Go-To Products Have Made Me Love My Skin


Honestly I could just leave this post with the title and you’d know exactly my thoughts on Go-To Skincare. This Christmas my sister hit it out of the ball park by getting me a giant box of Go-To goodies. I gasped as soon as I ripped back the wrapping paper, recognising their iconic peach packaging before I even saw the name. “Ohmygodnoyoudidn’t!!” was the first thing I said. Every day since late December I’ve been using Go-To, and while I feel like you should wait around a month before giving a final verdict on a new skincare product, I just can’t wait that long. The world needs to know how bloody good Go-To is.

A Brief Go-To History

For the unaware, Go-To Skincare was founded by beauty director/best-selling author/all round legend Zoë Foster Blake. After working in the industry for years, trying this, that and the other, and hearing what women used and wanted, Zoë created Go-To, skincare that’s “uncomplicated, effective, cruelty-free and natural.” Plus, everything smells amazing and looks even better. Go-To takes the guess work out of skincare and instead replaces it with a much needed dose of fun.

Properly Clean

A cleanser for a soft, perfectly clean face. $31

When I pressed the first pump of foam from this cleanser and gently rubbed it over my wet face, I was sceptical. I’m used to using my thicker (and I must stress gentle) QV body lotion (I know, why) to take my makeup off. I’m so used to really getting in there and feeling like I’m taking my makeup off. When I use Properly Clean, it feels like I’m rubbing a cloud on my face. ‘Uh I dunno if this is working,’ I thought in the shower. I have never been schooled so hard by a product in my life. I stepped out of the shower and not only was every inch of my makeup removed, my skin literally looked better than that morning. ‘Stop it,’ I whispered. When I went away on holidays I removed my makeup at the sink, and of course the same thing happened. But not only that, it made my skin look like I wasn’t even wearing makeup before. You know sometimes you take your makeup off and you look like you’ve just scrubbed your face? My skin looked so gentle, and even, and radiating. Like it had been kissed by a cloud, a Properly Clean cloud. There is an automatic (actually ‘automagic‘) re-order button on Go-To’s website which I’m now heavily considering opting into.



Daily moisturiser with sheer broad spectrum zinc oxide protection, plus antioxidants. $45

Say it with me: Wear 👏🏼 SPF 👏🏼 daily! 👏🏼 Zincredible has an SPF rating of 15 with mineral UVA (‘ageing’) and UVB (‘burning’) protection. It can be worn alone or under makeup, but it is not a sun screen! This is something for accidental sun, like when you’re out running errands, or in the car driving, or just going for a quick walk, those kind of things. If you’re going to the beach, wear a proper SPF 30 or 50 sunscreen. Back to Zincredible, the finish is glowy. That’s great, because it means you can whack it on and glow. However underneath makeup, I do still feel it. I’m not used to feeling something slightly heavier underneath my makeup, so it took me a few tries to get used to. I don’t use Zincredible every single day, like when I’m at home (out of the sun) and then going to work (again, out of the sun). But for days when I know there’s a chance I’ll be out and about, like grabbing brunch with a friend, I definitely reach for this. Plus, Go-To has made me look so radiating and summery and glowy that I don’t even feel the need to wear makeup. What a win-win!

It’s currently out of stock, and while you can sign up to be alerted when it’s back, you can check out their new tinted version.


Face Hero

A powerful and protective face oil. $45

Say hello to my favourite skincare product ever! I adore this stuff. I want to drip it over my entire body, but it’s $45 so I don’t. I think this is the biggest reason why I haven’t bothered wearing makeup recently, I want people to see how fantastic my skin looks! Look at it! Face Hero makes me look (and I’m sorry for using this word but) succulent. I look plump. Juicy. Radiating. Healthy. Glowing. A summer queen. It promises to “deeply hydrate, revitalise, soothe and tell dullness and uneven skin tone to buzz off,” and boy, it does. You can apply this AM and PM after treatment serums but before moisturiser. Plus, it has a natural fragrance to it which smells divine. Apply an oil to your face and neck (and heck, even your chest, go big) is such a soothing, calming, self care act too. I need 6 more bottles of Face Hero STAT.


Sheet mask. $9

Can’t actually review this sheet mask yet because I’m saving it for a couple weeks time when it’s my 21st birthday and I want my skin to look as new as a baby’s. But! Here’s what it promises to do, and if it performs as good as everything else I’ve tried from Go-To, good things will be coming my way. The serum-drenched sheet mask promises “luminous, plump, bright skin, fast” and is packed with superstar ingredients like  “kakadu plum (world’s richest source of Vitamin C; antibacterial and anti-inflammatory) finger lime (hydrating, brightening, supports collagen production) and tasmanian pepper leaf (vitamins C and E but also: holy shit is this a potent antioxidant) for bright, even-tone skin. Also featuring niacinamide (super brightening, hydrating and healing) and plenty of line-plumping and moisture-retention thanks to hyadisine.” I can’t freaking wait.


The Cutest (But Sadly Limited Edition) Gingham Bag

Okay since this was a Christmas gift set, you can’t actually buy this bag anymore, but look at it! I’m going to talk about it for a second because if they come back, they’re well worth the money. Firstly, they’re super cute. Secondly, they’re roomy af. Seriously, everything fits inside it but it’s still compact. I only use it for all my Go-To skincare now because a) it’s incredibly satisfying to use everything together and b) it’s too nice to let my makeup ruin the inside of it.


IN SHORT, Go-To is freaking amazing. Even though I love beauty products, skincare has never been something I’ve been super interested in. I grew up with acne and have gone on Roaccutane, leaving my skin needing only the most gentle products. I never stray from what my dermatologist recommends me (QV all the way) and when I look at all the expensive skincare with ingredients I don’t understand, I just can’t be bothered to spend money (and then KEEP spending money) on something that’s just all talk. Go-To has gently changed me. There’s no bullshit here, just products that are kind to my skin. While I don’t have acne anymore, I definitely think their products are worth a shot no matter what skin type you have.

“You like, gave me the gift of good skin,” I told my sister in the bathroom.

“I know right, I don’t know how I can top that next year,” she said.

I don’t know how either.


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