NARS Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette Review

WARNING: If you were hoping I’d talk you out of dropping a motza on this palette, this is not the review for you. This is one of my favourite things I’ve ever owned, so the next 800 words is going to be purely me just drooling over it. Let’s begin! If you enjoy this review or find it helpful, please give this post a ‘like‘ so I know, and let’s get into it!


We’ll start with the only downside about this palette, it’s hefty price. In Australia the NARS Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek Palette costs a neat $86 from Mecca Maxima. A moment of silence for our bank accounts.

When I first saw this I immediately scratched it off my mental wish list. I’ve never bought a NARS palette like this because they’re just so expensive and high end and beautiful. But after looking at it online every day, screenshotting photos of it on Instagram, and watching multiple YouTube reviews and loving the look of it, I thought, well, why the hell not?

After doing the hard yards and submitting the bulk of my assessment for my final semester of university, I allowed myself to run loose into Mecca and properly look at it. I swatched it, analysed it, fell in love with it, and promptly added it to my basket, all the while blissfully ignoring its price.

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Before I get into the shades, I just want to mention that the packaging of this palette is just as beautiful. To reflect the bronze tones inside, the outside is this stunning orange ombre that looks so different in certain lights and looks like a literal sunset amongst your makeup. In typical Nars fashion, the rest of it is black, high quality, and carries that sturdy weight that all expensive products have. Gah, I love it. I’m holding it right now.



Now into the good stuff! What I adore about this palette is that it’s not just another bronze eyeshadow palette. Are the colours revolutionary? No. Are they the best quality shadows I’ve ever tried and that high standard is visible on my eyelids? YES.

Let’s start with the shades. Atomic Blonde has four eyeshadow shades; Icon is a classic champagne shimmer, Isolde II is a radiant, sparkling copper, Kink is a vibrant, gilded gold and Galapagos is a warm, chocolate-brownie tone with ripples of rich gold glitter. When I first saw this palette I thought ‘WOW! Except I wish there was a matte brown.’

UTILISE THE BRONZER, FOOL. I saw a makeup artist use the bronzer in this palette as a matte brown crease shade and my mind spun. What a ripper of an idea. I love using whatever bronzer I wear as an eyeshadow as it just looks cohesive and minimalistic, so I was quickly sold.

L – R: Swatches of Icon, Isolde II, Kink and Galapagos.

Now I need to talk about the eyeshadows and how they work together. Icon and Isolde II are absolutely beautiful when paired together. Kink thought? Kink is everything. Never has the word ‘dimension’ been more appropriate. It’s a chunkier, different formula to the others and it shows. It’s not a ‘glittery’ shade, it just literally sparkles. Glide this across your lids and let the compliments roll in. Galapagos is perfect for darkening up the outer crease and the glitter doesn’t get in the way, it’s just like a whisper of sparkle. I feel like a makeup artist when I use this palette. I feel like a model afterwards. THAT is the effect this palette gives you. I wish I was being dramatic, I’m not.

Now to the face products. The bronzer in this palette is called Unleashed, while the highlighter is called Last Call. I kind of suck at describing bronzer and highlighter shades, but I definitely think the bronzer is buildable, meaning you can start off light and keep adding to it if you want a darker tone. Also the density of the brush you use can change how pigmented powders apply. I’m very fair, so I tend to use a fluffy angled brush to apply bronzers just so I don’t end up with big brown blotches on my face.


Now, we need to talk about the highlighter in this palette. It’s so beautiful, but it doesn’t really look like it until you put it on your face. When I swatched it on my hand in store I wasn’t blown away entirely. It’s not a BECCA highlighter that’s like ‘BAM!’ But my god, when you dust this over your skin, you’re glowing. You’re, dare I say, lit from within. This highlighter is so fine and thin that when it’s on your skin, it looks like a natural glow. I put it along my cheekbones, up around my temples, on the side of my forehead, down my nose, on my cupid’s bow, in my inner corners (although Icon is incredible for that) – I literally dust is everywhere because you just can. You won’t look like a disco ball, you’ll look like a summer, glowing goddess. (If you’re only a fan of blinding highlighters, maybe try this on in store to see the effect on your skin for yourself!)

All in all, I love this palette. I love that I’m able to use every single shade, I love how cohesive they all are together, and even though it’s not full of different shades, I’ve been able to create a multitude of looks, from simple ones to way more dramatic looks. Because every single part of this palette just works for me, it’s entirely worth the $86. If you want it, get it.

So that’s my review on the NARS Atomic Blonde palette! If you found this review helpful, please give this post a ‘like‘ so I know! What are your thoughts on this palette? Let me know in the comments below!

All the love,

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