February Diary


Without sounding ridiculously corny, February was truly the month of love! I got to celebrate a milestone surrounded by people who I love, was gifted beautiful items, met not one but two of my idols, bought a book called LOVE! and spent an evening listening to the author (whom I love) discuss it. What a lovely month! Here are the highlights below, plus what beauty items I’ve tried recently, what book I read, what new show I became obsessed with and what album I had on repeat.


I turned 21 at the start of February! Thank you to every single person who made me feel so special. I’m lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life, which meant I did not stop celebratingΒ even after my big day was over. From fancy dinners with my family to having drinks at incredible locations across the city, I’m so grateful to have been able to create so many memorable experiences with the people I love. Since I tried three new spots around the city, I thought I’d give a quick review of them.

Hellenika at The Calile Hotel – Such a gorgeous restaurant with a beautiful view of the pool (not sure how I’d feel on the other side being a swimmer though in the middle of people eating). Food is pricey and the portion sizes are all quite different from each other, but I can confirm everything is absolutely delicious and the night was just so memorable. Also, every corner of this place is so gorgeously designed.

Eleven Rooftop Bar – I love this place. Super comfortable (roomy!) seating spaces? Check. The most extensive cocktail menu with detailed illustrations of the drinks alongside their ingredients so you know exactly what to expect (and Insta!)? Check. Incredible, incredible food? Check. Stunning golden hour picture opportunities? Big check! I need to go back ASAP.

The Terrace Rooftop Bar at the Emporium Hotel – I’m STILL thinking about the panang prawn curry I had here. It was top-notch. The views are incredible and it makes such a special and unique spot to socialise. However, even though we were in the shade, I got burnt from the reflection (off the glass I think?) so I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be back, or if I am, I’ll sit inside. I probably wouldn’t take a big group here as the outside part of the rooftop is narrow and two people at each table is a comfortable amount. Inside is quite quiet as the doors are shut from the outside, so again, perfect for 2 – 4 people, but anymore I’d head over to Eleven where you’ll be more comfortable!

I met Trixie Mattel and it was iconic. I won’t waffle on about it for too long as I dedicated an entire post to this life-defining moment, which you can read all about here. But in short, she was so genuine and sweet and exactly how I imagined her to be and my face was shaking but through it all we ended up getting a photo which I’m positively obsessed with. I will honestly frame this. And to top it all off, her show was absolutely hilarious, we sat in the forth row and she sang my favourite song of hers, Little Sister.

Because meeting one idol wasn’t enough, in Feb I also got the chance to meet Zoe Foster Blake! She was in town promoting her new book LOVE! which is a collection of her old Cosmopolitan relationship columns, however she’s added way more in and changed everything so it’s more modern. I bought a general ticket for $40 which said I just secured a seat in the audience to hear her speak. What I also got was a free glass of champagne on arrival, a sample of Super Handy hand cream from her incredible skin care brand Go-To, the ability for her to sign my copy of the book and a photo with her! My heart! Her interview with Lise and Sarah from Those Two Girls was hilarious, genuine and insightful, and when meeting Zoe she asked if I was a makeup artist. What a friggen night.


In February I was also gifted a product from a brand for the first time ever! Thank you so much to Priceline who reached out to me and sent a super thoughtful Valentine’s Day package! I’ve shopped at Priceline for what feels like my entire life, so I’m incredibly grateful and appreciative to have received a gift from a brand I trust and love. Here are some reviews of all of the beauty products I was lucky to receive!

Jergens Natural Glow Gradual Tanner – A huge standout from the bunch. I never self tan, but a gradual tanning moisturiser is a gentle introduction into all that. Immediately I thought I couldn’t use it as it’s for medium to deep skin tones. I did a layer anyway just to experimentΒ (fully aware this could have gone so wrong), but waking up the next day I was so impressed! Basically, because I’m so fair, it only takes one night for me to bronze up, not three (also I did not use this on my face). Yes, my first time application was patchy,Β but I looked so damn healthy and fit and summery. While I won’t use it all the time, I’ve now realised a little gradual tanner every now and then is the perfect final touch to have me looking a bit more ‘done’ for special occasions.


Max Factor False Lash Effect – SO impressed with this! I didn’t expect much from it at first because the wand is so straight, but it gives my lashes such nice volume and length while helping separate them, which I think is what makes them look so natural.

Maybelline Plumping Serum– is a very cool concept as it’s a primer for your lashes, but after using it a couple of times, I’m not sure if I see a huge difference.

Maybelline Master Precise All DayΒ Eyeliner – THRILLED with this. This eyeliner has the most precise tip I’ve ever used. I feel like the tip is even slightly longer than their original Master Precise liner, which was already very well loved by heaps of people I know. Fantastic formulation, super pigmented, so easy to apply. I don’t wear liquid liner much in Summer as I try to look ‘natural and glowy’, but in Winter it’s a makeup bag staple, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Rimmel London 700 Trendsetter (Matte) – I love this everyday nude shade from Rimmel and I think their formulations strike the perfect balance of being matte without drying, but the cherry (I think?) scent of all Rimmel lip products has always thrown me off. Normally I can deal with scented products like blushes, but because scented lip products hang out right under your nose, they can become irritating over time. I can’t wear Stila liquid lipsticks for this reason because they smell so strongly of marshmallows, and scented Too Faced eyeshadows make my eyes itch. The more you know!


What I Read: I’m still on track with my ‘book a month’ goal because in February I finished Ariel Levy’s memoir The Rules Do Not Apply. It’s hard to describe without giving anything away, but Levy is a journalist at the New Yorker and her memoir details one of the most confronting times in her life. It’s brutal, honest and inspiring as it deals with the themes of womanhood, motherhood, marriage and storytelling. All in all, 5/5 and one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read!

What I Watched: On a very different note, Dancing with the Stars Australia returned to our screens in February and I’m so happy about it! 1) Courtney Act is on it and she’s killing the goddamn game. 2) I am loving so many of the other celebrities, like Jimmy and Samuel and Olympia and Denise (even though she just got eliminated, cries). 3)Β I love the judges? All three of them are credible dancers from either England, America or Ireland and they always give such helpful feedback? I’m shocked. It makes Monday’s the highlight of my week, plus the whole show just reminds me of my childhood because I drew up watching the original version.

What I Listened To: Ariana Grande released the Thank You, Next album and I listened to Fake Smile non-stop. I also love NASA, Needy, Make Up, of course 7 Rings, and obviously, Thank You, Next too. This album is amazing.

So that was my February Diary! What are some highlights of yours from the previous month? Or books you read or makeup items you loved? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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– Jessica xo

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