January Diary


I freaking loved January, and I didn’t think I would. January 2018 was spent galavanting around Florence, Italy with my friends, so the 2019 edition had big shoes to fill. It was exactly what I needed – time to chill tf out and recharge. Also, the beach. The friggen beach, man. I honestly can’t remember if I went to the beach or not in 2018, and towards the end of last year I was honestly yearning for it. I don’t even care how wanky that sounds. All my beach opportunities were stolen by university assignments, two-week long pracs or internships, so your girl was feeling incredibly Vitamin-Sea deficient. I definitely made up for it this month, even if I got sunburnt along the way (side note: bought a rashie, really happy with it).


Celebrating one of my best friend’s 21st was one of my favourite days of the month. She organised a fancy brunch of us all in the park along the river before we spent the rest of the day bobbing around in a pool listening to the Triple J Hottest 100.

I made my year long dream of buying myself a Gucci bag as a graduation gift a reality and well, went ahead and bought myself a Gucci bag. I’d done my research beforehand, I knew exactly what I wanted, saved up, and it was such a special moment to go into the store and for once exit with an item. I was that person that day!

I barely wore makeup the entire month. 1) I was on holidays but most importantly 2) I’ve started using Go-To Skincare products and I adore their stuff, and so does my skin – and it shows! While I still like wearing foundation to work, I skip it entirely on more casual days, whereas before I felt I needed a full face of makeup no matter what I was doing. I wrote a huge, in depth review on all the Go-To Skincare products here! Plus, the brand reposted my photo on Instagram, which made my heart sing. 

Made lots of changes to my cherished blog. Firstly, I bought my own domain! No more WordPress in my URL! It feels fantastic. Secondly, I changed my theme! This one is more streamline and less cluttered (thanks Marie Kondo!) and I adore it. Thirdly, I changed my content a bit. When I was in university I was so busy, but I knew I wanted to keep blogging – it kept me sane (lmao, but seriously). However, I didn’t have a lot of time to experiment, or try new things, or spend hours on something that ever saw the light of day. I blogged what I knew worked and what still brought me joy. But now that I have more time on my hands, I have way more inspiration, and it’s been incredible to see my vision for my content come to life. I bought an iPad for myself for my 21st birthday and in one week I created two animated gifs of my own illustrations. It feels like the creative flood gates have opened and I’m more than here for that. 

Crafted this giant Back to School Book Bonanza with Natalie Brown. This post sparks SO MUCH JOY within me and was an absolute pleasure to write and put together. It’s one of my favourite posts ever on this blog. 

Discovered the most delicious Chinese restaurant on the Gold Coast which reignited my love for Chinese food (I’ve been on a Thai bender for years). I’m still thinking about their food a good three and a half weeks later.


Go-To Skincare Face Hero – I won’t repeat myself too much because it’s all in the post linked above, but I absolutely love this oil. It makes my skin look and feel radiant.

Go-To Skincare Properly Clean Cleanser – This removes my makeup in the most gentle way which just boggles my mind. Leave me skin looking better than before I put makeup on it, like this cleanser is so gentle that it calms my skin down and makes it sing? Magic.

Maybelline Master Prime Primer – This primer has a beige tint to it which means it doesn’t make my skin look weird and whiter than normal. This also means I use it as a BB Cream, PLUS I feel like it genuinely blurs my pores, something my nose is excited about. On casual days I wear this with power, highlighter, blush and mascara and feel like a natural beauty. 


  • Bohemian Rhapsody – AMAZING. Absolutely loved this. Surprised it’s winning best picture though, but not mad in the slightest. Everything about it was well done, but apparently the plot is slightly inaccurate? 
  • Vice – INCREDIBLE. So interesting, so well done, really funny, really confronting. Will leave you hating the government more than before. A must watch. 
  • Fyre Fraud (Netflix) – SO MANY LOLS. Such a good, interesting watch, especially if you remeber when this whole scam happened. It was doomed from the start and when you think it can’t get any worse, it gets so, so much worse.
  • You (Netflix) – Not the best show in the world, but I finished it. Some episodes were slow, the rest were frustrating but kept me hooked. A gorgeous, judgemental Shay Mitchell slinking around with a glass of wine and statement earrings on was the series highlight.

 Books Read: I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson. Just beautifully written. Finished this one morning when I couldn’t go back to sleep after waking up at 4:30am and watched the sun rise that day.

The Song I Couldn’t Stop Playing: Dumb Blonde – Dolly Parton. I blame Dumplin’. It’s the opening song and it’s gorgeous, and so summery.

So that was my January Diary! I used to call these posts ‘monthly favourites’, but I’ve decided to change the title for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I associate those posts so heavily with discussing new makeup. Also, if I spent the month finishing a novel or TV I ended up not enjoying, I felt like the word favourite meant I couldn’t discuss it, even if I wanted to! Additionally, I want to take less photos of makeup in 2019 and more photos of the people and things around me, so a diary entry of sorts seems like the perfect answer. Each monthly diary will look a bit different depending on the mood and what happens, so I hope you enjoyed January!

What did you love throughout the month? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” so I know. 

– Jessica xo

7 thoughts

  1. I love how happy you seem on your blog! Also, ONE THOUSAND CONGRATS for getting that Gucci bag! I have a black round canvas Gucci bag from the 90s that I inherited from Grandma when passed away, but I never use it because I’m terrified of something happening to it, and also the silhouette doesn’t look good on me (no but really, it doesn’t LOL). That being said, I CANNOT WAIT until I buy my first Gucci bag although who knows when and what it will be! Maybe the Soho Disco in Nude or Black??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Jessica! Your skin really does look so beautiful & radiant. ❤ The graphic you created is super cute. I loved I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson when I read it, too… it was so beautifully written, wasn't it? Also… Dumplin'!! Just watched that & cried my eyes out. Didn't even know Dolly Parton had such catchy tunes. Loved reading this little round-up of your month! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    1. Aw thank you for loving the new name of the series! I’m so pleased with the bag! I need to put her on display somewhere in my room haha! OMG IT WAS AMAZING! I’m glad you enjoyed it as well! Thanks for reading lovely 🙂 x


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