Why Every Creative Should Take a Break

If I had to summarise in one word how I’ve felt in the last month it would be antsy. I forced, yes forced, myself to stop blogging for just over a month while I weathered the storm that was my final semester of university. I swapped writing lengthy reviews on eyeshadow palettes for essays, and took photos of news events instead of messy makeup flatlays. However, now that the worst has passed and the skies a looking a lot clearer, I’m back! I think in our social media society we all fall into the trap at some point and think if we’re not dragging our feet in exhaustion and somehow ‘doing it all’, we’re obviously just not working hard enough. That’s not true! Sometimes (and well, most of the time) to do your best you have to start doing less, and I’m really glad I figured that out now before it was too late and all the balls I tried to keep in the air came crashing down. I thought instead of jumping right into a typical beauty related post of mine I would instead talk about what I learnt from my time away from something I love, and why I think every creative should do the same.

It’ll Reinvigorate Your Passion

While reinvigorate is a very dramatic, Neutrogena-esque word, it feels so right in this context. Until now I had not stopped blogging for weeks on end since I started back in late 2015. Every year I do experience a bit of a creative lull, but I usually just push past it. However, I’ve now realised that it’s really beneficial to listen to yourself and take a break if you’re just not feeling whatever you spend your creative time doing, or you don’t have enough time to properly work on it. Now that I’ve had a break and don’t have university assignments breathing down my neck, I get so much more enjoyment from taking photos, writing my posts, and watching them come together.

It’ll Make You Miss What You Do

I thought getting back into the swing of things would be hard, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. As soon as I stopped blogging around August, ideas for new posts were still popping into my head. I wrote them down in notebooks, in my phone, and on my laptop. By the time I sat down to properly plan out the next few weeks of posts, I had enough ideas for content for the next 2 months. I’m really happy that even though I took a break, the inspiration for new ideas still came to me. Plus, I missed blogging so much. I love taking photos and writing about things, but I also love sharing what I’ve done. So to not do that for a while made me feel like a horse trapped in the gates before a race. Now that I’m back, I feel like the starting gun has gone off and I can finally share all these ideas and energy I’ve had stored up.

It’ll Change Your Perspective On What You Do

If you’re never stopping to take stock of what you’re doing, you can definitely fall into a routine. Most of the time that routine means I can work really efficiently. But it also means I felt like I was working with blinkers on and was only looking in front of me and never pausing to review my own work (also, didn’t mean to have a second horse reference in one post). Taking a break means I thought about what I wanted to do more of, toyed with new ideas, and found inspiration in places I never had before.

So that’s why I think every creative should take a break from time to time! What are your thoughts on the perception that if you’re not doing it all, you’re not doing enough? I think it’s such an interesting topic for young people! I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave me a comment below. Also if you enjoyed this post, give it a “like” so I know.

Regularly scheduled beauty programming will resume on this blog shortly! I have a big makeup haul coming up next that I’m so excited to crack into.

All the love,





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