A Regretful Purchase

Do not be fooled by the glitter (I was lol) these brushes aren’t gold. In a dramatic turn of events, I am for once publishing a review that isn’t glowing. I’m being very harsh here, they’re brushes, they’re fine, but this write up is a reminder to myself for the next time I see a product online and think “is this too good to be true!?” Yes, it is. Let’s cut to the chase!

But first! My origin story, the one which led me to buying this seven piece set of two toned pink, liquified glitter brushes complete with a matching clutch.

Story time: It all started with Lime Crime, which should have been a warning in itself. A photo of these beautiful ‘Aquamarine‘ glitter filled brushes popped up in my Instagram feed months ago and I fell head of heels for them – until I didn’t.

Firstly, they were from Lime Crime, and while I want to overlook their problematic history, I can’t. With such an oversaturated makeup market, I can’t bring myself to continue (or start) to support brands that are dodgy, no matter how cool and Venus-inspired their packaging is. Additionally, once converted to Australian dollars they’re $80. They’re probably good quality, but $80 (!!). Also, they are blue and I’m much more of a pink gal. If you want my cash money, make it a nice shade of millennial.

I should have retired this desire here. But like a woman on a mission, I persisted. I knew a similar product was out there. I found cheap versions on eBay, but this very helpful YouTube review compared the China dupes to the real Lime Crime ones and they don’t compare.

So I went on my merry way.

But then! I was woo’ed, by a damn Facebook ad no less.

These brushes from Showpo blinked at me from the side of my screen, and the blur of magenta was all I needed to click along. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the price, too. $29.95! For 7 brushes and a matching lil bag for all the travel I don’t do and all the nights out I don’t plan. Fab! Add to cart.

And then they arrived.

And they’re mostly good!

Except for the ones that leak.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I pulled them out of the bag and literally went “ah, oh dear.” I was looking at them all excited and then just felt this slightly slippery sensation and just knew. The YouTube video I linked above mentioned how the fake eBay brushes came with the oil inside already exploding, so I braced myself for the worst.

My brushes weren’t all bad! I knew straight away the main culprit was the dainty little fan brush I was most excited for, but I will survive (cries). I gave them all a wash and left them on my vanity for honestly a month. Does anyone else buy makeup, and once it arrives, you’re bored? It’s a gross feeling and one I think comes with spontaneous purchases, which I can truthfully say for me come few and far between. When I do make a spontaneous yet disappointing purchase, I’m so baffled I write a whole essay on it.

Furthermore, it got worse.

Once I did start playing with the brushes again, I noticed it wasn’t just the fan that was leaking, but also the cute little tapered blending eyeshadow brush – another brush I knew I’d get a lot of use out of. Finally, I also noticed the tiny tapered blending brush was a dud too, and I threw my hands up in defeat.


Even taking these photos was a mess!

I worked up a proper sweat during this 5 minute shoot. The sun was blinding. I couldn’t see my screen. My phone was hot. The slinky fan brush left an oil patch on my trusty pink background but it’s FINE because I’m on the hunt for different shades anyway. It’s fine (eye twitch). This entire process was a mess but what was reaffirmed to me was that iPhone portrait modes take the most stunning photos.

I’m going to chuck those slippery three, which leaves me with four, which I’m not mad about – except they are odd brushes which I’m confused on their purpose of. The two big ones left are useful but very similar, and the two smaller ones are so stiff and long, so I can’t really figure out their main use, but I’ll find a way.

The quality of the surviving four? Really good! They wash well, they dry well, they apply product well. Plus, they’re super pretty.

So what have we learnt? If it’s too good to be true, that’s probably the case. I know Showpo aren’t known for their fine quality goods, but I wanted those brushes dammit. I’m glad I bought them because I got it out of my system, but I can’t see myself buying a gimmick beauty item like this for a long time, if ever.

If you enjoyed this review, please give this post a “like” so I know! Have you ever bought a makeup item you regretted? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know! I have an expensive eyeshadow palette I’m less than thrilled with, so if you enjoyed this negative review, I might do another!

All the love,


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  1. That’s so unfortunate because they’re so gorgeous!!! Ugh, I’ve some horrible online shopping experiences which has led me to not purchasing anything online for the last three years! Glad you still have a couple left though! xx

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    1. Oh wow three years is a while! I buy online when I want makeup from places like ColourPop and the rest haha because they’re so trustworthy! Yes I’m so glad I don’t have to chuck them all out! I hope your next online purchase comes in one piece 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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