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I’ve been struck down with some type of flu, rain is predicted for the foreseeable future and has subsequently washed out any plans of sunshine-filled flatlays, and I don’t want to post two eyeshadow palette reviews in a row. So with that I present a new, deliberately vague series appropriately called My Thoughts on Things. I’ve fallen out of routine with my Monthly Favourites, much to the dismay of myself and two of my friends who have gone out of their way to tell me those are their favourite kind of posts of mine. I’ll get back into them eventually! But right now I just feel thrown out of whack, and since the year is ending in a couple of months (screams), I’ll have a huge ‘yearly favourites’ post to make up for skipping a bunch. Right now, I just want to settle down and discuss things, whether they be horrible political decisions or the exciting launch of a new SPF moisturiser.

The Absolute Dumpster Fire Decision to Swear In Brett Kavanaugh

Starting this series on a super positive topic, wow! Just like the (hopefully) millions of women (and hopefully a lot of men??), I’m angry. I’m angry that something that got so much coverage and attention ended up turning out exactly like how we all feared it would and prayed it wouldn’t. I’m exhausted that this keeps happening. What makes this whole thing worse is that while we fantasise about the day Trump gets impeached or count down the days until he’s out of office, Kavanaugh’s new job is for life. I want to cry, so I can’t imagine how Americans, especially American women, are feeling. If you happen to be an American and are reading my blog, exit out of here immediately and go register to vote for November 6th. And if your name is Dr Christine Blasey Ford, thank you for standing up for women everywhere.

Kanye Visits Trump In What’s Another Glitch In The Simulation

This meeting was… a lot. I don’t really know where to start. West said his red MAGA cap makes him feel “like a superhero.” We found out Kanye’s iPhone password is 000000. He went from calling out George W Bush in 2005 for not caring about black people, to hugging this disgrace. I miss Kanye’s Twitter, and that’s about it. I saw a tweet that said this Halloween white frat boys will be donning red caps and blackface for a Kanye costume, and Kanye will be defending them. I want to get off this ride.

People Got Mad About Celine And I Had to Google Why

Quickly labelled “a huge f**k you” to women everywhere, the outrage of Celine’s newest collection went over my head, so I had to catch up. Turns out it was the first collection from new artistic director Hedi Slimane, a French photographer and fashion designer who was previously at the helm of Dior then YSL. Besides ditching the iconic accent from Celine (just like he did with the Yves from Yves Saint Laurent), Slimane’s collection of rock ‘n’ roll-esque mini skirts and tight, skimpy dresses is a stark difference from the work of former British artistic director Phoebe Philo, whose designs encapsulated the female gaze in fashion with her clean lines and minimalism. She created clothes for women who wanted to dress for themselves, and no one else.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, 87 of the super slim 96 models were white, and it was only when the show was three quarters of the way through did a model of colour make an appearance. The show also took place on the same day as the Kavanaugh hearings in Washington, which didn’t add to the mood. After reading up on this all, I get it. As Diet Prada yet again so accurately put it, Slimane picked up right where he left off at YSL. Click through to see the strikingly similar resemblance, and if you listen closely, you’re able to hear the cries of Celine fans around the world.

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In last night's @celine show , Hedi Slimane picks right back up where he left off at @ysl .  TBH, did we expect anything else?  Hedi is a branding virtuoso with a focused, but narrow repertoire of retro club kid looks. With the likes of Anthony Vaccarello and Alexandre Vauthier churning out more elevated mega-watt 80s-inspired collections in recent years, Slimane's now look high-street by comparison.  A few sharply tailored XXL shouldered looks stole the show, but most glaring was the fact that it took 30 exits to see a model of color.  While he has a way of unearthing our hidden desires from time to time (all the financial reports from his tenure at Saint Laurent will attest to that), the white youth obsession is something we definitely won't be buying into lol.  LVMH is banking on the $limane dollars, but apparently not the creativity. We were hopeful and prepared to be surprised, but seeing the new season thumbnail on the Vogue Runway app stacked ahead of all of Phoebe's glorious collections for Céline reminds us to always remain cynical. • #celine #hedislimane #lvmh #saintlaurent #ysl #anthonyvaccarello #yvessaintlaurent #phoebephilo #retro #glam #club #clubkid #vintage #80s #newwave #rocknroll #dejavu #sequins #ruffles #minidress #ootd #wiwt #pfw #parisfashionweek #dietprada

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Shane Dawson For Once Makes A Documentary Series I Struggle To Care For

I never knew who Jake Paul was because I’m not a 10-year-old boy. I’ve heard of Logan, but only because he vlogged a dead body and mocked it. People were all up in arms about Jake Paul being the subject of Shane’s newest series, which in the past made millions of people think more positively about polarising beauty guru Jeffree Star (myself included, lol, but I could talk about that for ages). We’re nearing the end of the series and I’m not feeling positive or negative towards Jake, I just feel bored? The sociopath stuff was kind of interesting but so dramatised and got way out of hand when everyone was diagnosing each other in the comments section. What I did find super interesting was how both his parents are on YouTube, and how his relationship with his older brother Logan has all contributed to who Jake is. I need the finale to drop a huge truth bomb, because right now we’ve been promised so much tea that Shane has recommended us to “get a mop”, so if I’m left with anything less, it’ll feel anti-climatic.

