(A Very Late) April Diary

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I know we’re half way through May (how? how?) but I need to get my April diary up! I was meant to post this in the first week of the month and didn’t, and then fully fell down a rabbit whole while reviewing the Met Gala, so here we are. I’m keeping this short and sweet because if I waffle on for too long then we’ll be in June (screams) and I’ll have to start writing my May version.

Some Highlights (in a Vague Order of How They Happened)

I was fortunate enough to work with MAC Cosmetics Australia for the second time and created some really beautiful imagery I was super proud of. I always have a specific vision in mind of what I want my pictures to look like, and this was a case where the final product was 10 times better than expected, which you can never plan. I’m finding myself starting to move (albeit slowly) more out of my comfort zone recently with content – example: this image is blue! No millennial pink to be found! And it’s one of my favourite photos ever! So that’s been really nice.

Celebrated my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary! 30 years! We all celebrated by going out to dinner to Bucci which does hand-made pasta and it was divine. I got the lamb ravioli (“agnolotti d’agnello”) and it was delicious. 11/10 recommend.

My friends organised our own ‘paint ‘n’ sip’ night! Instead of paying money to go to a venue to paint, drink wine and catch up, we all banded together and made it happen ourselves. It was so much fun and so friggin therapeutic. We wanna do more nights like this because um hello, the crafting possibilities are endless. Today painting, tomorrow pottery.

We went away to Bribie for the Easter long weekend and it was so nice to get away. It wasn’t swimming weather but I was perfectly happy to walk along the beach in a jumper. Highlights including eating a Golden Gaytime and remembering how damn good they are, getting to spot and admire a (bloody huge) kangaroo just chilling around eating grass, sitting down and reading half a novel while it poured, seeing a rainbow after all the rain and eating too much chocolate and not regretting any of it.

I saw Katya’s Help Me, I’m Dying show and loved it. She lip-synced a medley of songs from Marina, Lana and Ariana and more in Russian. She did (almost too much) of her other character Trish. She did stand up. She came out at the end and threw herself down into the splits and jumped around the stage still in the splits. It was a lot. It was Katya. I bought a lil tote bag of hers for $20 which I’m so happy about as I wanted it last year and was going to drop $50 for it online. A GOOD NIGHT WAS HAD.

Makeup I Constantly Wore

Surratt Brow Pomade – I bought this after a friend gave me a glowing review of it online and I’m so happy I followed her recommendation! The brush is shaped like a toothbrush and really fluffs your brow hairs up, while the pomade formula is colourless. I don’t know if I want to give it the title of Best Brow Gel just yet, but it’s definitely very impressive.

Colourpop Liner in Brew Ha-Ha – I threw this dark brown eyeliner in my cart at the last minute because I’ve been wanting a liner for everyday wear that isn’t a liquid and that also isn’t solid black. I love this liner because it’s so pigmented and pretty smooth, however you cannot create a sharp, small wing with it (it’s like a tiny crayon – so a dull, rounded tip). That’s perfectly fine with me because all I use it for is to draw a line on my lash line to define my eyes more and give the appearance of thicker lashes, but if you’re a fan of wings, stick to your trusty liquid liner!

MAC Extended Play Mascara – I adore this mascara. It’s become my go-to every day choice. Its tubular which means it won’t smudge, and I can vouch for this: I wear it to Netball every week and sweat and it doesn’t smudge. I teared up in Avengers Endgame and it didn’t smudge. But! In the shower it comes off ridiculously easily and in such a gentle way.

Books I Read

I’ve been going really well with my goal of reading 12 books in 2019 and in April I hit the half way point! Here are the two wildly different books which got me there.

Suck Less by Willam Belli – A self-help book written by one of my favourite drag queens of all time? Sign me up. I’ve actually had this since around 2016/2017 but realised the other day when I saw it with my bookmark still in the middle that I only read half of it. I put it back on my to-read pile, started back at the beginning and loved it all! I feel like Willam truly wrote this book as every sentence is very him, so I appreciated that aspect a lot – it’s not just something generic with his name on the cover. I did just read Zoë Foster Blake’s LOVE! right before this, so two lengthy self-help books in a row was a lot and both took me longer than expected to get through, but all in all this was a 5 star read, because I can’t think of a good reason to give it any less. If you’re a fan of Willam, buy it! You’ll love it.

Normal People by Sally Rooney  – I have a lot to say about this book but also not a lot, which is kind of exactly what happens in the book and exactly how it makes you feel. It’s 100% a character-study, which is why I feel like I know the characters so well now and why I feel like they stay with you long afterwards. The writing isn’t highly detailed but also is in a kind of tedious sort of way, which I really enjoyed when reading it on holiday, but I think to sit down and read this for 15 minutes at night during a tough or stressful time in your life would make you wanna chuck it back on your bedside table and move onto something more fun. It leaves you feeling miserable at the end, but I did enjoy it. The writing is gorgeous and, I think, very unique to Sally Rooney’s style (however this is my first read from her). This is its summary on Goodreads. I think you either love it or hate it. I’m giving it 4 stars. Would have given it 5 however it didn’t leave me feeling the greatest and it’s not something I’d re-read, but I get that’s the point and I appreciate it for that!

What were some of your highlights from April? Or what do you have planned for May? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know! Also don’t forget to give this post a like if you enjoyed it!

– Jessica xo


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