Upgrading My Brow Routine With MAC Cosmetics Australia

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Being a bushy-browed gal means my eyebrow routine is probably the most simple part of my makeup process. I quickly brush through them with a spoolie, sweep some brow gel through and consider myself done. I’ve always wanted to give my brows a little more ‘oomph‘ though… but genuinely thought the multitude of pomades, waxes and kits on the market were all a bit too intense for me. So when MAC Cosmetics Australia got in touch and asked me to try out some of their greatest brow and lash products, it felt like a match made in heaven. Here are my thoughts on four of their products, and I’m so pleased to report that my much desired ‘oomph‘ factor has well and truly been delivered!

Eye Brows Styler

Let’s start with the Eye Brow Styler, which is also my favourite product of the four! It’s a retractable water-resistant brow definer with an added spoolie on the end, and we know I love me a spoolie. I’ve noticed that the features on MAC’s brow and lash products are SO petite and precise, allowing me to really get in there and add shape, colour and density exactly where I want, but with the end result being so natural and effortless looking. I fluff my brows up using the spoolie then use the definer to create more definition at the tail of my brow before adding a tiny bit of colour near the front where I have some sparse hairs.

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Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

I was thrilled to try out MAC’s Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set because I always wear brow gel, so I’ve been super keen to see how their formulation works for me – and I’m impressed! Their tinted gel adds a subtle colour to my brows while giving them texture and locking them in place, however it doesn’t have that hard crunchy feeling I’ve experienced with other gels. Again, I really love how small the brush is. I used to own a Maybelline brow gel where their wand was literally a big ball on the end of the stick, meaning I’d always get product on the skin around my brows if I wasn’t super careful – who designed that? Either way, I don’t have that issue with MAC’s Brow Set. I do think my shade is maybe one shade too light for me, its light brown tone not being exactly what I’d naturally pick for my more cool toned dark brows. However the slightly lighter colour adds extra definition and texture, so overall I’m happy!

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False Lashes Maximizer

Onto lashes! I was super intrigued when my MAC Artist Rachel showed me this eyelash primer called the False Lashes Maximizer. The deal is you run it through your lashes for more volume and length, prepping them and making them look their best even before mascara is applied. However this is a little multi-purpose gem! You can actually use it on your brows for added texture, definition and shape. If you were to use this on your brows the process would be 1) Eye Brow Styler then 2) this False Lash Maximizer and then finally 3) Brow Set. Even though it’s white it instantly settles down and becomes clear. While I think this product on your lashes is good for special events, I can’t see myself using it on my lashes every single day as I like to be quick. I do however find myself using this all the time now on my brows! In terms of brows I definitely think it’s one of those ‘secret weapon’ type of products which just enhances your whole look.


Extended Play Lash

Mascara is hands down one of my favourite makeup items. Along with brows, they are the one thing that can really shape your face. MAC’s water-resistant Extended Play Lash is actually a tubular mascara, meaning the formula wraps around each individual lash like a tube and does. not. friggen. budge – and yet is so easy to take off. Warm soapy water is all it takes. I am shocked.

MAC Extended Play Lash is so long-lasting and smudge-proof but, and I can’t stress this enough, it does not feel dry or crispy. It just feels light! When I’ve previously worn waterproof mascaras my lashes and eyelids would actually hurt a little after a few hours because the formula was so, so heavy and intense because it’s clinging to my lashes for dear life – all in the name of being ‘waterproof’. This MAC one is a different story. 

The brush is super petite and skinny, meaning I’m able to really get in there. I find it fans out my lashes so beautifully, adds such nice length and therefore doesn’t hide whatever eyeshadow look I’ve spent time creating. For this reason I think this formula is PERFECT to apply before you add false lashes for when you’re going out. It’s so light-weight but not heavy and thick, so I can imagine false lashes would nestle against them so seamlessly. In saying that, when I go out and for special occasions I don’t tend to stress over applying falsies, instead I just wear a super intense mascara with lots of volume and call it a day. Overall, I classify this bad boy under the category of being the ‘perfect everyday mascara’. 

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So those are my honest thoughts on some of MAC’s brow and lash products! Have you tried any these products? And what are some of your go-to brow products? I’d love to know, so feel free leave me a comment below to keep the conversation going!

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– Jessica xo

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