Out of Office

If you’re a dedicated reader of mine, 1) thank you so much and 2) you would have read at the end of my July Favourites that I’m going on a bit of a blogging break! Since I’m in the middle of my final semester of university, things are ramping up and I can’t properly commit to my blog at the moment (even though I would much rather be writing eyeshadow palette reviews than writing essays). I’ve decided to take the rest of August and all of September off from blogging as my calendar is full of assessment up until about October. I wanted to write this little update so the weeks don’t go by with no explanation of the silence! This is the longest break I’ll take from this blog since I started it back in late 2015, and while I’m a little antsy about holding myself back from posting, I’m also really excited for October and what it brings! I also want to ‘announce’ here that while I’m taking a break from blogging, I’m not going on an entire social media hiatus. Follow my Instagram @jessica_riga where I’ll still be posting as normal, and due to this break I’m even more active on my Stories and will post monthly favourites and other lil’ musings there!

So with that, see you in October!

All the love,



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