Another Colourpop Haul Because I Lack Self Control

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When Colourpop announced the release of their first ever mascara, I jumped on that bandwagon faster than the Kardashian’s dropping Jordyn Woods. I didn’t mean to stock up on a bunch of my favourite products while I was at it, or try a couple of new things, or even buy a Limited Edition set of their incredible Super Shock Shadows, but here we are. Onto the haul! Where I’ve got some small, first impression reviews as well!

The Repurchases

All Star Matte + Blur Primer: I’m undecided on whether I like this primer or not, but when I saw I was running low, I knew I had to buy another – so I guess I like it? Its formula is unlike all my other primers. Instead of being white and creamy with a powdery matte finish on the skin, this stuff is beige, thick and sticky. But I promise it doesn’t feel bad on your skin! It just kind of reminds me of cake batter – am I selling it well? I think it works nicely with all my foundations EXCEPT for one… which brings me to our next item.

No Filter Foundation (Fair 15): Have you ever loved a product, used it all, bought a replacement then low key hated it? That’s me with this foundation. When I had my first bottle, my skin was flawless, the pigmentation was there and it stayed like that for hours. I genuinely felt like I had a filter on my face (hence the name). This time though? I was either blind before, or no one told me how busted my face looked. I looked in the mirror one night and literally whispered, ‘girl, you look rough.’ BUT THEN, I used it without a primer just like I used to, and it worked WAY better. So that’s both good and bad. Good, because I can skip a step in my routine, but bad because it’s not the greatest foundation and not even a primer can improve it. I’ll keep you posted on how I go, but it’s definitely lost a bit of its shine.

Brow Boss Gel (Dark Brown): I love this stuff! It’s a great brow gel with a super tiny brush, meaning I can quickly run it through without fearing I’ll get product on all the hairs around my brows, which is what used to happen with my L’Oreal one because their brush was huge. The tube is SUPER small though, so small that I sometimes fear it’ll disappear in my hand. It is about $8 AUD though, so I’ll take it.

No Filter Concealer (Fair 08): Okay, I love this concealer, but I decided to buy a way lighter shade than usual and I’m not sure if I love it? It’s very pale, and I’m pale AF to begin with. I also think the few times I’ve used it so far I’m being way too generous and putting too much on, so I think maybe a dot of this under my eyes would be the perfect amount to brighten my face without turning into Flashback Mary.

IMG_1201 2

The Newbies

Volumizing Mascara (Black on Black): Ah, the product that launched a thousand other purchases from me. Was it worth it? Not sure yet. I’m not overly thrilled with this mascara. I think it’s on the dry side, and I’m realising that while I don’t love super wet mascara formulations, a dry one takes bloody forever to apply, especially because I’m someone who loves thick, volumising, LONG lashes, so I do multiple coats. It’s not bad at all, it does the job and doesn’t smudge under my eyes, but it just doesn’t knock my socks off.

No Filter Stix (Fair 27 N): I’m so excited to try these new(ish) foundation sticks that I bought two! With sticks you can use them as foundation, highlighting and even contouring. I haven’t actually tried the foundation shade properly on my face yet, but I’ll definitely share my thoughts on it here or over on my Instagram once I’ve given it a good go. I have tried the contour stick though!

No Filter Stix (Medium Dark 147 N): I had no idea which shade to buy to contour my face, but I knew if I bought something too light, I would just be wasting money on something that isn’t showing up on my face. I went with Medium Dark 147 N and really enjoy this colour on me. I put the tiniest line just under my cheek bones and blend it up using a beauty blender and it works nicely. This formula IS quite dry though, but that’s to be expected with a stick. I think when I use the proper stick foundation all over my face as opposed to just in small places like the contour I’ll have to blend it in using a brush and not a beauty sponge, as my sponge struggles and I find myself having to drag it instead of bounce it in order for it to blend properly.

