fashion and layering that comes with it. I’ve also noticed that just like my eyeshadow choices, my Winter wardrobe this year is way more colourful! I love this brighter trend as black, grey and maroon shades for the cooler months can become a bit humdrum. Our Winter are quite short lived, so I’m calling them a favourite because even as I’m writing this in early July, it’s already a little more humid!

Rubi Shoes Eden Gusset Boots – I’ve been loving the ultra glossy black boots trend, so when I saw a pair of Rubi Shoes ones originally $50 slashed to $25, I picked up a pair. I’m always hesitant to splash out on a trend if it’s just going to die soon, so a cheaper alternative you’re happy to wear and tear in before committing to a bigger purchase is always a good idea. I never really thought of Rubi Shoes quality as high, but I love these boots. They’re super sturdy, comfortable, and I just love how they look on me, plus the glossy finish pulls together any outfit to make it look a little bit more thought out! Unfortunately I think this black is sold out, but they have this taupe version left.


Film & TV

Ocean’s Eight – I always say I’ll go see *insert film here* at the movies, and by the time I finally make plans its run at the cinemas is over. But not this time! I finally saw Ocean’s Eight, a film I’ve been wanting to see since its incredible female cast was announced, and it was just as amazing as I expected it to be. It was funny, suspenseful, and it made me want to slink around beautiful museums in a stunning gown with Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Rihanna. I wrote that in the Instagram caption for this photo and it popped off, which was another favourite of mine. Was it my incredible photography? (No.) A much needed boost from The Almighty Algorithm™? Or the power of Cate Blanchett? Who knows.

Speaking of movies, I thought I’d mention my ‘Films To Watch This Pride Month‘ post I did a couple weeks ago here. Some I had already seen, like Priscilla, Paris Is Burning and Call Me By Your Name, but others like Carol and The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson were new additions and I loved them. Marsha is quite heavy, but Carol was just beautiful. I recommend any of the films I feature in that post, and overall I’m just really proud of how that post came together.

John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous – If you haven’t seen a video of John Mulaney doing stand up in your feed at some point in the last couple of months, you’ve been missing out. I never knew who he was until his incredible ‘Horse Loose in a Hospital’ sketch made the rounds online. He compares Trump in office to a horse being loose in a hospital, and the parallels are just as hilarious as they are terrifying. I found that video once and could never find it again, until I realised it’s from his hour long stand up special on Netflix called Kid Gorgeous. It’s incredible. His humour is so refreshing because he doesn’t rely on dirty jokes or swearing or anything. He’s just one hell of a good time and I recommend him to anyone. He did 5 sold out shows at Radio City and I’m so glad his show is now on Netflix. Now all I want is more!

So those were my June Favourites! If you enjoyed this post, give it a “like” so I know! What were some of your June Favourites? Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to know!

All the love,



7 thoughts

  1. 100% agree with your opinion on john mulaney. even when his jokes aren’t that funny his delivery makes up for it, and they’re usually hilarious which makes john = comedy gold. you should really search up “delta airlines john mulaney” if you haven’t watched it already and are in need of a good laugh!


  2. he also had another special on netflix called “comeback kid” not sure if it’s still on netflix but you maybe able to find it somewhere online


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