Going Back To What The Beauty Community Is About & Discussing New Makeup

2019-05-26 05:20:20 +0000

It’s been about a week since I’ve published something here and in that time Tati Westbrook uploaded a video ‘exposing’ James Charles that gained over 40 million views, James uploaded an apology video that gained even more, James lost about 3 million subscribers, Tati went from having 5.6 million subscribers to surpassing 10 million, Jeffree Star threatened to expose James even more, Gabriel Zamora said something on Snapchat, Tati uploaded another video, so did James, so did Jeffree but he said he isn’t going to expose anyone, Tati deleted her video which started it all, James gained back about a million subscribers, he’s (somewhat) not cancelled anymore, and I can stop feeling like a clown every time I look at his Morphe palette sitting on my vanity. It has been QUITE A TIME in the beauty community. I know I’m not alone in feeling completely exhausted by this whole thing, and I’ve really enjoyed watching smaller beauty gurus on YouTube just get back to the basics and discuss new makeup releases. So! I’m going to do the thing that inspired me to start my blog in the first place and talk about just that.

Warning: A lot of drag products. A lot.

Trixie Mattel is launching Trixie Cosmetics and Yes, I’ve Already Placed an Order

If you follow me on Twitter (#plug) you may have seen me go absolutely buck wild over the fact that the skinny legend herself, Trixie Mattel, is launching her own damn makeup BRAND. I literally cannot get over how well done all the branding and packaging is. Everything is pink and heart-shaped. It bears repeating: pink and heart-shaped. Gooped and gagged. So far she’s revealed one hot pink lipstick called Stacy, a bunch of loose eye glitters called Sparkles, and an array of more chunkier pieces of glitter for your face, hair and body called Sprinkles. Everything went on pre-order this morning, and she said on Twitter that she’s going to be releasing more products throughout the entire year. A highlighter collaboration with Farrah Moan is in the works. I’m close to hyperventilating. I’m so friggen proud of how far she’s come and how good I know her products are going to be (she was a makeup artist for 4 or 5 years before doing drag full-time). Final thing I just want to mention: I love how personal this all is. There isn’t some social media person running the accounts. It’s Trixie publishing all the product posts and writing the captions and replying to everyone. She did the product shoots only a couple of weeks ago. The team is her and two other people. This is a grassroots endeavour, people, and I’m so excited.

Aquaria’s much hyped collaboration with NYX Cosmetics is HERE (Well, It’s On Pre-Order)

While Trixie just abruptly dropped the fact that she was launching her own brand in the middle of an interview and left me for dead, NYX was the opposite and has been teasing their collaboration with Aquaria for ages. But then they revealed her palette! And I’m a little… eh? I had a real Jasmine Masters “and I oop-!” moment when I saw this. At first I didn’t dig the shades because I knew I personally wouldn’t wear them on an everyday basis, but then I LOVED them because I realised how different they all were and how they’re so on brand for Aquaria, but then I saw swatches and I’m sadly not impressed. They don’t seem super pigmented, which is bizarre considering NYX’s motto is ‘professional makeup’. I have never tried NYX eyeshadows so I have nothing to go off and don’t know if this is their normal standard, but I wish their Aquaria palette packed more of a punch considering her artistry is always incredible and inspiring. Feeling very nooch about this. If it comes to stores in Australia I’ll 100% be buying it to support her because I know it will be affordable, but this isn’t something I’m going to fight conversion rates and international shipping costs for.

Anastasia Beverly Hills revealed their Alyssa Edwards Collaboration Palette and My Bank Account is Sweating

MA’AM. THIS LOOKS SO GOOD. EEEEEKK. Now this is the type of respect you give a queen. ABH is my favourite eyeshadow formula of all time, and for them to collaborate with Alyssa Edwards is huge. At first I didn’t think I was going to buy this, but the more I look at it, the more I fall in love with the colours and realise how much you can do with them. One of my favourite smaller YouTube beauty gurus Nisipisa brought up the fact that this colour combination overlaps A LOT with the ABH Riviera palette, which is great if you don’t own the Riviera palette, love colour, and love Alyssa Edwards (I am all three). That yellow is speaking to me. So is that blue. And the purple. And it has transition shades. Gah. If you click through the gallery I posted below the palette you’ll see the yellow in action. That faint sound you can hear is me yelling.

