Colourpop Foundation & Pressed Powder Review

There’s a couple of new kids on the Colourpop block! After the success of their amazing No Filter Concealer which I adore using, the brand has delved deeper into the world of complexion products and released not just an extensive line of foundations with 42 varied shades to choose from, but also pressed powders and loose versions too. Since I loved their concealer, heard incredible (and credible) reviews on YouTube, and saw I didn’t have much to lose with their products being so easily affordable, I ordered myself some goodies the day they launched! I’ve been testing them out for a couple weeks now, so enjoy my review below to see my true thoughts on this dynamic duo, if I think they’re worth it, and whether you should make an order yourself!

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No Filter Natural Matte Foundation – On the Colourpop website this foundation is $12 USD, which for me translates to roughly $16.25 AUD. In Australia my trusty affordable Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is $19.95 full price at Priceline, so even after the conversion the Colourpop one is still a couple dollars cheaper.

No Filter Sheer Matte Pressed Powder – On the Colourpop website these pressed powders are $9 USD, which translates to roughly $12.20 AUD. A Maybelline Pressed Power is around $14.95 full priced, and my ride or die Revlon Colourstay Pressed Powder is $34.95 full priced (except I barely ever buy it full priced, I stock up during those killer 50% off Chemist Warehouse sales.) So even after the currency conversion the Colourpop products are still a little cheaper.


However, there’s a reason they’re cheaper, and it’s not just because it’s Colourpop. You do get slightly less makeup in these products compared to what I’m traditionally used to. Every single foundation I have ever bought has always had 30ml of product. I always buy affordable brands of foundation, so I’m not sure if more expensive brands give you a couple more mls. However, the Colourpop No Filter Foundation has 25ml of product. I don’t mind this slight decrease as there is still heaps of product, and since the formula is thin, blends so easily and I only need one pump to cover my entire face, I don’t feel like you’re being ripped off.

Now onto the Pressed Powder, and this one is definitely on the smaller size. The Colourpop No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder has just 5.5g of product, when my go-to Revlon Colourstay one has 8.4g, so there’s a difference. The smaller product also feels a bit weird to hold and to also use. The compact and the size of the pan is the exact same as their pressed highlighters, blushes and bronzers. With something like a highlighter or a blush, I’m not using a lot of product on my face at a time. However since I’m someone who loves setting my entire face with powder, I do fear when I use this Colourpop one that I’m suddenly going to hit pan.

The difference in product amount is greatest in the Loose Setting Powder which I didn’t actually buy, but I thought I would mention it here anyway. I saw Thomas Halbert mention in his review how tiny the packaging is and how you don’t get as much product compared to other brands. He compared the USD $9 Loose Setting Powder tub which gives you 8.5 grams of product with the popular USD $38 Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder which has 28g of product. So even though Colourpop is cheaper, it’s helpful to take note of how much you’re getting.

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No Filter Natural Matte Foundation – I love the packaging of this foundation! I think the stars are super cute but the overall vibe still stays quite minimalistic and even chic looking. I love foundations in glass bottles as opposed to squishy tubes, so I’m really happy that even though Colourpop is affordable, they still made their foundation packaging really solid and up there. This foundation also comes with a pump, which I’m so happy about! I always have to unscrew my Maybelline Fit Me bottle and shakily tip some onto the back on my hand. Sometimes too much comes out, then I have to try and put some back, but with a pump you get the same amount every time and don’t waste it. This bottle doesn’t have a lid, so it’s a bit odd to see a pump with no lid, however if you turn the pump nozzle to the side, it locks and no foundation will pump out. Overall I really love the entire packaging.


No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder – This is a different story. While the foundation bottle feels lovely and heavy and doesn’t reflect its affordable price point, the powder compact is super lightweight, thin and small. I don’t hate it by any means, but it just doesn’t wow me. The stripe pattern is also a little random. Since they have stars on their foundation bottle, wouldn’t it make sense to have a couple stars on their powder compact? I know they have stars on their empty compacts you can buy for your blushes, highlighters and bronzers, so maybe that’s why they had to change the design. You do get a full sized mirror inside the compact and it’s a great quality mirror so that’s a bonus!



No Filter Natural Matte Foundation – I’ll come right out and say that I love this foundation. It’s a perfect match to my skin tone and Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade 110 Porcelain, which I was able to figure out using Temptalia’s Shade Matrix which Colourpop was promoting the use of when their foundations launched! My editing definitely makes the shade look darker in these pictures, but in real life it’s wonderful for a pale girl like me. It’s a runny formula that allows it to blend super easily and evenly. It’s coverage is medium. I wouldn’t say it’s light because it does a great job, but I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near heavy as sometimes the unevenness and redness around my nose does peak through if I don’t blend it properly enough. It’s definitely more matte than dewy, but it’s not a dry feeling or looking foundation, which is something I love. However, I still use powder to set any of my foundations as I just can’t bare the thought of wearing a foundation and nothing else on top, plus powders allow other products like blush and highlight to blend. The wear time on this foundation is also incredible. It looks amazing in the morning and looks just as great hours later. Overall, the Colourpop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation is exactly that, it’s a natural looking matte foundation which I love wearing on a daily basis, and it provides a great base for heavier concealers for times where I need more coverage but don’t want to look cakey.

No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder – I’m a little on the fence about this powder. It’s okay, but nothing has yet topped my Revlon Colourstay Pressed Powder. That powder is pigmented and gives my skin a lot more coverage. This Colourpop Pressed Powder is definitely on the sheerer side like it promises. I think it does a good job at setting my skin, but it just doesn’t have a real kick to it and excites me or adds that beautiful, filter like effect to my skin like Revlon’s powder does.

Final Thoughts – Would I recommend these?

In conclusion! I would 100% recommend giving the foundation a go if you’re interested in it. It’s affordable enough to give a whirl, there are heaps of shades, the packaging is lovely quality and I’ve seen a lot of people really enjoy it. However, the pressed powder is quite meh. I’ll definitely keep using it as I have it, but it didn’t knock my socks off. It’s quite small, which doesn’t help its average, slightly underwhelming performance. But since it’s so affordable, there’s no harm in adding it to your cart to test it out for yourself if you’re interested in it!

So those were my thoughts on some of Colourpop’s newest complexion products! Have you tried either the foundation or the powder? What were your thoughts on them? Tell me below in the comments, I’d love to know! I’m hoping to do one of my Beauty Profiles on Colourpop Cosmetics in the next few weeks as I’ve been wanting to for literally months on end, but the brand just keeps pumping out so many products! Either way, more Colourpop chatter is coming.

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  1. It only takes you one pump of foundation for your whole face!? It takes me at least three with this foundation, do you apply with a brush or a sponge?
    I love the packaging, the little starts are so cute!

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