Jelly Much Eyeshadow (Half Moon): This is so pretty! And weird! Colourpop now have eyeshadows that come in a JELLY FORM. You tap your finger in the pot and then swipe the colour onto your lids. Colour wise, this shade Half Moon is a gorgeous duochrome plum that looks so dynamic and grungy. However, while applying it on your hand is easy, it’s awkward to put on your eyes. I feel like my fingers are too fat to apply it neatly to my eyelids, but I have faith in this product! I’ve only tried it once, so I’m going to work at it and see how it moves. However, I doubt I’ll buy any more jelly shadows as this was the most unique colour, and the effort behind the novelty isn’t worth it on a basic shade.

The Big Enchilada

Double Rainbow Super Shock Shadow Collection: Okay double HELLO to this set. It’s gorgeous, it’s holographic, and it’s reinvigorated my absolute love for the original product that put Colourpop on the beauty map – their Super Shock Shadows. These little pots are like, creamy ultra-metallic eyeshadows. Creamy feels like the wrong word, but they’re not pressed powders in the slightest. Not only that, they’re packed full of pigmentation. I own so many of the same colours in my eyeshadow collection, so when I saw this different Limited Edition set on sale (because it was from their 2018 Christmas collection) I decided to buy it, and I’m thrilled I did. These looks incredible with one swatch, and even just swiping one shade on your lids makes it look like you put in much more effort than you actually did. This set includes:

Falling Up: an icy taupe with pink and blue glitter (but to be honest I don’t really see these pink and blue reflects, it’s just so gorgeous and pearlescent).

Roy G. Biv: a warm pink with a gold duochrome shift. (V V PRETTY)

IRL: a vivid yellow-green with a bronze duochrome (SO STUNNING)

Milky Way: pinky violet with a blue flip. (SO UNIQUE)

REM: a periwinkle blue with lavender and silver glitter (AGAIN, SO UNIQUE)

ZZZ: a metallic copper with a rosy flip. (JUST GORG)

That’s it for this current Colourpop haul! I swore I wouldn’t be buying much for them in the future, but they just announced a collaboration with Zoella and I immediately turned into the eyes emoji 👀

Have you tried anything from Colourpop? What are your thoughts on their products? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it.

– Jessica xo


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  1. I’ve never tried Colourpop for a few reasons, 1) they release new products all the time and I get confused and 2) I’ve heard stories about charging a whole heap for customs and the charges not being consistent. Zoella’s collection looks cute though ❤

    Enjoy your new goodies lovely!

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    1. If it puts you at ease I’ve never been charged for customs, I’ve also never paid shipping as it’s super easy to reach the Free Shipping threshold! I agree that they release new products way too quickly, they’re to beauty what fast fashion is to the fashion industry! I hope if you do make an order that you love their stuff 🙂 I’m thinking of doing a Beauty Profile on the brand where I briefly discuss their best products, their okay ones and what to avoid, so I might do that soonish!

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    1. Hahaha same, it’s really inventive! I’ve bought so much from Colourpop over the years and a lot of their products make up my daily routine, so I would recommend them if some products interest you! 🙂


  2. I love this post, and I love ColourPop! lol. I have the same problem–CP will come out with something new, and off to the website I go. I have tried one Jelly Much eyeshadow, and my thoughts are similar to yours. It’s super cool and can look really good on the eye, but it takes a bit of work. I purchased the shade Ventura, which literally looks like a blacklight shining on the eye. But, the base of the product gives off a white cast if not applied properly…ugh. If anything, though, it’s a fun product to play around with!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the mascara! I’m more of a wet mascara kind of gal, so I’m not sure I’d like this….though, I do think it would be neat to try the colorful ones. I think I could power through some dry mascara for blue lashes. Have you found that it smudges at all throughout the day?