Kylie Jenner Has Launched Kylie Skin and I’ve Had To Break It Down Into Dot Points

The good 🙂

  • It’s all apparently cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, dermatologist tested! Nice!
  • It’s pretty affordable!
  • She has a lot of young followers so hopefully this gets them thinking about their skincare more.
  • I like that this first range is meant to be for everyone and super gentle, and while I might buy something non-offensive and basic one day like her moisturiser just to test the waters, I know Kylie doesn’t have the skin she currently has just from using her own products.

The bad 😦

  • I loved the baby pink packaging at first but it wore off super quick and now I think it all looks a little overwhelming, cheap and very ‘plastic’, and not in the Trixie Mattel/”it’s fantastic” way. However this is the first collection, so I’m assuming other will be different colours? Who knows.
  • She’s selling a Walnut Face Scrub that is giving everyone flashbacks to the St. Ives Apricot Scrub which causes “micro-tears” in your skin which leads to inflammation and acne – plus it was super painful to use! I don’t know how this will go down.
  • Her makeup wipes are those cloth ones which you uses once then chuck into landfill. With the amount of money Kylie has I wish she wouldn’t go for the cheapest option for things. Eco-friendly options like these washable makeup wipes are gaining more popularity. It would be great to see her looking into better options and educating people on more sustainable habits. Plus, she’d get praise for being more environmentally conscious.

Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Wedding Collection Is Beautiful But Very “Uh huh.”

Has anyone ever bought something from KKW Beauty? I haven’t. Her products never excite me. This wedding collection is beautiful and sentimental and probably good for the right people (saw some comments from older women saying Kylie’s makeup was very young for them and they liked this more muted collection), but dang, this is just not doing anything for me. Again, just like with Kylie’s skincare, Kim didn’t actually use these shades and colours and, more importantly, these formulas on her wedding day five years ago. It’s all just ‘inspired’ by. Which is fine. I’ll just be over where with my hot pink Stacy lipstick.

Colourpop Here For Everyone Who Likes Blue & Dislikes Jeffree Star

Colourpop have released the newest edition to the ‘monochrome’ collection of palettes and have brought out their blue one! This isn’t for me, but I wanted to mention this because I think their monochrome palette are such good ideas if you’re someone who ADORES a certain colour. They’re nine shades, they’re usually really well picked out, they work well together, and if you like blue but dislike Jeffree Star and don’t want to buy his Blue Blood palette, this now exists.

One Last Thing!

I’m going to quickly finish off this post with something I’ve actually already bought, used and LOVE but have not yet gotten around to reviewing it properly yet. The Colourpop Pressed Glitters are AMAZING. Just swipe your finger into them, swipe them on your lids and you’re good to go. You don’t need any glitter glue. You don’t need Fix+ to help them stick or shine brighter (if anything, Fix+ makes them worse). They just take your look to the next level and are so fun and easy to use, plus they look gorgeous. I bought 5, put the green one on, fell it love with it, put the white/peach duochrome shade on top, couldn’t believe it somehow got even better. GAH. These are just really good.

That is everything from me! This post was long, but I enjoyed it so much and I hope you did too! What new products have caught your eye? Anything you’re thinking of buying? Or something you’re 100% staying away from? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts! And don’t forget to give this post a “like” if you enjoyed it!

– Jessica xo


4 thoughts

  1. The Blue Moon palette from Colourpop is very pretty and doesn’t look too out there if you know what I mean! I didn’t know Kim had released a wedding collection, it does look simple and beautiful and it may do well because people will be curious and Kim has such a large following. The Alyssa Edwards palette looks beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I know exactly what you mean! And yes I guess when I’m over the moon about Alyssa’s palette than it’s no surprise I find Kim’s a bit too subtle 😂 Thanks for reading Chanelle! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. After reading your posts it always makes me add a load of Colorpop items to my bag and then realize how much shipping is to the UK 😦 If Colorpop were available here I would definitely be getting these pressed glitters!! Oh well, I guess this is an excuse to move to Australia right?


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