It’s Hot AF So Let’s Discuss Autumn/Winter Fashion To Feel Better

Jessica Riga Autumn Winter Fashion gif.GIF

Burying yourself under blankets, sipping hot drinks to warm up, and going out of the way to step on a crunchy looking leaf – I’m doing absolutely none of those things because right now in Australia we’re having a random heatwave in Autumn and I’m entirely sick of it. Sick of it! I cheered when Summer was officially over, but she’s come back for one final encore. To try and make myself feel better and to be reminded that yes, cooler weather willย eventuallyย arrive, I’ve been doing the ol’ online perusal to see what I’m thinking of putting on my body come winter time. I love winter fashion, and while my picks below of what has caught my attention are not groundbreaking garments, I’m very excited about them, even if I won’t be buying them. Here’s the current lust list so far.

A satisfying collage to kick us off

It hit me the other day that I no longer work at a high school anymore, so I don’t need to keep buying long skirts for work (and can no longer use the excuse of work to keep buying said long skirts). While shorter skirts can be chilly, in Brisbane it doesn’t tend to reach bitterly cold temps, so a pair of tights (which I’m SO very fond of) will be on hand (but mainly my legs). This colour block faux suede number from Zara got me excited. I love this colour, it’s like a love child between mustard and citrus yellow. Another trend I saw between these images I saved is MONOCHROME which I’m hoping to try at least once this winter. This white turtleneck from Supre is most likely something I’m definitely going to properly look into because a) I’m turtlenecks biggest fan and 2) they work with so many different outfits and are a wonderful layering piece. This jumper on the right is from Supre and this shade is called Cream Puff and I wanna dive right into it.


Skirt | Top | Jumper

Fights urge to write ‘sweater weather’

Speaking of jumpers, here are two I like in one of the most basic collages I’ve ever put together. Minimalism aside, there are both from Supre and I love the colour of each a lot. The orange one has a big ol’ neck you can swallow yourself up in when you’re tired of the world like our model here, while the pink is cute as.


Orange | Pink

Welcome to the stage, printed dresses

I love the look of these dresses because not only are they gorgeous but they’re SO easy to style and layer up. Whack on a coat, or a leather jacket. Throw on heeled boots, or sneakers, or anything. Throw your leg up like our model here. The options are endless. What I really love about these dresses though is that they made me realise I have a Gorman dress in my wardrobe that is honestly a mix of these two prints. Even though it’s a bit more summery and it’s a more loose silhouette, I know I’ll be able to work with it. That’s what’s good about looking at stuff online! You figure out what you already have in your closet, which makes shopping way easier as you’re more focused and you therefore spend less money on double ups or stuff you won’t wear.


White One | Black One

My weakness, pinafore things

I have like, three different pinafores in my wardrobe which I’m able to layer and wear in winter so I do not need any more, but it’s nice to look! I’m already in love with this little orange 70s style number from Glassons. And she’s got a white turtleneck on underneath! A double whammy coming straight for my heart. I watched the Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie the other day, The Basis on Sex, and while I was very empowered by her life and career, I was also admiring the 70s styling choices the entire time and this it ticking that box. This long boy is also very cool. I feel like it has the potential for being uncomfortable when you sit down so we’ll see.


Orange One | Black One

The leopard print feature we all saw coming

GIMME THE LEOPARD PRINT. I’ve been holding off buying anything leopard print because if I buy, say, a leopard print skirt but fall in love with a leopard print top, is that too much? Or by combining this trend with the monochrome trend and dressing head to toe in animal print, will I become too powerful? Who knows. But this skirt from Zara stood out from all the rest (and there was a lot), while this Glassons top and style is super cute (however it’s made to be sheer? Which frustrates me to no end? Do better.) This top did remind me that I have this really nice white blouse with hand drawn faces all over it, so I now know I don’t need a white blouse. Progress.


Skirt | Top

Nice things with no category

To finish off, here are some pieces (all from Sportsgirl) which also caught my eye but don’t really fall into any of the above groups. I LOVE this skirt, I have a similar one in black from Glassons I wear almost everyday to work, so getting something in a different colour would be a good idea. I so wanted one of these blazers last season but they just didn’t work on me. This one has zero shoulder padding though and looks really nice and light but LAYER-ABLE (??) so I may have to check it out. I also love blazers or outerwear of any kind in this length paired with something short with tights underneath and boots. ugh. Finally, I’m throwing a pair of culottes out into the universe because I want a pair! And every pair I try on does not look good! So I will endeavour to find the perfect pair this winter.


Skirt | Blazer | Culottes

I didn’t include any coats on this list because I have too many and I’m trying to hold back, especially because Brisbane doesn’t get super cold. Also, since I never shop online, I only browse the stores I know I’ll be able to walk into and try stuff off and feel the fabrics. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it got you in the mood for Autumn, even if it doesn’t feel like it at all. If you’re on the other side of the world, I hope our warmer weather reaches your way soon as I know you’re most likely sick of winter!

What are your thoughts on the trends above? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know! Also don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

– Jessica xo

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    1. Noooo it’s honestly TOO HOT HERE, like over 36 degrees for days on end! This is definitely a case of the grass is always greener on the other side hahaha, hopefully we’re both blessed with some more normal weather!! Thanks so much for reading lovely! xxx


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