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    1. Thank you! And I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that the Jellies are a bit of work! I love that they brought out quite unique colours though. Happy to help with the mascara feedback! I know, I thought the fun colours were such a good idea and the electric blue one definitely looks like the most wearable ‘fun’ shade! And no, it didn’t smudge on me at all which I was very impressed with. The only mascara that smudged on me is the Too Faced Better Than Sex (original), which is so disappointing because it’s probably the bed I’ve ever tried. (I’ve tried their waterproof one but the hassle of trying to get it off at night isn’t worth it aha!) Thanks so much for reading lovely x

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  3. I love the pictures you took for this blog post! I really want to try colour pop I’m not sure how easy it is to get it in the UK, but I’ve heard such good things about their products!

    Lauren |

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  4. I’ve not tried Colourpop but really want to- I’d say if you repurchase something you must like it haha. I love the shade of that jelly eye product but I don’t think I could ever really be bothered to make the effort to apply it over powder. Its such a shame that you loved the first foundation so much better!

    Soph – x

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    1. Hahaha I feel the same about the repurchased primer! Yep I agree, the Jellies are a cool novelty but definitely not something to use in the morning when you’re in a rush. Yeah the foundation is so fickle, such a shame! Thanks so much for reading lovely 🙂


    1. Yas another CP fan!! I’m obsessed with their stuff because they have one of every product basically so it’s so easy to try their stuff before moving onto a more expensive version of it, for example trying their foundation sticks before trying a pricey Hourglass version! I’m so glad the check out process it easier now for the UK! Thanks so much for reading, lovely! 🙂


    1. I had no idea Forth Ray was their sister skincare line, but when I got a free sample it made sense! I have used their oil but it says to apply it to dry skin first which feels so weird haha so I’ll have to give it more goes! I’ll have to share my thoughts on it at some point 🙂


  5. First of all, I love the title of this post haha & your photos are incredible!
    I still haven’t tried anything from Colourpop but I think I need to make an order soon.
    I love the look of the jelly eye shadow, I hope you can get it to work x

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  6. I have so many mixed feelings about CP. On one hand, I think they are very affordable and a great way to try good makeup without breaking the bank. If CP came out when I was in high school I would have been the happiest girl in the world! My makeup would have looked amazing haha! However, the owners have been quoted saying “It’s all about applying the fast fashion model to beauty” which I find to be pretty disgusting. The fast fashion industry is horrible for the environment, and the beauty industry isn’t all that great as well. Combining the two just doesn’t sit well with me. It explains all there constant new releases.
    That being said, I have found some great products and some not so great products. I have to stay away from any light nude lipsticks because since CP is so cheap they tend to go cheap on their pigments and therefore a lot of there shades have white bases with I have found is not flattering at all. However, I tried their new Blur lipsticks in the shade CA Love and I’m obsessed! It’s so beautiful.

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    1. I have always thought of Colourpop as the fast fashion brand of beauty and I can’t believe they have said it as well! (At least they’re honest and are trying to own it, even if it’s not something to own!) That’s so interesting with the white base pigments, I never would have noticed. Thanks for much for reading lovely and sharing your thoughts!! xx


  7. I’ve never tried Colourpop but it seems like only their eyeshadows are really all that great. I wanna touch the jelly so bad lol. & all the super shock shades are just gorgeous!!

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  8. I loved this post!! Only thing is I completely felt the same way about the Jelly Much Shadows but recently Colorpop have came out with a collection with Disney Villains which has a much more variety of out there colours than before which I tried and loved!! Would recommend next time! 🙂

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    1. Aw thank you! Yes I’ve seen that new collection! I didn’t take much note of the shades because I’m not interested in the collection as a whole but I definitely think the effort you need to take when using their jelly shadows is super worth it on really unique shades! Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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  9. Obsessed with this review! I feel the same about the mascara (and I too went in only to purchase that and came out with 200 dollars worth of items) but I find it kinda clumpy? I still love them because it’s so affordable, but they absolutely pump out the new products it’s hard to keep up!

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