Celebrating 25 Years of MAC Studio Fix Fluid


If asked to name one of the most universal makeup brands ever created, I would name MAC Cosmetics every single time. My whole life I’ve viewed the brand as being at the forefront of high standards, innovative products and limitless creativity. In a nutshell, to me, MAC is iconic. So when the opportunity arose where I was able to join their #EveryShadeofYou campaign to help celebrate 25 years of their Studio Fix Fluid being available in Australia, I couldn’t have been more honoured and excited! The talented MAC artist Amelia (@ameliamua) applied my makeup in store, and after learning so many tips and being able to try four new products, I thought I’d share what I learnt here!

Studio Fix Fluid

There are now over 50 shades of Studio Fix fluid with even more on the way, making this line of shades one of the most diverse globally. Amelia picked out the shade NC12 right away and it is genuinely a perfect match. She applied a test area and I just thought “okay, wow.”

I have a small confession to make – even though I love beauty products, I have never purchased a high quality foundation. I’ve just been so hesitant. It’s a mixture of fear of spending money on a shade that isn’t right or a formula that doesn’t suit my skin and the potential of becoming obsessed with a foundation that costs more than my drugstore option.

Also, I’ve always had the assumption that because a high quality foundation has a lot of coverage, it cannot be sheer. Studio Fix has completely converted me though! Amelia demonstrated on me just how versatile it is. We started with a light layer of coverage which I would opt for on more casual days. I told her how I enjoyed having the rosiness of my cheeks and sometimes my nose peak through slightly for a more ‘natural’ look, and I was so happy to see that effect be possible with Studio Fix. Amelia then built it up more, allowing me to see just how flawless and full coverage it can be.


On my skin it feels so light-weight, like I’m not wearing much at all. Another tip Amelia gave me was that because Studio Fix has a more matte finish, it does not need much setting powder. I’m someone who is prone to over powdering my face, but when she told me I don’t have to powder dry places, it just made sense.

Finally, I’m so impressed with how this foundation looks. Studio Fix really does give my skin this smoothing quality, but not in a flat ‘one dimensional’ way – it honestly just looks like I have the best lighting on my skin at all times, whether I’m in my bathroom applying it, in the sun, or out at night. I have tried it myself with a foundation brush and enjoyed it, but using my regular beauty sponge gave me a seamless, flawless application. Within the month of March you’re also able to get your own bottle personalised with your initials with every purchase of MAC Studio Fix Fluid, which is such a nice touch!


Moisture Infusion

I also got to walk away with their Moisture Infusion Primer, a product from MAC I haven’t heard of before but one which now feels like an absolute essential in my makeup routine. “This is a hydrating primer,” Amelia told me, “it’s like a glass of water for your skin.” Sign me up. Moisture Infusion is a slightly transparent lotion to apply to your face after skincare but before makeup. Let it sink into your skin – if it feels slippery, wait a couple more seconds before applying foundation. With a sheer layer of Studio Fix I was able to see how radiant my skin looked underneath, giving me that healthy ‘glow from within’ effect. I have fallen into the habit of using ‘blur-ing’ primers on my normal to dry skin, which are consequently matte. It makes sense that after all my over powdering why I feel like I look powdery. Something as juicy and hydrating as Moisture Infusion is very welcomed by me, and I know this will be a hero of mine come winter when it’s super dry.

Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skin Finish

You know those cult favourite beauty products that every YouTube beauty guru has and has used in a million videos and you’ve always wanted to own it and experience its greatness? MAC’s Soft and Gentle is that product for me. It almost feels surreal that I am now the proud owner of one! Soft and Gentle is described as a ‘gilded peach bronze’ shade that’s perfect for my fairer skin tone. I love using this, then spraying a bit of Fix+ on my brush and applying a damp dusting of S&G on the absolute tips of my face, as if I’m highlighting my highlighter.


Prep and Prime Fix+

Speaking of Fix+, I absolutely adore this stuff. It’s another cult product that I have know about for years, but I only bought myself my own bottle late last year – I can’t believe what I had been depriving myself of. You know how I over-powder? Fix+ is a finishing spray, which means it catches all those excess bits of powder and makeup and just melts everything together on your face. You know when your makeup looks great after a couple hours of natural wear? Fix+ is that, but bottled. It can also be sprayed on your skin to hydrate it before makeup application and, like I mentioned above, to intensify powders such as highlighters and shimmery and metallic eyeshadows!


So those are my thoughts on these MAC Cosmetics products! If, like me, you’ve been meaning to try MAC makeup for a while, I genuinely recommend them. Their Studio Fix fluid comes in so many shades with a variety of undertones, and their products are such a high quality which reflects in how they perform on your face.

Have you tried Studio Fix before? Or any of these products mentioned? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it.

– Jessica xo


31 thoughts

  1. I really want to try Studio Fix – I’ve never tried a MAC foundation as I’ve been scared of people saying about them oxidising! It looks incredible on you.
    I got Fix + for Christmas and love wetting my eyeshadow brushes with it before applying shimmer shades x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From my experience I have no noticed Studio Fix oxidising so I would highly recommend it! And thank you so much! And yes omg Fix+ is incredible! I hope, if you buy Studio Fix in future, that you absolutely love it 🙂


  2. I have Soft & Gentle too, perfect for us fair skinned girls! I also love the 30ml bottle of Fix+ I picked up a few months back, it smells so good 🙂 that moisture infusion lotion sounds lovely xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is so much makeup out there now so I totally understand! There are heaps of products I’ve loved and used but have tried something else and forgotten about. Thanks for much for reading lovely! And yes, the initials are so cute! 🙂


    1. Thank you! They’re coasters from Anthropologie so if you’re on the lookout for some, head their way! I haven’t found the best way to use them as props but they turned out to be absolutely perfect for this! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YES I’m so surprised that Studio Fix doesn’t feel heavy or cakey – perfect for me as I live in Australia and the more lightweight my makeup in summer, the better! Thanks for reading lovely 🙂


  3. I wish with all my heart that MAC would stop selling to China. Their products are seriously the best out there. Nothing beats that Fix+ spray and wow, does that foundation look nice on you. Your skin is absolutely flawless in those photos. ❤ I would so love a bottle with my initials on it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely recommend it! Getting a sample of your shade (or even a couple to compare) is always so helpful. I’m so surprised at how it can be so light weight and casual but also built up for more coverage! Thanks for reading Gemma xx


    1. Aw thank you Joyce! Ah that’s so frustrating, at least you know not to use it. I hate when my skin has a reaction to a product but I’m not sure which one it is! I hope if they bring out a different formula that it won’t react badly on you x


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