3 Summery Products I’m Recommending In Winter


This post was inspired by the fact that not only did I go to the beach this past weekend in winter and have a great friggen time, but that I went to the beach and did not get burnt. I wore all three of these things on my face this weekend and am super chuffed with them, so I’m recommending them all right this minute. Answer to why this is summer themed: because one product is a sunscreen and the other smells like coconuts.

La Roche-Posay Ultra-Light Tinted Fluid 50+ 

YOU SHOULD BUY THIS! Here’s why. Even though this bottle is small, it’s mighty. This runny fluid sinks right into your skin and plays well with foundation. It’s SPF 50, the only SPF I mess with, and the only SPF you should too. Why wear 30 when 50 is on the market? And we don’t even talk about 15. This sunscreen has a subtle scent to it which I love, and you need to shake it before use and it makes a rattle sound which is fun (and SPF should be fun!). The biggest takeaway for me though? I didn’t get burnt. Not even a little bit. She’s a bit pricey so stock up when Priceline and other chemists it’s stocked at have sales. Sunscreen should be worn every day, not just in Summer, and I will gladly make this La Roche-Posay fluid part of my daily routine.

Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic! Bronzer

I’ll come right out and say this bronzer probably isn’t worth its price, but I do love it. First of all, it’s huge. It will last you twice as long as a standard sized pan, so I guess you do really pay for more product. It smells like coconuts, a.k.a it smells divine. I just love grabbing a big fluffy brush, bronzing up and being done. I realised the other day that when I use my old (smaller) Too Faced bronzer, I always used a little brush, which made bronzing take longer than it needed to. All in all, this is the most luxurious beauty item I own and I love how effortless it is. Maybe it is worth its price after all…

MCoBeauty XTend Lash

I could probably talk about the benefits of tubular mascaras for three hours, but it would just be me repeated how I can’t believe they don’t smudge! and it just glides off in the shower! I adore my MAC Cosmetics Extended Play mascara but can tell my tube is running low. On the same say I was thinking about more affordable brands I could use everyday, I saw a girl in a beauty Facebook group pose the same question and receive so many recommendations for the MCoBeauty version. It’s black, it’s tubular, it doesn’t budge, looks lovely, and you can buy it at Woolies. Can confirm it is worth it.

– Jessica | @jessica_riga

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