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It’s here! Beyond-this-planet-beautiful drag queen extraordinaire Miss Fame has finally launched her highly anticipated makeup line with the release of five creme lipsticks and one experimental glitter, which instantly transforms any shade into something multidimensional and other worldly. When the launch happened in September, I grabbed my card and ordered two lipsticks the day of the drop. While the 7 week wait time, 2 emails and one apparent lost order isn’t the glamorous start I’d hoped for (more on that further down), my package did finally arrive and I’m in love with what I’ve got. Let’s jump into the review, and if you enjoy it or find it helpful, don’t forget to give this post a “like” so I know. 

The Missing Order

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me panic about the fact that 5 weeks had passed and my order hadn’t shown up. I’ve been very fortunate to have never have a package go missing, so I held off emailing the company because a) they’re 100% brand new and I expected a few hiccups and b) I live in Australia, a long way away from their HQ in America. So to pass the time I sent out a tweet, not expecting another customer to see it, let alone be in the same situation as me!

I’m thrilled another customer replied to me because it prompted me to send my own email and receive the same response in reply. It got me thinking though – if I never emailed them to chase it up, would they have ever gotten in contact with me? In the reply email I was given a tracking number and saw they sent my new order out the day after I emailed them. Once it arrived a week or so later, I sent a follow up email because I still had heaps of questions. Here’s their response, and they came through with the receipts! I really appreciate the quick, detailed reply and think their customer service is amazing. Expected hiccups aside, I will still shop from Miss Fame Beauty in the future! Now let’s get into the good stuff. 


Onto the actual product! I think the packaging is great. It’s very Miss Fame – sleek, sexy, minimal, classic. They kind of look like bullets, they kind of look like vibrators, which Fame told Allure was kind of the point. The lids have a magnetic closure which is fancy, but because of the magnets inside you can’t stand these up closely on your vanity together as they recoil away from each other and topple over. On the other hand, they sometimes stick together, making them turn into a bundle in your makeup bag.

The lipsticks are incredibly light weight, and I mean they’re light. They look like they should be heavy but they aren’t. However, the lack of any weight at all of them kind of makes them feel a tiny bit cheap (for reference, both a MAC lipstick and a Colourpop lipstick are heavier, but a Rimmel lipstick is just as light). I hate saying that but to be completely honest, that was the first thing that I noticed when I first opened them from their cardboard boxes (which, by the way, have the most stunning picture of Fame on them.) Also, the silver bubble wrap envelope they come in reminds me of something from Pat McGrath and I love that. I know it’s a shipping envelope but I’m still keeping it. I also got a thank you card from the brand with a gorgeous picture of Fame on it, which is now stuck on my wall. I feel like they’re going to release different pictures in future for different collections or launches, and I’m 100% here for that. 10/10 for packaging across the board. 


You can only order Miss Fame Beauty products from their official website. I bought two lipsticks, How’s Your Head? and The Other Woman. Both cost $19.00 USD, which right now converts to $26.25 AUD. Shipping was $12 USD. I ignored the cost when I bought them but they are pricey. 


The Other Woman is a beautiful deep red that’s I love wearing more at night, while How’s Your Head? is a warm peachy pink that is perfect for everyday. Formula wise, I love these lipsticks. They’re super hydrating and creamy which means they have a slight sheen to them. They’re also super easy to build up, meaning you have go from having a soft wash of colour on your lips to building them up to full pigmentation. I don’t like thick, matte liquid lipsticks and prefer this traditional formula so much more, so I’m so glad Fame brought out lipsticks as her first product! I’ve already worn them a lot and I know going into Summer and Christmas time I’m going to get heaps of wear out of these shades. 


In short – I would recommend these! If you’re a fan of Miss Fame you’re going to absolutely love them. If you’re just in the market for a regular lipstick and don’t want to shop online, these aren’t a must buy. Their formula isn’t revolutionary, but it’s a formula I really love. They’re pricey, but they’re special. Also, since Christmas is around the corner, if you have a makeup lover/Drag Race fan you need to shop for, I recommend these as I think they would love them and really appreciate the thought!

Are you thinking of trying Miss Fame Beauty? Do you own anything from them? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know! Also don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed it or found it helpful!


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  1. I love Miss Fame, but I am not excited for her brand, if the brand comes in the Sephora, maybe I’ll try! Lovely review and I had a lost package from Colourpop too btw :p worst experience

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    1. Yes it’s always convenient to see the products in real life in store. I hope she’s one day able to expand into retail, that would be huge! Agh that’s so annoying, it’s so stressful chasing an order 😦 Thanks for reading lovely! x


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