Manny Mua Returns to YouTube With a Documentary About Himself

Oh my goodness, a mess. I can’t recap the beauty guru drama from this past year because there isn’t enough time in the world, but after a month of digital silence, Manny is back. And he used his time away… to plan and film a three part documentary about himself? After the success of Shane Dawson’s documentary format, and the fact that his series on Manny’s ex-BFF Jeffree Star received in total 96 million views, I can’t act surprised. I won’t watch his series, but I’ve seen some clips from drama channels of it and it’s all just so biased. There’s a very “candid” scene in a car where the interviewer asks the most one sided question (and I quote): “Why do you think people are painting it like you’re the one that’s always benefitting? That you’re the one going from friend to friend, collab to collab, when in reality everyone has grown together at the same time? I’ve never really understood that, like why are other people getting a pass and you’re not?” LOL. Manny’s parents appear to play a huge part in the series, and the use of them just feels wrong? Every word from everyone just seems very scripted. All in all, you can’t produce a doco about yourself and pretend it’s not biased. I don’t know the perfect way to come back to social media after you’ve been burned, but this isn’t it.

Zoe Foster Blake Launches SPF Moisturiser Four Damn Years In The Making

Onto more positive things! Zoe Foster Blake’s skincare brand Go-To has just released their much anticipated daily moisturiser called Zincredible with added SPF15. It took them four freaking years to perfect the formula, making sure it wasn’t gluggy, tacky or left a white cast, while making sure it was super hydrating, easy to blend, sunk into the skin quickly and a bunch of other zincredible qualities. I’ve added the post Zoe made that follows their four year email trail to getting this product done right, and it’s so interesting to see. I love how transparent they are, and I love how dedicated they are to making GOOD STUFF, instead of just following trends to make quick money. I’m on a makeup buying ban so I haven’t purchased my own yet, but this is skincare, so I’m making an exception.

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. TELL YOUR FACE TO GET EXCITED! Our Go-To daily moisturiser with antioxidants and physical broad spectrum SPF 15 arrives this week. Oh, she’s a beauty. Super-hydrating, protective, anti-ageing, clean, beautiful to wear, and incredible under makeup: put it on and get on with your damn day! Yow! It’s a huge thrill to be launching something we’ve worked so hard on. Creating clean SPF products (yes, plural: there are more to come, like her high-strength big brother) has been a huge professional challenge, as a handful of the zillions of emails between myself and my two exceptional formulators, Angela and Pete demonstrates. Why so hard? 1. Making anything with SPF is VFT (very fucking tricky) 2. Using zinc oxide – we only use physical/mineral UV filters as they’re non-irritating, photostable and ideal for sensitive skin – amplifies that by 1000 3. Avoiding silicones, synthetics, and chemical UV filters – the Go-To standard – but still having a product that feels great and is breathtaking under makeup further amplifies that by 100,000. But it’s always worth it. We take the long, hard road because you trust us to make useful, effective products that make you happy, and won’t piss your skin off. Friends, I believe we’ve made something very special. And I can’t friggen wait for you to try it. Available at 04.10.18. #gotoskincare @gotoskincare Ps Please note that first email was before we even launched in 2014 😳

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Zoella (Correction – Zoe Sugg) Releases a Hosting Book And I Have A Lot of Questions

From one Zoe to another. Let me preface this by saying I was the biggest Zoella fan. I loved her, watched all her videos, owned a bunch of her beauty products and even read not one but two of her ghostwritten Girl Online YA novels (first one was subpar, second one had a surprisingly good plot.) I even wrote an entire university assignment on her in early 2016. But her newest, non-fiction lifestyle book Cordially Invited has me confused. I’ve read and watched a bunch of reviews, and it appears Zoe’s new book on how to “make an occasion out of every day” kind of just tells you how to make special occasions special? For instance, the Christmas section of the book recommends you pick a tree and decorate it. I thought it would be packed with ideas on how to make the ordinary special, like the motto on the cover suggests. I also don’t really understand who the target audience is. It’s a book about how to be a party hostess, but the majority of her demographic is quite young so I can’t see heaps of teens firing up their own BBQ and styling a rose gold bar cart for a garden party with their friends. Except, the older demographic it is better suited for doesn’t really need a book on hosting when they’re more likely to Google ideas for free? There are a lot of DIYs in the book I’ve never seen Zoe make, and heaps of recipes I’ve never seen her cook. This review on ripped it to shreds, while this Zoella fan echoed my thoughts and said its too much of a cook book with not enough advice or interior decorating tips as promised. I’m sad she missed the mark because after her advent calendar fiasco, I was looking forward to her redeeming herself.

Beyond This Planet Beautiful Miss Fame Launches Miss Fame Beauty And My Order Is Already On Its Way

OH my lord. Miss Fame has launched her much anticipated makeup brand, and I’m loosing my damn mind. On the first day of DragCon NYC she launched five lipsticks and one ‘experimental glitter’ which can sit on top of any of the shades and transform them completely. My jaw dropped, my card was on hand, my order was placed. I had a dream two nights ago that my package arrived at my front door and someone had stolen the two lipsticks I ordered lmao. Just give them to me. Stressful dreams aside, I’m so freaking proud of Fame. Learning about her tremulous childhood on Drag Race and seeing her come out the other side and achieve great success is so heartwarming. I’m so excited for the future of her brand and to see how it will expand! While I wait for my package to arrive, I’ve been catching up on her tutorials, like her most recent one fittingly titled Divorce Court Makeup Look.

So those were my thoughts on a bunch of things that have been marinating away in my head recently. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post. I love beauty, but I don’t tend to share negative reviews, or even talking about things outside of the makeup world, even though I have a lot to say. Did you enjoy this different style of content as well? Tell me in the comments below so I don’t feel like a total #flop! Also, what are your thoughts on these things? I’m extremely keen to read them!

Until next time,

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